Josh Soyer commented on the unpopularity of priests among players in Baldur’s Gate 3: “It has always been so”

The least popular class Baldur’s Gate 3 is a priest, he is a cleric, he is a priest, and one of the developers of CRPG veterans claims that this is not related to how they act in the fifth edition rules "Dungeons and dragons" – Players have been evading this class for years.

A week after the release of the game, Larian Studios published a series of infographics with a detailed description of various statistical indicators of players. The most popular class turned out to be a paladin, followed by a sorcerer and a magician, and all other classes took almost equal fourth places. Except, of course, the cleric, which was in last place with an unexpectedly large margin. 3 weeks after the release, the situation has not changed.

This data was the reason for the joke of Josh Soyer, a computer -developer of computer RPG, who worked on all games – from the old D&D, such as Icewind Dale, to your favorite Fallout: New Vegas and relatively recent Pillars of Eternity. This joke quickly grew into interesting information about how players of fantasy RPG chose their classes over the years.

"In my experience, this is not associated with the features of BG3 or 5E, people usually do not make clergy/priests the main characters in fantasy RPG. They were the least played class in all fantasy RPGs that I created", – Sawyer said, adding that "my beloved/most frequently played class in TTRPG and CRPG – cleric".

You can take a chance to assume why classes like the cleric are chosen so rarely. This may be due to the fact that no one wants the character he created – the main character of the story – perceived as a class "support". Of course, do not forget that in D&D There are no support classes, and clerics, in particular, are able to be both magical steep fighters of near -combat, or by healers.

As noted by Soyer, "I think that it is very interesting to play clerics (and it was so for a long time), but players simply do not often choose them as the main characters".

The developer of the original System Shock shared his impressions of remake

Although Leblan now works as an engineer in Riot Games, he was a programmer in the original versions of System Shock and Thief, and his memories of Loking Glass Technologies (ultimately Loking Glass Studios) – this is a certain highlight when viewing a new version of the game, which he helped to create.

"If you told me that in 30 years I will play the remake of this game and broadcast it on the Internet, ”said Leblan before the start of the game,“ I would say that you are crazy. But here we are".

In his first stream of the game, Leblan was impressed by the visual update of Nightdive and tactile details, admiring 3D modeling and animation, which at one time were not available for Looking Glass. "We see our legs, in 1994 this was not the case", – Leblan joked, seeing how the hacker immerses his spatially modeled body in the therapeutic capsule at the medical level.

The developer, however, was bored with the voice acting of the original game, which often included non -professionals from Looking Glass offices and environs. Leblan immediately shouted that the character control of the mission Rebecca Lances was voiced by Helen Dansmuar: "She lived in a neighboring corridor from us at the Massachusetts Technological Institute", – Leblan recalls. "She was a member of the original game D&D, from which Looking Glass was born". However, Leblan was glad to find out that the musician and beloved by fans actress of the voicing of Terry Brozius was invited to rewrite her replicas in the role of Shodan.

Leblan also shared his memories of the occurrence of the classic code 0451 – the number originally appeared in the System Shock game and became the hallmark of Loking Glass, and then the genre of immersive simulators in general. System Shock producer Warren Spector claims that the code was not an intentional reference to Roman Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451", And that it arose as a real door code used in Looking Glass offices.

"For the protocol, this is a reference to Ray Bradbury", – Leblan insisted when he first met the canonical code in the System Shock game. I know that Warren said that this is not so, but it is so".

"The chronology is as follows: we did this [installed 451 as the intra -game door code], when the office was in Lexington, we did it as a code. He was in the game for a long, long time". Further, Leblan claimed that the use of 451 as a door code in the second office of Loking Glass in real life in itself is a reference to the game, and, perhaps, some threat of security.

Patty, the office manager, it seems, asked me what code was in System Shock, ”Leblan explained,“ and she made it the door of the door of their real office, which was insanely naive. This would be a violation of first -order safety – to publish the door code in the video game

Whatever the secret nature of 451 or more popular 0451, Leblan still continues to play System Shock. In his last broadcast, he investigated the executive level of the citadel, so he still has a lot of System Shock ahead. You can also follow the developer’s Vodes on YouTube or Twitch.

For Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty a new patch 1.07 with a variety of changes and improvements

Koei Tecmo has released a new patch 1.07 for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He corrects various errors, makes adjustments to the balance and adds several new functions to the game. Patch is available for platforms Steam, PS4 and PS5. However, according to the official tweet of developers, the update will soon be available for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles.

Patch adds many new functions to increase the efficiency of the gameplay. Now players will be able to transfer their progress from the flags of battles and marks when they want to return to the previously completed battlefield. New opportunities have been added to multiplayer online solutions that will allow players to separate from their comrades.

Diagrams are added to training so that players can better understand the complex elements of gameplay. They were added to the screen of studying spells of sorcery, the screen of the spells of sorcery, as well as on the screen of the five phases. In addition, players will be able to view "Five virtues" In the menu of documents on the textbook screen.

To ensure a smooth and balanced gaming process, various changes have been made. Improved switching speed between attacks for several types of weapons. The order of the start of the attack, the procedure for restoration, combo and movement are optimized to improve the battle. Some changes have been made to the indicator of the spirit and the damage caused by the spirit.

The use of martial arts has become more effective due to the balancing of various statistics, including speed and range. Movements during these martial arts are improved for a less tiring battle. Improved repulsion mechanics and hitbox.

Wizard spells are adjusted to consume less spirit. Improved attack speed and accumulation of stones using Force Blow. In addition, some changes were made to the spell "Poisonous snares", increasing the speed of movement and the accumulation of toxin.

The battles with the bosses became more interesting thanks to the improvement of their artificial intelligence. For some bosses, additional combinations of attacks were added. Their defense, the spirit and power of the attack became more balanced. Movements have become more smooth.

Online game became more convenient, as it was difficult for players to find equal. Therefore, the conditions for the network game, which previously interfered with players, were revised and improved. In addition, synchronization of actions was improved, which made it possible to reduce delays in network mode.

A huge number of mistakes that often arose in the game are now eliminated. Various malfunctions were eliminated that interfered with the gaming process. Problems with walls and boundaries were fixed, due to which they did not function. Errors were eliminated during the use, obtaining and applying of the Spells of the Spirit. In addition to correcting several small errors, the patch also corrects several problems with the respuna of enemies, the amount of damage, the user interface and players’ attacks.

More information about patches can be shared on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the official game website.

The Moscow team won the largest number of medals at the Russian Eyings Championship

The final stage of the English computer sports championship ended in Ufa. The teams of the regions competed in six types of the program: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, Tekken 7, Clash Royale and DLC-The Game.

The most medals were won by representatives of Moscow.

Champion of UK 2022 on Starcraft II Ilya Milkicow Potapov I won a silver medal. Its final confrontation with Jacob Youngyakov Moses From the Krasnodar Territory it reached an account of 2: 2, but Ilya lost the decisive card.

Silver also received Kirill Nifkaa Fedukovich In the DLC sports simulator – The Game. In the final, he lost to Alexander XBR Salie1 Kholkin from the Sverdlovsk region. In this type of program, the Moscow athlete took second place for the second year in a row.

Another silver was received by the DOTA 2 MCAST team, which is trained on the basis of the capital’s sports training center. In the final, she played against Gigateam 2.0 from the Tomsk region and lost 1: 2.

Moscow champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premdesant in the debut for himself the English championship took third place. In the semifinals, this team lost 1: 2 SPBPU (St. Petersburg), but in the match for third place, the Yakutsk Hotu confidently won.

The Moscow team in 2023 gained 4 medals – more than in 2022 – then there was one “gold”, one “silver” and one “bronze”.

“Congratulations to the winners of the English Championship. It was a well -organized event that gave us a lot of bright moments and emotions. This year, the Moscow team won more medals than in the past, I hope that in the future our athletes will only improve the results and save the high bar. Thanks to all the organizers and participants of the English Championship!” – commented by the President of the Federation of Computer Sports of the city of Moscow Maxim Fleur.

The capital’s national team to participate in the English Championship was formed following the results of the Moscow Sports Championship, which was held by the Moscow FCS with the support of the Department of Sports of the city of Moscow. According to the results of this championship for the second year in a row, the metropolitan athletes receive official sports categories.

The results of the English Computer Sports Championship 2023:

Dota 2

1st place – Gigateam 2.0 (Tomsk region)
2nd place – MCAST (Moscow)
3rd place – Derzhawin (Altai Republic)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1st place – Cosmo (Tomsk region)
2nd place-SPBPU (St. Petersburg)
3rd place – Premdesant (Moscow)

Starcraft 2

1st place – Yakov Youngyakov Moiseenko (Krasnodar Territory)
2nd place – Ilya Milkicow Potapov (Moscow)
3rd place – Vitaly Couguar Roshchin (Tomsk region)

DCL – The Game

1st place – Alexander XBR Salie1 Kholkin (Sverdlovsk region)
2nd place – Kirill Nifkaa Fedukovich (Moscow)
3rd place – Alexander The23 cold (Leningrad region)

Tekken 7

1st place – Alexey 2D_girl Baranov (Sverdlovsk Region)
2nd place – Sergey Strog Platov (Leningrad Region)
3rd place – Pavel Th3_infection228 Kalashnikov (Belgorod region)

Clash Royale

1st place-Danil Danilka Oreshkin (St. Petersburg)
2nd place – Hizir Paradox Ersimikov (Chechen Republic)
3rd place – Yusup F0rtunaaa Egiev (Republic of Ingushetia)

Elden Ring received a prestigious literary award Nebula Award

Elden Ring continues to win awards. More than a year after the release of the game, she received the Nebula Award 2023 award for the best script for the video game. The award was awarded immediately after the news that more than 20 million copies of the game were sold in the first year, which is an extremely impressive result and makes it the largest game ever created by the developer from Fromsoftware.

Nebula Award was voyage Hidetak Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, who contributed to writing the game and the plot in general. This is the first Nebula Award for Miyazaki and Fromsoftware and the third for Martin, although he received 14 nominations for his novels, stories and novels in his entire career.

Nebula Awards is a reward in the field of science fiction and fantasy, which is awarded every year. Awards, as a rule, are concentrated on literary works, including categories of novels, stories, short stories, but there is also the category of “dramatic representation”, which this year went “everything everywhere and at once”.

Initially, Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022 and should receive an extension called Shadow of the Erdtree, but it has no release date yet. Meanwhile, the next official Fromsoftware project will be the Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the release of which is scheduled for August 25.

ABOUT!So the game also had a script?

O) you are from these authors that do not fully cut into what is a plot and a script, but insert their awesome funny jokes?))

No, I’m one of those outs who learned that ENT Igor Nakalyakan was on the description of objects, after its passage.I looked at a lot of vidosiki on the ECT and it was he who has norms, but the script? No, I’ll play it better in the ending)

Judging by the comment: you don’t get it at all – what is an ENT, and what is a scenario / plot and what mechanisms are they presented. Well, I was not hired by the teacher.

Ok, script/plot of Elden.The ring cracked, Great Vil called the targeted man.III further 70% of the game – open world.Go where you want and do what you wish.According to the plot, you need to fill up Godrik to go further, renalus . just?Lorrette. And who is it?
Radana, because he is holding the stars?Margota under a tree, and then also a raspberry, so that the rune of death to pick up and burn the tree, oh, Godfri returned late a little.
In this game, the plot is better than in Monster Hunter, I recognize. It’s a pity in the mx there is no plot.
If you follow it, not being distracted by the research of the open world, then nichrome is generally not clear. Such a good story comes out: D

Yes, all the following are the plots as you described, a continuous elementary. My beloved – a bunch of dwarfs took the ring to the volcano, killed the main reptile and then flew to the eagles to the sunset.
The plots are everywhere. Their feed and the tools used is. It is clear that the people have dull and the plot is able to perceive only it is chewed as much as possible and they are loaded directly into the brain.

I love Elden Ring, played for about 1 hours, knocked out the platinum, but in the plot I figured out only thanks to the analysis on YouTube, and then, partially)

Moreover, after 80 hours you forget what happened in the beginning, when you play only the first time

Only no one knows what this Martin wrote

Death of characters, he comes out excellently (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

There was somewhere news about what he wrote. It seems for the most part something like a sketch on the mythology of the world of the game.

At Miyazaki himself, all NPSs with the storyline almost always die (except for functional, such as blacksmiths, or on which the ending depends), so Martin was not needed for this

Prize for the best gaming scenario. I took a game to which there are no texts, dialogs, plot and script as such?

It is good that the prize is not issued by fools, but by people who actually understand what scenarios, plot are and how they are formed :)))

Well, they also carefully passed the game and found it all in it, including texts and dialogs)))
It is terrible to imagine what would happen if they were guided by the opinion of the birds, for whom "plot" – This is when they give them a note about the quest in the magazine, or when the screensaver comes with QTE =)))

Let me explain something to you, guy: There are traditional ones, accepted as a hundred years of presenting material for the viewer. These rules are called the plot and script.

I’ll start with the plot.

The plot in literature, dramaturgy, theater, cinema, comics, games – a number of events (sequence of scenes, acts) taking place in a work of art (on the stage of the theater, in the game) and built for the reader (viewer, player) according to certain rules of demonstration. The plot is the basis of the form of the work.

Once again: the plot is a sequence and connection of the description of events!

I will continue the script.

Scenario-a literary and dramatic work written as the basis for the production of cinema, games and other places.

The script describes each scene and dialogs of characters with remarks in detail.

Once again: the script is

A) the tie. As a rule, in it we get acquainted with the hero, we find that he has a treasure, secret, lack and goal.

B) the main action. The hero is looking for his goal, traveling around a stranger world. He has a plan B – his treasure that he is going to apply when he meets with an antagonist.

C) climax. Snow. The hero defeats the antagonist and reaches the goal.

There is also what is connecting these three "bases", And this thing is called "plot turn". Some hooks catching the attention of a gamer. Hooks completely in this game are missing, by the way.

Now what we see in Dark Souls and Elden Ring?

A) the plot in the game as an element is absent .NAnd what sequence, connection and descriptions of events there is no question here. At all.

B) there is no script in the games of the series. There is a very very terrible synopsis – the most brief presentation of history. With an extremely weak description of the GG, with virtually no description of goals, without describing the obstacles that he will meet on the way to the goal, without the ways with which he will overcome these obstacles. There is no tritment (division into episodes), there is no remark (descriptions of the action), there is nothing. There is no clear plan for games.

C) based on paragraph b), Scriptwriters in the games of the series and, even worse, the player simply fall out of the plot, conflicting with the plot, the world, the characters of the characters. After all Neither the plot, nor the world, nor the characters of the characters are disclosed here at all!!

The result of all of the above is obvious:

In the GG games, GG is not a person, but a flat caricature From the third -rate comic book. Without goals, motives, character. Like Claude, a character from GTA 3, for example.

A The world in these games is nothing more than a flat boring incomprehensible desert ,divided into separate locations / biomes, nothing more than routine, without idea, without background, That is, the world without the past and future, in which there is only here and now. Something like the world of the game Terraria.

Eventually, The main problem of this game and all games from Software is and consists in violating all conceivable rules for building a plot and script. There are simply no them here, completely, completely. Everything that works here is naked, mechanical gameplay. And gentlemen from the jury of TGA and other gaming exhibitions and premiums, apparently, they managed to forget (or did not know at all) that A computer game is not only a gameplay, but a complex movement. The hero of the game is the one who moves. The goal is what makes the hero move. Character is what sets the speed and trajectory of this movement. The world is the place where the hero is moving. Throw out at least one link from this formula and get mediocrity, throw everything – you will get a dummy! AND, Since the authors of this series of games did not prescribe either the hero, his goals, nor his character, or even the world, the game was a dummy and it turned out, it is creatively empty! And everything that has at least a drop of artistic expressiveness here is art design, and that’s all.

Elden Ring – not a game, not a work of art. This is a set for reality, a tool for autism for hundreds of hours in a row, on like Wot, Wow, Warface, CSGo, Dota, three-in row, zombies against plants. Not bad in something, but the tool. Illusion, dummy, trick.

And real "Fools", In my opinion and the view of any professional scriptwriter, these are exactly those who put it like low -quality in almost all aspects of projects undeservedly high for these evaluation projects.

God of War, Bloodborne, Days Gone and other games: data on sales of all PlayStation exclusives are published

Developers Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Wolverine and Ratchet & Clank recently were attacked by a group of hackers. Attackers managed to steal thousands of files and data on future InSomniac Games projects, as well as important reports of the entire PlayStation unit. Among the numerous leaks, only one document is of greatest interest, which first reveals the exact data on the sales of all exclusives for PS4 and PS5.

This leak provides an exact number of copies of one of the best hardcore action action, which came out only on PS4. 8 years after the release, we finally learned that Bloodborne was dispersed by circulation 7.464 million copies. These sales figures only a few hundred thousand ahead of the number of copies of the days of Days Gone – 7.322 million. Many reproached the zombie explosion from Sie Bend Studios that it was poorly sold, but this report indicates the opposite. Days Gone is one of the best PlayStation exclusives, which is on the level of Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank and surpasses a number of other projects, including Demon’s Souls remake, which was sold 1 circulation 1.857 million copies.

Games of 2021 financial years:

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – 2.34 million.
  2. Mlb The Show 21 – 1.606 million.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – 1.494 million.
  4. Returnal – 866 thousand.
  5. UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection – 329 thousand.
  6. Death Stranding Director’s Cut – 210 thousand.

Games of 2020 of the financial year:

  1. Spider -Man: Miles Morales – 10.184 million.
  2. The Last of US Part II – 9.636 million.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima – 7.436 million.
  4. Demon’s Souls Remake – 1.857 million.
  5. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – 1.289 million.
  6. Predator: Hunting Grounds – 778 thousand.

Games catalog (until 2020 of the financial year):

  • Spider -Man 2018 – 22.121 million.
  • God of War PS4 – 20.826 million.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – 19.261 million.
  • UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End – 18.616 million.
  • The Last of us Remastered – 18.242 million.
  • Gran Turismo Sport – 12.726 million.
  • Uncharted Collection – 9.684 million.
  • Bloodborne – 7.464 million.
  • Days Gone – 7.322 million.
  • Ratchet & Clank – 6.97 million.
  • God of War 3 Remastered – 5.57 million.
  • Detroit Become Human – 5.406 million.
  • Littlebigplanet 3 – 5.391 million.
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – 5.246 million.
  • Infamous: second Son – 5.084 million.
  • DriveClub – 4.764 million.
  • Death Stranding – 4.157 million.
  • Until Dawn – 3.906 million.

It is worth noting that this report does not reflect complete and relevant information. There are no games in it in 2023. The report on sales of all PlayStation exclusives was formed in February 2022 and takes into account only data with PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Recall that today the first concepts of the new Ratchet were published on the Web & Clank with script screens. Also, the data leakage confirmed the development of a multi-user spin-off in the world of Horizon and a new game from Bluepoint. And most importantly, the leak for the first time hinted at the Marvel’s Wolverine PC version.

Deus Ex: Revision received the updated modless mod 2 mod.0 with a huge list of changes and improvements

The Modder team The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex: Revision has released its completely new version. Version 2.0 is an updated version of the original fashion of The Nameless Mod 2009 on the same engine in order to update visual modes.

For those who do not know, Deus Ex: Revision is the 2000 classic game created by the community. It presents a new environment, music, details of building peace and some of the best modifications created by fans. These include Direct3D 9 rendering, high -resolution textures, high detail models and alternative modes of gameplay.

On the other hand, The Nameless Mod is a historical fragment of a world similar to a matrix. Each TNM aspect is based on something from Deus Ex: from the conspiracy theological side of things and strategies that you use in Deus Ex, to the technical aspects of the game presented in the world.

Speaking in more detail, then in version 2.0 All 58 levels are redesigned in accordance with higher standards. Moreover, the team developed all levels taking into account secrecy and battle. Also added several routes and solutions for each obstacle.

Nameless Mod 2.0 has many levels. Some of them are more compact, but contain more material for interaction, while others have been expanded and now have more memorable sections and game mechanics.

It is also worth noting that in version 2.0 presents two completely new secret levels and one "not so secret" new level. At some levels, players can also find new side missions. Moreover, the team brought some functions of the quality of life from Deus Ex: Revision and Deus Ex: Transcended.

You can download The Nameless Mod 2.0 in Steam. As already mentioned, you will need Deus Ex: Revision to play it. In addition, the Deus Ex: Revision game requires a copy of Deus Ex Goty, installed in the same library/disk as Revision.

Half-Life fans plan to hold a promotion to attract Valve’s attention

Although almost 20 years have passed since the release of Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 3 has turned into a myth, Valve FPS-game still remains one of the pcs in the history of the PC, and the fashion and fan projects retain the legacy Gordon Freeman.

Right now, devoted Half-Life fans want to support, popularize and honor a cult shooter, setting on Steam the next world record for the number of simultaneous players in Half-Life: Opposing Force-and everyone can join this process.

In Half-Life: Opposing Force, released in 1999, you have to play the role of Adrian Shepard, one of the fighters of the HeCu unit (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) sent to the Black Core for the Government Mess to Make Information. The Half-Life community has already been organized in the beaten of world records of Half-Life and HL2. Now players want to start with the 1999 game.

The purpose of the Opposing The Bar action, which is prepared by the creators of the Radiation Hazard and NoClick content, is to rally the Half -Life community and pay tribute to the historical shooter. Currently, a record for the number of simultaneous players in the Opposing Force on Steam is only 620 people, which was installed four years ago. The purpose of the Opposing The Bar, like previous events, such as Half -Life 2 Raising The Bar in 2021, is to break this record, since as a result of previous events the number of players in HL2 exceeded 10,000. And although 620 is a completely achievable goal, Radiation Hazard sets himself a secondary task – 5,000 players playing the Opposing Force at the same time. If you want to join, then this is very simple.

On Sunday, August 13, it is enough to enter Steam at 16:00 in Central European Turges and launch Half-Life: Opposing Force. After that, you don’t even have to play it – just leave it open in Steam for more than an hour to register as a player.

Cat Quest: Pirates of Purribean will be released on several platforms in 2024

The upcoming part of the Cat Quest series awards under the well -aimed name Cat Quest: Pirates of the Puribean will be released in 2024 on various platforms, including PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC via stam.

In this latest 2.5d role-playing game with the open world, players will take on the role of a brave pirate traveling through a fantastic pirate purrian, an archipelago teeming with pi-rats, in search of a northern star, a legendary long-lost treasure. With a reliable breath-breath, players will travel around the seas of Purriban on their ship. However, these waters are insidious and full of dangers, including hordes of the pirate pirate pirates, which are already close to their tail.

Favorite role -playing game, known for its vivid visual effects and exciting gameplay, returns with an invigorating escapad filled with furious fun. Players will be able to explore an extensive new world with a variety of dungeons and biomes, as well as take part in tense battles thanks to an updated combat system with more accurate combinations of attacks and a change of weapon. The game also supports local cooperative game.

In this part, for the first time in the series, sea gameplay appeared. Players will control their own ship, exploring the water of Purian, unhindered at the shores and crossing the lands on the paws in search of prey. Purriban is replete with hidden treasures – from a unique weapon, such as musketon, to powerful spells, stylish costumes and much more.

In the game Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purriban, players go in search of treasures at their own discretion. They have the freedom of choice of the path, whether it is the immersion in the farthest corners of Purriban at their own pace or a meeting with many bizarre characters and help them in their search. The mysterious nature of the Northern Star extends far, and the player has to collect tips, investigate secrets and reveal the numerous secrets of Purriban. Having such freedom in the formation of the history of their cat, players can sail and go to their personal pirate adventure.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has become one of the highest-assessed games in the entire 30-year history of PC Gamer

Baldur’s Gate 3 went down in history, having received 97% of PC Gamer, becoming one of the highest-appreciated games in the entire 30-year history of the publication. No PC game received such a high score from the publication over the past 16 years. The value of this assessment can be considered in the context of the past PC Gamer: earlier the American and British groups of the magazine worked with various editorial groups and grades.

The authors of PC Gamer decided to share interesting statistics – Baldur’s Gate 3 was the first game since 2007, to which the magazine had at such a high appreciation. In total, the American division PC Gamer issued a rating of 97 and above only five games.

  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, 1999 [98]
  • Half-Life 2, 2004 [98]
  • Crysis, 2007 [98]
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization II, 1996 [97]
  • Half-Life, 1998 [97]

The British department PC Gamer was much more modest in the past, limiting himself to grades of 96 points out of 100.

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization II, 1996 [96]
  • Quake II, 1997 [96]
  • Half-Life, 1998 [96]
  • Half-Life 2, 2004 [96]

The rarity of the highest assessments on PC Gamer is deliberate: the assembly guide in the publication is developed in such a way that the estimates of 90+ seem significant. Higher points are set by games that go beyond, give a convincing recommendation or are considered really outstanding. PC Gamer never set assessments of 99 or 100, realizing that no game can be perfect.

Baldur’s Gate 3 earned praise from the PC Gamer team for incorporating the elements of previous games of the genre that received higher grades. It combines the best aspects of Ultima, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Arcanum: of SteamWorks and Magick Obscura, Divinity: Original Sin, as well as new opportunities and modern design. The time spent by the game in early access allowed her to achieve depth and breadth that surpass her predecessors in the CRPG genre.

The PC Gamer team was fascinated by Baldur’s Gate 3: the participants shared funny cases about the passage of quests, discussed the best companions and talked about memorable combat clashes. Even those who initially experienced difficulties with mechanics were delighted with her, which further strengthened her status of an outstanding game.

In general, a high rating of Baldur’s Gate 3 reflects its exceptional gameplay, innovative opportunities and the ability to respond to both veterans and beginners in the CRPG genre.