Elden Ring received a prestigious literary award Nebula Award

Elden Ring continues to win awards. More than a year after the release of the game, she received the Nebula Award 2023 award for the best script for the video game. The award was awarded immediately after the news that more than 20 million copies of the game were sold in the first year, which is an extremely impressive result and makes it the largest game ever created by the developer from Fromsoftware.

Nebula Award was voyage Hidetak Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, who contributed to writing the game and the plot in general. This is the first Nebula Award for Miyazaki and Fromsoftware and the third for Martin, although he received 14 nominations for his novels, stories and novels in his entire career.

Nebula Awards is a reward in the field of science fiction and fantasy, which is awarded every year. Awards, as a rule, are concentrated on literary works, including categories of novels, stories, short stories, but there is also the category of “dramatic representation”, which this year went “everything everywhere and at once”.

Initially, Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022 and should receive an extension called Shadow of the Erdtree, but it has no release date yet. Meanwhile, the next official Fromsoftware project will be the Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the release of which is scheduled for August 25.

ABOUT!So the game also had a script?

O) you are from these authors that do not fully cut into what is a plot and a script, but insert their awesome funny jokes?))

No, I’m one of those outs who learned that ENT Igor Nakalyakan was on the description of objects, after its passage.I looked at a lot of vidosiki on the ECT and it was he who has norms, but the script? No, I’ll play it better in the ending)

Judging by the comment: you don’t get it at all – what is an ENT, and what is a scenario / plot and what mechanisms are they presented. Well, I was not hired by the teacher.

Ok, script/plot of Elden.The ring cracked, Great Vil called the targeted man.III further 70% of the game – open world.Go where you want and do what you wish.According to the plot, you need to fill up Godrik to go further, renalus . just?Lorrette. And who is it?
Radana, because he is holding the stars?Margota under a tree, and then also a raspberry, so that the rune of death to pick up and burn the tree, oh, Godfri returned late a little.
In this game, the plot is better than in Monster Hunter, I recognize. It’s a pity in the mx there is no plot.
If you follow it, not being distracted by the research of the open world, then nichrome is generally not clear. Such a good story comes out: D

Yes, all the following are the plots as you described, a continuous elementary. My beloved – a bunch of dwarfs took the ring to the volcano, killed the main reptile and then flew to the eagles to the sunset.
The plots are everywhere. Their feed and the tools used is. It is clear that the people have dull and the plot is able to perceive only it is chewed as much as possible and they are loaded directly into the brain.

I love Elden Ring, played for about 1 hours, knocked out the platinum, but in the plot I figured out only thanks to the analysis on YouTube, and then, partially)

Moreover, after 80 hours you forget what happened in the beginning, when you play only the first time

Only no one knows what this Martin wrote

Death of characters, he comes out excellently (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

There was somewhere news about what he wrote. It seems for the most part something like a sketch on the mythology of the world of the game.

At Miyazaki himself, all NPSs with the storyline almost always die (except for functional, such as blacksmiths, or on which the ending depends), so Martin was not needed for this

Prize for the best gaming scenario. I took a game to which there are no texts, dialogs, plot and script as such?

It is good that the prize is not issued by fools, but by people who actually understand what scenarios, plot are and how they are formed :)))

Well, they also carefully passed the game and found it all in it, including texts and dialogs)))
It is terrible to imagine what would happen if they were guided by the opinion of the birds, for whom "plot" – This is when they give them a note about the quest in the magazine, or when the screensaver comes with QTE =)))

Let me explain something to you, guy: There are traditional ones, accepted as a hundred years of presenting material for the viewer. These rules are called the plot and script.

I’ll start with the plot.

The plot in literature, dramaturgy, theater, cinema, comics, games – a number of events (sequence of scenes, acts) taking place in a work of art (on the stage of the theater, in the game) and built for the reader (viewer, player) according to certain rules of demonstration. The plot is the basis of the form of the work.

Once again: the plot is a sequence and connection of the description of events!

I will continue the script.

Scenario-a literary and dramatic work written as the basis for the production of cinema, games and other places.

The script describes each scene and dialogs of characters with remarks in detail.

Once again: the script is

A) the tie. As a rule, in it we get acquainted with the hero, we find that he has a treasure, secret, lack and goal.

B) the main action. The hero is looking for his goal, traveling around a stranger world. He has a plan B – his treasure that he is going to apply when he meets with an antagonist.

C) climax. Snow. The hero defeats the antagonist and reaches the goal.

There is also what is connecting these three "bases", And this thing is called "plot turn". Some hooks catching the attention of a gamer. Hooks completely in this game are missing, by the way.

Now what we see in Dark Souls and Elden Ring?

A) the plot in the game as an element is absent .NAnd what sequence, connection and descriptions of events there is no question here. At all.

B) there is no script in the games of the series. There is a very very terrible synopsis – the most brief presentation of history. With an extremely weak description of the GG, with virtually no description of goals, without describing the obstacles that he will meet on the way to the goal, without the ways with which he will overcome these obstacles. There is no tritment (division into episodes), there is no remark (descriptions of the action), there is nothing. There is no clear plan for games.

C) based on paragraph b), Scriptwriters in the games of the series and, even worse, the player simply fall out of the plot, conflicting with the plot, the world, the characters of the characters. After all Neither the plot, nor the world, nor the characters of the characters are disclosed here at all!!

The result of all of the above is obvious:

In the GG games, GG is not a person, but a flat caricature From the third -rate comic book. Without goals, motives, character. Like Claude, a character from GTA 3, for example.

A The world in these games is nothing more than a flat boring incomprehensible desert ,divided into separate locations / biomes, nothing more than routine, without idea, without background, That is, the world without the past and future, in which there is only here and now. Something like the world of the game Terraria.

Eventually, The main problem of this game and all games from Software is and consists in violating all conceivable rules for building a plot and script. There are simply no them here, completely, completely. Everything that works here is naked, mechanical gameplay. And gentlemen from the jury of TGA and other gaming exhibitions and premiums, apparently, they managed to forget (or did not know at all) that A computer game is not only a gameplay, but a complex movement. The hero of the game is the one who moves. The goal is what makes the hero move. Character is what sets the speed and trajectory of this movement. The world is the place where the hero is moving. Throw out at least one link from this formula and get mediocrity, throw everything – you will get a dummy! AND, Since the authors of this series of games did not prescribe either the hero, his goals, nor his character, or even the world, the game was a dummy and it turned out, it is creatively empty! And everything that has at least a drop of artistic expressiveness here is art design, and that’s all.

Elden Ring – not a game, not a work of art. This is a set for reality, a tool for autism for hundreds of hours in a row, on like Wot, Wow, Warface, CSGo, Dota, three-in row, zombies against plants. Not bad in something, but the tool. Illusion, dummy, trick.

And real "Fools", In my opinion and the view of any professional scriptwriter, these are exactly those who put it like low -quality in almost all aspects of projects undeservedly high for these evaluation projects.