The horror of Layers of Fear is not particularly successful in Steam, but the developers were ready for this

Several days have passed since the release of the game Layers of Fear, and we can see how popular among the players the last part of the horror series from the Bloober Team Studio is. Unfortunately, analyzing the information available on the Steam platform, we can conclude that the game released by the domestic team did not earn the favor of the community.

At the time of writing this post, Layers of Fear has only 310 reviews, 74% (262) of which positive. The game is criticized for numerous errors and visual shortcomings. According to the players, the original game of 2016 is much better.

You can read examples of comments under the spoiler:

This game should be a remake, but for about 3 hours of the game, I ran into numerous visual glitches, pop -up windows and moments that did not work as it was planned. [. ] I understand the use of more accurate and "realistic" lighting, but it spoils the contrast and level of darkness in many rooms, weakening the atmosphere. The scenes that were previously dark with limited visibility now seem gray and bright due to the lighting used.

The original game was amazing. The story was fascinating and really well written. The game was so disturbing that you never knew what to expect. This remake is just terrible. Sorry. The voice acting is worthy of censure. New dialogs are banal. I know what I say sharply, and I apologize. However, I feel that the original was completely spoiled. I can’t recommend this game high enough. You just better play in the original 2016.

At the moment, 1.5 hours have passed, and I am impossible to make it impossible. This game is not a horror movie, but a walking simulator, or maybe this is a horror movie if you are scared by steps in the background or a crying girl. Everything that should scare you is so striking that you can see for a mile. Most of the gameplay includes the selection of objects or notes and expectations while the narrator finishes them to read – because if you click on the button, you will not be able to listen to the dialogue – an incredible choice. There is also no atmosphere in the game. But how could there be an atmosphere, you can not even feel the game, because everything is so boring and predictable. If you go forward at a snail pace – your favorite pastime in life, then this game is for you.

The popularity of horror game is perfectly reflected in the number of active players. From the moment Lof was released, only 707 people played at the peak of popularity. Thus, this is an unenviable result.

Interestingly, the above -mentioned results seem to have not undermined the fighting spirit of Bloober Team. The Polish studio was clearly ready for this reception of the game.

Reception Layers of Fear corresponds to our expectations. As I said, for us this game is the climax and the end of the era, in which we focused on the psychological horror and the narrative through the environment. The first Layers of Fear shared the opinions of critics – some considered her one of the best games in the horror genre, others could not come to terms with the lack of expansive gameplay. Now this picture is repeated. Polarization indicates that this is one of the varieties of games like "Love or leave". Thus, the last Layers of Fear completes stage 2.0 and at the same time begins the new history of our company", – said the general director of the company Petr Babino.

Finally, we recall that Layers of Fear debuted June 15. The game was released on PC and consoles PS5 and XSX/S.

The new Hideo Hideo Hidezima horror became the most played in the press with the TGA 2023 ceremony

Hideo Kojima, having completed the Metal Gear series, moved to the IP Death Stranding. After a successful launch four years ago, the developer is working on Death Stranding 2 and OD, and the latter was announced at the last Xbox showcase exhibition.

Death Stranding 2 was represented in 2022 with a trailer demonstrating Norman Ridus’s return in the role of Sam. Although many expected the return of this game at The Game Awards this year, Hideo Kojima shocked everyone.

Kojima presented a first glance at OD (Overdose) at the Tha Game Awards ceremony, which, according to analysts, was leading in the number of mentioning in the press among all games.

Fancensus analyzed all the games presented at The Game Awards. OD took first place, and God of War Ragnarok DLC and Blade – the second and third, respectively.

In this analysis, the game was evaluated on the basis of lighting in the press. The results are a little amazing, since the trailer OD Hideo Kojima was difficult to understand, although this could encourage the press to publish speculations about what he saw, which led to greater illumination. It is likely that participation in the project of director Jordan saw also allowed to attract a larger number of audience.

Since IP such as Blade and God of War have already become famous and recognizable, this result proves that the Hideo Kojima strategy, which consists in confusing announcements, worked and attracted the audience.

If you are among millions of spectators that the trailer confused, do not worry. This is a classic announcement of Hideo Kojima, which leaves the audience in a state "I did not understand anything, but very interesting". Perhaps there are several hints in the trailer, but deciphering them is a completely different story. Be that as it may, OD or Overdose is a completely different project than the past works of Hideo Kojima.

It uses cloud technologies from Microsoft to achieve the goal – creating a new entertainment tool. The developer previously stated that this project has been preparing for a long time, and Microsoft technologies will finally allow it to implement it.

Earlier, a video for the game also leaked to the network, in which, apparently, early staff were shown. Nevertheless, Death Stranding 2 is likely to be the main object of attention of Kojima Productions at the moment, and Overdose is expected by the end of this generation.

Developers of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight announced the update of “Renaissance Seeds”

The developers of the World of Warcraft announced the start of work on the next major renewal update for Dragonflight Semen, which will take place in the first quarter 2024.

In developing: "Renaissance seeds"

The next update, Dragonflight: Renaissance seeds, which is already in development, will allow defenders of dragon islands to discover the hidden story of Azerot and Dragon Islands in the framework of the new public event "Azeroth archives", soak on the driving dragons into the sky of old continents, storm to take Dragonflight dungeons with AI-Companions, complete the new chapters of the campaign in the continuation of the Dragon Islands and much more!

Opening flights on dragons around the world

Conquer heaven Azerot and other lands in the saddle of your dragon. In the update "Renaissance seeds" Flights on dragons will be open in all continents of the old world, where there is an opportunity to fly.

Azeroth archives

Discover the history of the dragon islands, get acquainted with the unique list of characters, hear ancient stories and become a witness to the iconic moments of the past times. Alone or in a group, participate in a weekly public event alone, where you will find many opportunities for researching and obtaining such awards as military pets, vehicles and sets for transmigrification.

The return of Gilneas

King Sedogriv is ready to return his kingdom, but Gilneas is far from as empty as expected. Help to win the lost and return the kingdom to the hands of the Gilneasans.

Dungeons with associates

Tank, treat and inflict damage with nipples-companions that will join you in your adventures in the dungeons. They will be available in all eight Dragonflight dungeons at the usual level of complexity and will help you replace you from 1 to 4 players. These companions will allow players to study the Dragonflight dungeons at their own pace, opening the possibility of experimenting and setting up their groups.

New options for the appearance of the characters

Approach the creation of your characters creatively! Trolls, it’s time to go to the salon and change the hairstyle to choose from five new hair colors. Unique appearance options for the Drandei, tyrant and contemplator of the darkness of the warlocks are already on the way. And for lovers of collecting, there will be achievements for the collection of appearance options.

Journalists talked about internal problems during the development of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

An investigation dedicated to the development of a commercial and critical failure of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum revealed a number of problems faced with Daedalic Entertainment.

Gollum was released in a rather deplorable state in May of this year and was sharply criticized for the lack of polishing and technical problems. In the statement attributed to Daedalic Entertainment and published on social networks a day after the release, there were an apology for the quality of the game and assurances that the studio would improve the game using patches.

The Game Two report report was prepared after a survey of 32 former and current Daedalic employees, as well as receiving statements from the company itself about Gollum development.

Employees who talked with Game Two spoke about a number of problems arising in the development process, which were related to the fact that Daedalic began as a Point-And-Click developer and aggravated by financing, excessive ambitions and an unpleasant attitude from the leadership.

Most Daedalic employees had experience with adventure games in the Point-And-Click genre, and not with AAA’s 3D-explosions, and the studio could not hire specialists with experience. Gollum development budget amounted to 15 million. euro, which is much smaller than the budget of class games aaa.

According to available information, the employees demanded that they work with treasures, which, according to the employees, was part of the culture of the company from the first days of its existence, without paying for additional hours of work. According to employees, the pressure was also on younger personnel and interns, since they could be used as cheap labor and could not "assess the level of stress as a critical or unusual".

The founder and general director of Karsten Fikhtelmann and the chief operating director Stefan Harms, who allegedly created an atmosphere of pressure and stress were subjected to special criticism of the employees. Employees reported cases when Fikhtelmann shouted at the employees, and recalled that colleagues "They spoke only in a whisper", Fearing that they can be overheard. Daedalic denied these statements in an interview with Game Two and stated that the company reigns inside the company "Friendly working atmosphere".

While the marketing of the game presented it as aaa inside the company employees worked on "minimization of damage ", to prepare a game for release. The scale of the game was swollen, and there were not enough people or time to properly implement many systems.

The time factor also played a role, since the license for "Lord of the Rings" was limited in time.

According to representatives of the studio, a letter published on the Daedalic accounts after the game was released was written by the current owner of the Nacon studio and made it possible without prior coordination. Two anonymous sources claimed that the letter was written using the ChatGPT AI model.

Employees talked about the fact that after Gollum the company’s management felt like "in a limbo". Only a month later, 25 employees were dismissed from Daedalic, and the company itself said that she was going to refuse to develop games and focus on the publication and distribution. The second game by "The lord of the rings" under the code name It’s Magic had a prototype and internal concept-trailer, but in the end was canceled.

A new trailer for the embroidered Scarlet Deer Inn plot platform for Steam, Switch and Xbox is presented

At the ID@Xbox showcase event, an exciting line of future indie games was presented, which will be released on the consoles of the PC and Xbox. Among the famous titles are Scarlet Deer Inn, an intricate adventure game. During the Attu Games, the talented team of her husband and wife from the Czech Republic, introduced an exclusive trailer, which allows you to look into the world of Scarlet Deer Inn.

Scarlet Deer Inn – a narrative platformer with interesting characters, a dark dungeon full of monsters, and the world inspired by Slavic folklore. The game introduces players with Eliza, an ordinary but persistent mother of two children. Despite her modest character, Eliza goes on an amazing journey, exploring places full of dark and terrifying situations.

Throughout the adventure of Elisa, players will meet many bright characters, each of which will tell their emotional story, filled with unforgettable moments. As players travel along the dark and dangerous paths of the Scarlet deer Tavern, they will also find hidden short ways, which will facilitate their next passage.

What really distinguishes Scarlet Deer Inn is an innovative approach to character design. Each of the characters of the game is thoroughly embroidered, which gives them a unique and visually bright view. Back in April, Yeveva Navvatilova, half of Attu Games, suggested looking at the painstaking process of embroidery, inciting the curiosity of the game enthusiasts and causing them to know more about this one of a kind of work.

According to Attu Games, Scarlet Deer Inn draws inspiration from the legendary works of Studio Ghibli, medieval Europe and Slavic folklore. With some similarity to Pentiment from Obsidian Entertainment, this game promises an exciting medieval experience, complemented by folk music, reminiscent of the Middle Ages, performed on traditional instruments.

According to the producer Skull and Bones, the final version is a balance between the wishes of the community and the basics of the game

Skull and Bones, a new pirate game with the open world from Ubisoft, more closely close to raise sails and finally go on a trip around the world. It is unlikely that for someone the fact that the development of Skull and Bones took place with great difficulties, since from the very start of production in 2013 its release was postponed as many as six times.

According to producer Nevenen Dravinsky, these transfers were the result " changes in the direction for many years", But in the end, the studio was able "drop anchor" and organize the process, starting to listen to the reviews of the community.

Most of these reviews came from six Ubisoft internal programs, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of players – depending on the size "Bilda" (that is, parts of the game) that the developers wanted to test at that moment. Another important help was a series of closed beta versions for a wider audience. All this allowed the team to get valuable information in the form of useful data.

"We always try to understand what the players want. But we still carry out brainstorms with a team to streamline and rationalize ideas. We look at whether what players want is consistent with what we already have at the heart of the game, for example, with sea battles and the open world. After which we are trying to understand what the community wants. Understanding why players want or do not want this or that mechanics or system helped us to advance in development faster", – Dravinski explained.

In addition, the producer said that over six years of development, Skull and Bones went through the hands of several subsidiaries Ubisoft – but he guarantees that there is something positive in this, which added the qualities of the final version of the game. "Ubisoft joint development model helped us a lot. [. ] Because of this, we really managed to make the product better", – He concluded.

The release of Skull and Bones is scheduled for February 16, 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

The Red Dead Redemption reissue was launched on PC in 60 FPS and 4K with the Nintendo Switch emulator

A few days ago, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, once again forgetting about the version for PC.

But PC-Gamers can still play it using Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators to launch. For example, Yuzu users managed to remove the frame rate restriction and run the game in 60 FPS and 4K resolution on the GEFORCE RTX 3080 video card. However, in saturated scenes, the number of FPS can decrease markedly, especially when working with OpenGL – the game works more stable on Vulkan, but has graphic artifacts and errors.

I must say that the emulation of Nintendo Switch is now very developed, given how this platform is easily hacked. Red Dead Redemption is not the first game for the Nintendo hybrid console, which can be launched on PC almost from the day of launch. For example, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Bayonetta 3, Monster Hunter Rise, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4 could be played directly from the boxes.

The most pleasant thing is that with the help of emulators you can unlock the frame rate, which is fixed on consoles at a level of 30 frames per second, and also improve graphic characteristics. It is only a pity that so far the performance is not very high and often falls below 60 frames per second.

Nevertheless, Red Dead Redemption could be played for a PC using the Xbox 360 Xenia emulator, which allows you to run the game in a 4K resolution with a frequency of 60 frames per second, while maintaining a stable frame rate. But the official translation appeared only in the last reprint.

How to launch Red Dead Redemption on a PC We wrote in a separate guide.

at least something else is Glorius, soap is already used to hawing.

I certainly do not condemn your tastes, but I do not welcome.

Launch games at maximum settings in 4K on a normal display. And then the Apskaylers will not make you rinse your eyes.

If it is specifically about this soapy port. Then the emulator will solve this problem. Wait, caring people will pass the textures, drive them through the neural network. And they will drink 4K textures for us. Then screw RT sheder that is a buustle of lighting. And all this is free and contrary to the presumptuous indie company Kokstar.

Psmasterreis Glorius more than ever, and indeed eva.

So there is already Apskail in the SIS requirements for Igor

Of course, in recent years, inconsistently began to hurt the anal deployment of the shoulder joints. And this manifests itself on any platforms, even on consoles with their same configuration. But in general, the requirements grew all the way, like the graphone.

This is the next victory of the gaming!

Yes! For this is gaming! For this is a tribute to Don Grafonia on ultras with a honeycomb! That’s right👍

when the port comes, not emuls for major computers

By the way, what is there with the English language? In the reprint he was brought?

Subtitles are official. There was a fan translation in the pirate, exactly the same

There is no need, in the pirate the translation is not exactly the same. It has a full of grammatical errors in it, they translated it by Prom. Some phrases generally lost meaning, even in the context of what was happening that it was impossible to understand such phrases.

This is because you played with a translation from some Platov and Pipindor666. Yes, it was a direct disgusting Promt. And PS3 received a translation from an alliance, in which almost everything was gorgeous, except that small errors like "-it is", Well, yes, the vast majority of people are so illiterate that they do not see the difference, the earth is feces to them.

Then the translation was transferred to the version from Xbox360, and this is exactly what I played. And this is what this version looks like:

Accepted, thanks. I went to the tracker.

"Ps3 received a translation from the alliance" – in the PS3 versions, by the way they are not only a translation there, but still and shopping signs in English were introduced. The truth is a very controversial solution – someone likes it, someone does not – like an entourage breaks.

Faster on PC have already ported her to play on ultras with a comfortable fps.

And the mouse and overall management work better if you use the switch emulator?

Soon the texture will correct the texture, and in general beauty will be. But with Xenia, not everything is so smooth. Although she worked faster than RPCS3, she had broken game scripts.

On the latest version, Ryu goes extremely well on the volcano.

"It is only a pity that so far the performance is not very high and often falls below 60 frames per second." Not a piz. Already the half of the game has passed on the old RTX2060 percent 12400. In 4K 60FPS Emule Ryujinx. Also, Redesheid screwed up, generally beauty.

and the board has a clamp ?

and there is a finished assembly to feel?

There are a turnip from Fitgers on slippers.

surprisingly, the picture of 4K is very much and there is almost no graphic bugs, you can safely pass

Today the original on RPCS3 is completely the plot, half the game thought that for Tyamogotin*, while the first time I played, in general played 50 hours ..I ran studied the area, and so on and so on and the like ..At the end of the game, I only hooked me, but the finale simply dumbfounded me, I sat very surprised ..And after the finale, how I took revenge already the mood rose !) And before that, RDR2 began to play on a PC, knowing not knowing what kind of game, so after several missions I scored on the game ..And in another topic I already wrote the reason ..After passing this part, RDR 2 caught fire !All the same, the full asshole of the breasts and publishers, well, do not need to be released on PC *** Understand from which part, the pancake of creative is the pancake !Well, at the expense of how they released the port, it is again a spit towards the players, but apparently flowing all over, for some reason I was not surprised !PS.I saw about Ksenia . For some reason, everyone is silent about underwater stones about such an emulator .I tried at the beginning Ksyukha and Canary, there were always problems in games, although everything that can be updated. For example, Forz goes perfectly, since the error has been connected by a system and drivers, I also tried Fable 2, and I tried the RDR, it seems to have gone, but not far passed far . I wanted to play forzu and Fable 2 more. In the end, two weeks later spat, and removed this emul .Then I downloaded RPCS3, I set everything up as it should, I also set up the games as it should .The first Ancharted was the first . RDR also passed . Without sorties and errors ! Although these two games are very demanding..And I have such a feeling, Ksyukha is imprisoned under Intel and Invid .And there are warnings on the Ksyukhi website, they say there may be problems for not griping instructions .But my characteristics are essentially completely suitable, and for some reason bloggers are silent about underwater stones . PSS and yes, on Ksyukha, for everyone was perverted on True and False, who knows that he will understand)

I only have one question downloading all these emulator with nintedo there is a sewn miner or virus?

But how? Of course there is, as in all games downloaded from torrents

I recently checked Yuza at the virus, issued the entire nomenclature of the viruses that is in the database on the site.

For the 3rd day, not everyone understood that it was sarcasm)

Wait for an exit to PC!!Soon..very soon. faster than you think..You can make screenshots of this community. Information is accurate (received from Rockstar directly from the employee)

Why is this junk on PC?

What to wait there? The original on the PC after 10 years without changes and for 49.99 bucks? This should not even wait. Rockstar and Take-Two, as always, they made a spit in the face of the players, and many are also happy.

And what will be there: just a port, remake or remaster (on the engine of the 2nd part)?And the announcement will be on Gamescom?

Immediately after Bladborn, Synidze.

This could be shouted 10 years ago, now the game is not interested in the original, everyone who wanted to have passed

Now play it only if they do a remake.

How are you on Steam Deck?

How good it is that I have boxing 360 on which there is RDR1 with all the DLS (and I do not need to buy the same or play an emul

I passed it on boxing, now I refer to Ksenia – the sky and earth just. 720p vs 2k + fsr.)

You also do not need to buy, I play on the sword stolen at 60

I do not think that the RDR deserves such dances with tambourines, a fresh plot and an unrealistic narrative.

What are tambourines? emuls and game download and play it is not tambourine. If you need to help write https: // vk.COM/IDBAYKALOV

I agree by the way. At one time I went to the 360th box, I did not understand the joke of the game. The second part is noticeably better and passed in one gulp.

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Xbox really wants you to know that Clockwork Revolution is created by the developers of one of the best CRPG in the world

Inxile Clockwork Revolution made a great impression on the Xbox Games Showcase, and not only because of its similarity with Bioshock Infinite. Microsoft really, really wants you to know that developers who created Arcanum: of Steamworks work on this game & Magick Obscura.

Hear the name Arcanum in 2023 will be extremely interesting to the extremely small percentage of people reading this article, but, frankly, this is precisely the whole of the charm of how the Xbox ties the game with Clockwork Revolution. "The creators of Wasteland and Arcanum bring an incredible steampunk role -playing game changing time to Xbox Series X | S and PC", – This was said on the Xbox blog after a recent demonstration.

Another blog dedicated to Clockwork Revolution says that "The project is headed by the Game Director of Chad Moore and chief designer Jason Anderson, who, as it turned out, created one of the greatest steampunk role -playing games of all time – Arcanum". Aaron Greenberg, vice-president of marketing Xbox, repeated this phrase in his tweet.

Originally released in 2001, Arcanum was an isometric role -playing game in the style of classic games such as Baldur’s Gate and Fallout, but with a unique steampunk setting. The game received positive reviews and numerous awards, and to this day remains a loved one among devoted fans of computer role-playing games, but for some reason it did not win the reverence that was inherent in its equally famous contemporaries.

Clockwork Revolution, of course, is based on the steampunk aesthetics of Arcanum, although its first-person gameplay is more like Bioshock or Dishonored, as you use a combination of weapons and supernatural abilities to combat many enemies, including giant automatons. However, officially the game is declared as "roe", So, perhaps, for the sake of the trailer, they went too far with action.

The original Red Dead Redemption was compared with a reprint, and the players drowned the announcing trailer in diesel

Rockstar presented an unpleasant surprise by presenting a re -release of Red Dead RedMption and instead of a full -fledged remaster/remake, developers chose a simple port that will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

For several weeks, unconfirmed reports appeared that the game debuted in 2010 should return. Recently, the Rockstar website has reported that the game could reach Nintendo Switch, but some viewers believed that the release would take place on all platforms, including PCs.

The developers went along the simple path by releasing the Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 – thanks to reverse compatibility, the game will work on the PlayStation 5. However, nothing is said about updates – recall that the original game is available in a similar way to Xbox Series X | S.

Rockstar showed how the Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 looks, but we also got a small version of the version for Nintendo Switch. As a result, comparisons appeared that demonstrate differences in releases.

In the first video, the game was compared to Xbox One (works in reverse compatibility) and PS4.

In the second video, the game was compared to Nintnedo Switch and Xbox Series X (works in reverse compatibility).

In this video, the original was compared to the Xbox 360 and the version for Nintendo Switch.

The game will go on digital sale on August 17, and the physical edition will debut on October 13.

Speaking about the announcement, you cannot ignore the question of the negative acceptance of the game by players. Some fans of an experienced studio awaited a complete update. Official personnel have already gathered more than 77,000 diesels

In addition to the lack of significant updates, fans are upset about $ 50. Despite the excellent gameplay and the plot, Red Dead Redemption was released more than 13 years ago.

Thus, Rockstar Games requires an almost full price for a game of ten years ago. On the other hand, the Red Dead Redemption is already available to Xbox users through reverse compatibility.

During sales on Xbox, the game can be purchased for less than $ 10, and this version includes higher resolution. Will there be such functions in a new port is still unknown, but the announcement does not inspire much trust.

PC Gamers are also upset. Red Dead Redemption requires emulation to play on this platform, and many hoped that the studio would release a native version for a numerous audience of this platform.

Or Rockstar are so busy developing GTA VI that they just do not care about their old games or should you start fear for quality "Great Autonomous Office"

The second is more objective for many reasons.

They threw RDR2 and online part in the full ass. It is worth fear. They have creative impotence, judging by the RDO and the new content that came out + some too stupid solutions to exclusively chop the loot.

That even to chop the dough of solutions in the RDO extremely stupid. According to RDR2 (single) they are not at all. I can’t judge by GTA5, I abandoned it 8 years ago.

I’m afraid it will be a donation online garbage dump.It is easier to say the game will be cut into pieces and will be sold by full prime. There is such an opinion in the community.

I am in burning for the second option and that’s why:
1) Key employees that worked on the old GTA parts left there, even those who developed GTA Online, and the new ones cannot come up with something interesting for a campaign, and even after each GTA Online uprising, there are now a rather bad bars, the most memorable for me This is a loss of performance after the release of one of the renewal and later the loss of the vehicle after the release of another update.
2) Rockstar instead of trying to pull RDO to a normal level. I just covered the development, and before that I made a red -up training ground from RDO, I introduced all sorts of different small changes and watched how the players react, the example of this is a single mission that later migrated to GTA online and a change in the monetization system.
3) then do not forget the defective reprint of the trilogy (yes, the left studio did it, but such an edition throws a shadow to the franchise itself and gives the right to think how the Rockstar, in principle, relates to the brand and what it wants from it)
4) there, it seems, rumors went that Rockstar is already bespecting to make such indentation games as it did before and the new part would be more "calm" In terms of the atmosphere, which is already bouncing, it is possible to partially subject this if you look at which updates for GTA Online have come out recently, these updates have really become less pro -clusal, although partially the charm have retained their charm.
5) taking into account those mechanicals that tested in RDO there is a great Veronya that the new part of the GTA is done more to restart the GTA online so that even more string loot and I will not be surprised if in the online part 6 we will see the soldered monetization system from RDOO. That is, 2 currencies where the first is simply there, and the second donate will be needed for the most delicious content, but which will be quite difficult to earn, and of course, the thematic seasonal passes that were in RDO.

just people themselves invented that there would be a remake like a remake and now and now they are unhappy

I agree – people were thrusted with misinformation, and they were happy to believe in it.

As Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote – "Ah, it’s not difficult to deceive me – I myself am glad".

“I do not want to do it again and again” – the players turn their nose from the upcoming Diablo 4 seasons and insist on changes

More than a week has passed since the release of Diablo IV. During this time, some players completed the last Blizzard game – some even reached the maximum level of the character level – although it is so huge that many are probably still broken peaks, the first location.

In turn, everyone is interested in how the seasonal gameplay will look like. Some are already complaining that they will have to start all over again. Given the size of the game and the need to do many – often rather boring – things for the second time, some of them declare that they will refuse this regime of the game.

The first season will begin in mid -July – the exact date is still unknown – and, like the next seasons, three months will last. During the season, players will be able to create a new character, who can then be played in adventure mode at the end of the season. In other words, for the second season, it will be necessary to create another hero, for the third – one more, etc.D.

Why don’t players like it? This is a system with which Diablo 3 fans are well known. However, this was a much less large -scale game than the four – here progress is achieved more slowly and, accordingly, the discharge causes more pain.

  • First of all, players are unhappy that they will have to acquire aspects in the Code of Forces from scratch – these are special abilities that open after the first passage of the dungeon and can be applied to objects.
  • There are a lot of them, plus each class of characters has its own aspects.
  • Theoretically, they are associated with your Battle account.Net, but in practice they are transmitted only to other characters created in the same game mode – normal or hardcore.
  • In a seasonal game you will have to unlock them from scratch, which can be a little disappointing.
  • . Moreover, the same applies to the reputation – you will start every season with a zero reputation (or at least all the signs indicate this – it is expected that Blizzard will announce the details on Stream at the end of this week).
  • What will remain? Almost certainly we no longer have to look for Lilith statues that give the characters constant bonuses (their repeated opening guarantees only additional experience points).
  • In addition, players will do without re -passing the campaign and unlocking Mount – the first can be skipped to immediately proceed with Endheim, and the second will be available from the very beginning of the adventure.

The negative attitude of players to seasonal gameplay in Diablo 4 seems clear. In fact, there is an opinion that although this mode worked well in Diablo 3, in Diablo 4 it should be redone. The community even sounds statements that Blizzard can completely go in the direction of Mmorpg, abandoning this form. However, the majority will be satisfied that you will not have to start from scratch every time.

It remains only to hope that we still do not know everything, and that Blizzard thought out all the aspects well so that the seasonal game Diablo 4 would give pleasure, not disappointment.