Alan Wake 2 will appeal to those players who were pleased with the incredible “Navy of the ashtray” from Control

If you are a fan of how Remedy uses music in your games, you will have a great time in Alan Wake 2.

“In many respects, in Alan Wake 2, we wanted to take certain elements of“ Remedy Game ”and advance them as far as we could imagine,” said the creative director of Remedy and the lead screenwriter Sam Lake.

In particular, we are talking about the “Labyrinth of an ashtray” from Control, the last major release of the studio, and the instant cult reputation that she won. It manifests itself as a changeable space that cannot be applied to the map and really find out. When navigation on it, you must wear a cassette player donated to you by a cleaner. This cassette player with the Take Control Take Control track from the Old Gods of ASGARD – the Poets of the Fall playing pseudonym – allows you to freely move along the Labyrinth of the ashtray, a kind of supernatural object that claimed the lives of many curious civilians.

“Of course, we learned that people like the Labyrinth of the Ash in Control as an example of how we use music in our games,” Lake says. “And this idea came from the original Alan Wake with a fight on stage in the middle of the field when they begin to play Old Gods of Asgard, and Alan and Barry fight with a crowd of obsessed people who rod on them. This is what we always interested in “.

Lake continues to explain that one of the Remedy forces in the development of new games is creative thinking about how music can be used as part of the narrative, and how the developer can organically and authentically integrate the tracks of Old Gods of Asgard into the gameplay in a playful and unique way. In combination with more “impressive, strategic and desperate»The tone of the game all sounds teasing.

“Without going into anything specific, we just wanted to experiment with music and create our own music of various kinds. Even more than ever before “.

Lake also said that if you liked the “Labyrinth of the Ash” in Control, then you will definitely like what is being prepared in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 comes out on October 17 and will be available on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.