The trailer called the new date of the release of the tactical role -playing game Zoria: Age of Shattering

The new release date of Zoria: Age of Shattering, the publisher of which is the Polish studio Anshar Studios, became known. The debut of an isometric role -playing game developed by Tiny Trinket Games, consisting of three people, will be held on March 7, 2024 – exclusively on PC.

The project of the Small Romanian studio was partially funded by the support of third -party developers who took part in the crowdfunding fee at Kickstarter.

Despite the rather modest composition of the developers, it is expected that the content in Zoria: Age of Shattering will be enough for about 30 hours of game. Moreover, the Tiny Trinket Games team hints that it focuses on the masters of the genre from Larian Studios.

Zoria: Age of Shattering is a representative of classic isometric role -playing games. The game is focused on one player.

  • During the gaming process, a team of up to four players will gather, which we will develop with an influx of experience.
  • The game implements a step -by -step combat system with a dynamic character, which is caused by a constantly changing environment.
  • In Zoria, we will find survival elements. We will set up a camp where we will relax and replenish resources reserves to increase our chances in the upcoming battles.
  • Moreover, the main basic camp will be provided at the disposal of the players, which we will have to take care of.
  • The main goal of the plot will be the liberation of the title land of Zoria, which was captured by evil forces in the form of raphs and all kinds of mummies.
  • We will open some tasks and zones by choosing certain skills of our companions.
  • We will be able to send comrades who are not included in the team to autonomous tasks, for which experience points will be accrued.

Zoria: Age of Shattering will go to platforms on the release day: GOG, Steam and Epic Store. If you are interested, I hasten to report that a free demo version of the game is still available on the network

The creators of Lords of the Fallen explained how their game differs from other Souls-like games

SUS-like games are becoming more and more popular. Only in 2023, two major games in this genre are expected: Lies of P and Lords of the Fallen. The developers of the latter emphasize that the retelling of the original game of 2014 has its own characteristics, but at the same time, like everything else, it draws inspiration in the works of Fromsoftware.

In an interview with PCGAMESN, creative director Cesar Virtuzo and art director Alexander Schodret talk about the differences between Lords of the Fallen from other games of this type, focusing on the fact that in this game the developers go beyond the traditional confrontation of the knight with dragons in medieval fantasy.

[. ] No matter how we call the game-Souls-Like, or Animation-Driven Fighting, or RPG in style "Dark fantasy", We know that we have a common approach. However, I think that our world is what distinguishes us. It is much more allegorical. You move from Gothic fantasy to something more cosmic, almost in the style of Giger, with bones, giant statues, skeletons, blinded together, says the art director.

Screenshots and trailers to Lords of the Fallen really show us a visual aspect that is different from the rest " Souls-Like", And for the show, this is a very important aspect. "It is necessary to touch human souls and penetrate deep into the essence, and not just show something like fantasy with brilliant armor and dragons", – He adds.

All armor is rusty, ”he continues. "This suggests that I did not have time to clean them, I had to fight again and again". Why is this guy crying? And why is this guy, symbolizing all the hope for the best that I had in childhood in fantasy stories, is sad and hopeless? This is rather because of a sense of storm of those who were here.

Like the director of Lies of P, the long -awaited game in the Souls genre, releasing on the 19th of this month, which called the Fromsoftware game "works of art", The creative director of Lords of the Fallen did the same. "Games

Fromsoftware games are excellent. You may not like this genre because you like football or something like that, but these games are perfectly created. They introduced so many new ideas that we, the rest of the industry, can draw inspiration into them.

In addition, Virtuzo noted that they already thought that they knew how to create a sous-like game, but " Souls style development is an incredibly difficult task". According to him, they have collected many reviews and are already working on improvements. He also mentioned the importance of level design in such games, saying that in Souls-Like the world should be such that it seems to the player that he lives in it, "It should be real, and you must notice important landmarks in order not to get lost. You need to walk, find, return".

The third diary of developers Anvil Empires will tell about blacksmithing, housing for players and technology of seamless world

The developers of Siege Camp, the creators of Foxhole, presented the third diary of the development of a recently announced MMO strategy in the medieval setting Anvil Empires, dedicated to blacksmithing, players’ housing and seamless world technologies.

blacksmith craft

If you read the previous article, you know that many activities in the current pre-alpha build are temporary functions that will be replaced by a more complete gameplay in the future. One of the first activities that will go to the stage of the experiment will be blacksmithing.

Blacksmithing is a process that includes a chain of tasks necessary for forging weapons, tools and other equipment. At first, this process will be slow and ineffective, requiring efforts to make even one sword. As the settlement develops and its infrastructure, the blacksmiths will become more effective and will be able to massively produce weapons for the armies.

The first part of the process includes the construction of an industrial zone in your settlement. To do this, lay the foundation, which will become a workshop where the anvil, forge, hardening station and other equipment will be located. These will be modular designs, so players will be able to place them in the workshop at their discretion.

To forge such a weapon as a sword, it is necessary to melt iron in the furnace, heat the ingots in the forge, give the ingot of the blade on the anvil, and then cool the blade at the hardening station. For different types of weapons (for example, blades of swords, axes, etc.D.) will exist different types of blades. In the current experimental version of the process, how you heat the ingots and temper the blade, affects the quality of your blade. Better QUESTIONS will lead to a better weapon. In future pre-alpha iterations, more advanced blacksmithing methods will be presented.

Housing for several tenants

Only one official pre-alpha test was held, but the developers have already received many reviews from the community. Most of them cannot yet be accepted to action, since the functions on which they are based will greatly change in the future. Nevertheless, one of the main reviews, which was quite critical and significant for taking measures, was the distribution of houses in settlements.

In Anvil Empires, each player must build a house or claim it to join the settlement. Although in the future it is planned to make this system more complex, even now it is the fundamental part of the gaming process, since you cannot achieve much without being part of the settlement. One of the problems that were encountered during the first tests was that at home they took up too much space in the settlements.

Several players can now accommodate the first step to solve this problem. If only one player can still accommodate in the basic hut, then in the straw house – two, and in wooden – three. Each player will have his own separate inventory for storing several personal belongings. In addition, the names of the residents are now displayed in the user interface, so it will be easy for players to determine who they live with in the same house.

Big world technology

While the current tests of pre-alpha are on a temporary test map, which is relatively small, the developers conduct the internal development of the rest of the world, which will be much more extensive. One of the most important elements of the technology that is working on is the ability to divide the world into "Regions" and transfer them to several instances of the R2 server for modeling. This is what will ultimately allow many thousands of players to occupy a huge world, covering a whole continent filled with seas, mountains, rivers, islands and many others.

In Foxhole, this technical problem was solved by creating several cards and stitching them together. A lot of time and effort was spent on ensuring that the edges of each map visually coincide with the edges of neighboring maps of the regions. When the player approached the edge of the region, a map of the neighboring region was loaded so that his landscape could be seen and the environment could be seen. At any moment in the time of the client’s memory, the region’s own map and one or more maps of neighboring regions were loaded.

Anvil does not have the concept of stitching individual cartographic assets. Rather, the world will consist of one giant map. The engine R2 Engine automatically breaks the world into a grid and distributes each cell to a separate instance of the R2 server for modeling and working on the network. However, from the point of view of the client, the world is one giant seamless map. This does not mean that simulation can occur smoothly around the world. As in Foxhole, the simulation will still be divided into regions divided by virtual boundaries, which means that you cannot arbitrarily shoot shells or interact with objects in different regions. Nevertheless, the presence of the whole world on the client gives many advantages, for example, the ability to freely move between regions without loading screens under appropriate conditions.

From the point of view of the work process, the refusal to sew cards gives the creators a lot of advantages in the development. If you need to change the size of the area modeled by the R2 server, you can simply change some parameters, and not force the level designer to spend weeks on changing the Asset of the map around the world. To imagine how it works, imagine a giant grid, superimposed on one big world, where each cell is modeled by the instance of the server R2. This grid can be dynamically increased and reduced in autonomous mode, creating more or less cells without the need to change the card assets. This will allow developers to easily experiment with different sizes over time to find the optimal ratio of the area and instance R2.

Larian explained what “secret” content Baldur’s Gate 3 mentioned the performer of the role of Astarion

To prevent what may well become "Hunting for ghosts", Baldur’s Gate 3 – Larian -Larian -developing company decided to clarify what Actor Neil Newbon implied, who played the role of Astarion in the Twitch video about hidden content in a role -playing game.

Attention: The text presents spoilers to the 2nd act of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In an electronic letter sent to the editorial office of GameSradar+, representatives of Larian explain:

Nile’s comments were made by him at an autograph session, which he spent closer to the beginning of the release of the game, and indeed he was hidden to avoid spoilers. Subsequently, the players found a quest and lines of dialogue, which he talked about. So, ahead of the spoilers!

There is a quest in the Rosimorne monastery, for which you can get an excellent mace called Blood of Lathander. If you are not careful or try to steal a mace, you can activate terrifying solar weapons.

If you (deliberately or inaccurately) kill Astarion with this solar weapon, and then revive it when you return to the camp, he. tell you a few words", – concludes the developer and gives a fragment of the video with the reaction of Astarion.

That’s all. As it turned out, the secret of this mysterious content was really disclosed, although a small percentage of players, judging by the statistics of achievements in Steam. But even by accidenting it, it was still impossible to understand what Newbon was driving at, especially when a dialogue with astarion brings another layer of easily missed details, so it is very cool that this mystery was disclosed.

In a role-playing game with such a dense structure of interaction and a large number of potential events in the development of events, there are every chance of opening some of the options that no one has yet guessed, and somewhere really hidden content must be hidden somewhere.

Screenwriter The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 mentioned that the players still did not find his favorite Easter

Some of the best "Easter" In The Witcher 3 and/or Cyberpunk 2077, according to the head of the department of the CDPR Blacha CDPR.

Blaha spoke about the CDPR approach to Easter Eastern Podkasta with the participation of his colleagues-developers. He was the narrative director of Cyberpunk 2077 and the leading screenwriter The Witcher 3, and also worked in the CDPR in one or another quality since the time of the original Witcher.

Gamdirector Sebastian Kaleba, currently working on The Witcher 4 Polaris, asked Blah about how they appear "Easter" in the process of development (about the 41st minute), and he explained that "If we are talking about "Easter" and all these small, funny things in the game, the fact is that they cannot be planned. It does not happen that there is a clear list of Easterns, and we add them".

Suppose you are making a game, and this is the fourth year. You are very tired, and here the idea comes to your mind, and you cannot stop so as not to do it. This is how Easter cards appear in our games. Sometimes this idea is so good that other people join you, and something impressive is obtained. Honestly, my beloved of these little funny things, these Easter eggs, are still a secret. As far as I know, the players have not found them yet. They are very, very difficult to detect, so I will not talk about them.

Which is even more funny, Blah does not specify which franchise we are talking about. Given his history of cooperation with the CDPR, these missed Easters can be hidden in Cyberpunk 2077 or any of the games of The Witcher series, as far as we know. It is likely that it is either about The Witcher 3, or about Cyberpunk 2077, but this is just an assumption.

Soregiryser Tomasz Marchewka expressed his opinion that he, as a player, could be disturbed by Easterks, and although he agrees that they have his time and place, he believes that they may get out of control and break the immersion in the game. This prompted Blah to explain his motives. He believes that the "For developers, this is a way to directly establish contact with the player, and not through the game, not through the plot, as in our case, but through something more personal".

Let’s say I like the series "Doctor Who", And I make a reference to the game "Dr. Who". This is something from my heart for players. Some of them will not like it, it is obvious, but someone will like it, and it looks like a personal connection

I came across the worst: representatives of the GSC Game World confirmed that the fire destroyed only one floor of the office

The official representative of the company GSC Game World confirmed the information about the fire that occurred on September 7 in the Prague Office of the developer Stalker 2, and also said that the incident is currently being conducted.

According to Olga Ryzhko’s business development manager Olga Ryzhko, no one was injured as a result of the incident, but one of the three floors occupied by the company received serious damage and requires "complete recovery".

Fortunately, none of the office employees and workers were injured as a result of the fire, which cannot but rejoice, ”the Vortex said in the report of the Czech publication. Despite the fact that the fire was eliminated, one of the floors of the office requires major repairs. Further details of the incident are still being clarified, ”she added.

This was confirmed on the official Discord channel Stalker another employee of the GSC Game World under the nickname MOL1T. The MOL1T report says the following:

This is true. Fortunately, none of the employees and office workers were injured as a result of the incident. On Thursday, a fire occurred in our office in Prague. Despite the fact that the fire was successfully extinguished, one of the floors of the office now requires complete restoration. Further details of the incident are still being clarified.

We express the deepest gratitude for your questions and words of the support that we receive.

And no anomaly, even " Burner", will not make us turn off the path to our final goal. We already had to face more serious problems. This is fine".

Recently, GSC Game World has announced the delay in Stalker 2 before the beginning of next year, and it is still unclear whether the fire in the office will lead to an even greater delay. However, despite all these difficulties and failures, the game itself still looks like the stalker that we know and love. PCG UK editor -in -chief Phil Savage noted that a short demonstration of the game on Gamescom "managed to accommodate all the gloomy anti -utopian horrors that a fan can wish "Stalker".

New plot scenes and combat mechanics will appear in Persona 3 Reload

ATLUS confirmed that new plot scenes and characters will appear in Persona 3 Reload compared to the original in 2006, as well as some changes in the combat system, which will include elements that many players in Persona 5.

These details, which could already be guessed by the latest trailer with the participation of the Strega group and the previous one, were confirmed in a press release from the studio accompanying the last official video.

To be precise, it says that "Persona 3 Reload will appear completely new scenes dedicated to Stregov members", So what "completely new related episodes have been added. In these completely new scenes, those aspects of some characters that have never been considered in detail will be disclosed".

This is certainly good news for long -standing fans who were previously unhappy with the lack of a female heroine and some additions that appeared in Persona 3 Fes and Persona 3 Portable reprints.

The ALTUS press release also confirms what many have already guessed from the short gameplay episodes of Persona 3 RELOAD, previously shown, namely, that some dynamics shown in Persona 5 will be present in the remake.

In particular, the availability of "direct teams", T.e. the ability to manage each member of the party separately. Perhaps for new players this will not seem new, but it should be noted that in the original Persona 3, only the main character could be commanded in battle, and artificial intelligence was responsible for the companions. As an alternative, you can use the option "Support", "automatically aiming at enemy weaknesses".

Another mechanics inherited from Persona 5 is a strategic mechanics that allows you to transmit the course of one character to another.

This did not end there: a new type of special techniques called the game is added to the game "Theurgy". Atlus describes them as "Very powerful abilities that can only be used when the character is filled with a scale of theurgy". The teurgy scale is replenished in battle when the character attacks, uses skills or performs other actions. The personality of the character affects which actions are most effective for filling out the scale".

Recall that Persona 3 Reload will be available from February 2, 2024 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and will enter the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalog from the start of the launch.

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI says that players hate empty open worlds, citing FFXV criticism

Since there are less than a month left before the Final Fantasy XVI, it is not surprising that Game Informer devoted its monthly information space of the widely expected role -playing game from Square Enix.

One of the articles is dedicated to why the game was not conceived as a game with the open world. For the first time we heard about this in June, when the producer of Naoki Yoshida explained that the Final Fantasy XVI team wanted to tell a global story and therefore decided to abandon the option with the open world. A few weeks later, Yoshida added that it would take about fifteen years to create a fully implemented open world based on the entire map.

In his answer, Game Informer, Naoki Yoshida repeated all of the above, but added an example to convey his point of view: Square Enix wanted to avoid the situation where the open world of the Final Fantasy XVI will be empty, because this is what gamers hate most.

For example, if you create an open world in 23 Tokyo branches, then, in fact, your story should occur in 23 Tokyo branches, and it cannot occur beyond their borders. You can create more territories beyond, but then it will require a lot of resources, and the more you create them, the more chance that the huge territory you created will be empty, and this is the only thing that players hate the most: a huge open world, but there is nothing to do in it.

Interestingly, in the same article, Yoshida also mentioned criticism of Final Fantasy XV. He mentions her in connection with the plot (and canceled DLC). Nevertheless, given that in a wider context it was a question of the absence of an open world in the upcoming game, it is difficult not to assume that he also thought about the criticism that FFXV received precisely because her world was mainly empty.

Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy XVI is better to do without an empty open world. Ideally, the populated open world would be the best option, but we should believe the studio assessment that this was not feasible.

Come on? It dawned on them? If even the birdhouses admit that 15 fantasy was empty, why some players do not understand this? Mystery

I generally started 4 times and did not finish strangling the whole game. And 7 remake immediately forgiven.

By the way, yes, the same

The seven strangles with his hemplem no worse. You wipe like dick in an ice hole from NPS to NPS and before each pebble, a boiler and a fence you cut a circle into half a card. Herodes stretched as best they could.

The fifteenth as a story is very good, and the implementation of temporary half -open locations outside the framework of the game territory, through which the heroes move, was very pleased with me. And plus, I wanted to live there. Delightful photos of Prompto, Ignis’s culinary delights and mutual jokes with a gladiolus. The company atmosphere is conveyed perfectly, even taking into account all the tragic losses that happened throughout the way.

The study of the details, whether accumulating dirt on the clothes of the noktis due to dusty work, is also surprised, is also surprising.Ch Robots), damage to the modules of the furs, the study of those mobs that God forbid you will meet twice throughout the game (in fact only one).

The problem, alas, is not quite in history (although it is presented as if the player is obliged to know everything about the world and the personalities of his populars in advance), but in the useless and empty open world with the respondent enemies, and those who were not worked out – exclusively night demons. It also kills practically blocked driving vehicles that go in most of the modes automatically, and I didn’t find the flying car in the game, which was shown in one of the gifs on the Steam page.
In short, the problem itself consists in the technical limitation and strong dependence of the final bossfight on pumping, which without it is simply impenetrable. Moreover, before this bossfight itself, there are no special prerequisites for the need in it, there is no and there is no.

And so, a delightful game, sorry, short and almost not open. One of the masterpieces of the gaming industry with good graphics, with an inadequate size, with a worthy of 2014 cards with optimization. Exactly 24 hours of a chic storyline and many hours of walking along the beautiful streets of a water city.

No one discusses the actions of characters and landscapes. It’s about locations in general. You have a bunch of a huge and free world that is idle and you cannot enjoy them normally, except by landscapes. Against the backdrop of how the characters behave, how alive they seem, these locations seem to be a linen in the eye.

I like the 15th part of the FF, but I do not like the world performed in it at all. I don’t know how to explain, but for example the world of the Witcher is full of events. Literally wherever the character takes a step, some random extra quest awaits him. There was no such generation for events in the FF

And I always said: "There should be a lot of good person". And then there will be no empty open worlds

But the outfits continue to persist like Mr. Anderson at one time.

To make an open world is much more difficult than others, but for some reason not everyone understands this and fucks what we have, even competing who will be more void.

What the hell. In the 15th open world and did not smell. Although there seems to be a big world for travel (by car and by train). But figs there. I felt the whole game corridor.

You played it at all? Huge continent, run wherever you want, do not like to run – a car and roads, do not like the roads – SUV or Chokobo and run/drive wherever you want

You specifically ask dumb questions? 😉 If I had not passed it (+old parts), I would not write about it. To be honest, in comparison with expectations, plus given how many years it was done, the 15th part is generally a failure . It is enough to see the first builds and immediately it will become clear how much it was cut out of it.

And you apparently just did not play other parts and other games.

"SUV or Chokobo and run/drive wherever you want"

For example, I want to get to the capital (well, that big city) and not at the end of the game, but just a knocktis to visit my father or ride in a large city. And he is closed.

I want to ride by train, just like that, without quests. Enjoy the trip and all that.

If you have passed, then you yourself understand what the answers of the game to these desires will be.

Cities there are also small. For playing the ending scale and given the time of edition of the game, as well as comparison with the old parts, the size of the game and the open world should be completely different.

I went through all parts. You contrast your fantasies with a real game. The train there is only plot, why most cities are like that – the ENT explains. If you played other parts, then small cities should not be a surprise for you, just. And the topic "I want" limited by the plot that does not interfere with visiting settlements throughout the map, where the plot does not play a tough role.

About the first builds – this is generally laughter, the game was made for a long time and literally from another game, it does not spoil the final game in any way, especially with all the dopil. I may want to drop the moon on enemies in every game, now all these games are considered bad due to the impossibility of this?))) If you play in other parts, then it should be known that 15 is the first ending with a real open world.

You have just with your last message and showed that you live in your fantasies, and even trying to impose them on the XD above the facts and answers to rhetorical questions indicating the hack, which is FF15. After the ending, there should be a pleasant aftertaste interspersed with sadness from the fact that the masterpiece ended, and not the desire to spit and disappointment (I personally appreciated the FF15 at 3.5. This is a good game, but this is not a final line. She was not so supposed to become. Here is the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be the final line after it will together as an original of 3 disks).

You did not understand the meaning of my message at all (although it is understandable, given how you set out your thoughts. Throw the statements directly opposite reality and give them out and the truth is very "adequately"), but some Verder decided to set up. And by your answer you also denied your first message about the openness of the world. The plot just from the same prevents visiting settlements throughout the map and makes the corridor even more closely. By the way about other parts. In the 7th, the city is quite large, although it closes after the 1st disk. But given the size of the past parts and the size of the 15th, the size of the cities and the world should have grown many times due to the progress of technology, capabilities, as well as the deadlines for the development of the game (if 7-9 were done, 10-12 a couple of years, then 15 were developed How many?). If in the old parts there was a full -fledged world with a map of the world, then in the 15th we see another stub. And at the same time you say that the world is large and open.. Run wherever you want to do what you want. You have seen big open worlds generally? Play the Teso, or if we talk about the single, then at least in the witcher. And this is not even affecting the theme of the plot (additional missions + top with Ardin is generally chic. Not well, lovers to devour hacks can appreciate it).

In general, everything is clear with you and is generally pointless to continue the dialogue.

I set the wall of water and you contradict yourself) yes, in the seventh big Midgar and he is there one there) all the other cities – one or two screen. The exception is Junon, and there it is shown in pieces. At the same time, Midgar closes just when the plot needs it, just like Inssonia, which is a separate plot location, the plot Danzen, and the EOS continent is just an open world whose locations can be visited calmly. Or maybe you have large full -fledged cities in FF10 or in FF12?No, there are also purely plot locations that are shown by separate corridor pieces. In 8-16-bit finals of the city of tiny. At 10-13 exactly the same situation, either individual pieces for the plot, or tiny settlements. Moreover, the world map at 10-13 is just a map where you can’t even run, precisely because the full world did not have enough resources.15 – the real FF, with a full -fledged large open world, where you can calmly travel to a volcano, even to swamps, and after receiving the flying regalia, literally in any location of the EOS, not counting the dungeon. Open Worlds are not always a whole planet of the world of the game, in most games it is one country or its piece, like it is ordered in a witcher, where other parts of the world are placed in the same way as in 15 – teleportation with loading.

So in the spot and line locations were empty. This is Jrpg. In all Jrpg, all locations are empty corridors with mobs.

The official announcement of SMITE 2 was held – a new generation mob -explosion on the Unreal Engine 5 engine

Rumors were confirmed. Hi-Rez Studios announced Smite 2, the continuation of the popular Free-to-Play Moba game, which came out ten years ago on PC, and then moved to the console. During this time, more than 40 million users managed to play the game, but now Hi-Rez is moving to the future.

The developers say that this is a real continuation, which should become the next generation MOBA, with dynamic lighting, physical rendering, tissue simulation, more detailed models and many others. The game is currently working on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.2, but soon it is planned to update to Unreal Engine 5.3.

The goal is to take the basis of SMITE and make it better, optimized, but at the same time deeper at the level of gameplay. For this, targeted improvements in certain areas are carried out. The systems of relics and objects were completely redesigned to open more opportunities for experiments. Inventory items can potentially have an active effect (for example, BLINK) in addition to passive improvements. The gods are also no longer magical or physical; Every God can specialize in strength or intelligence, offering various games of the game.

In addition, the abilities of the gods, game characters of this mythological moba will become more impressive and spectacular. Anubis will receive new, more smooth animations. There are completely new gods, such as Hecate, Greek goddess of witchcraft.

She was the main request of the community for many years and will finally become playable in Smite 2, bringing the long-range style of the game to the game of his magical abilities. Hecate can penetrate through measurements and travel in the limit space. She is the first of the five new gods that will appear in the sequel at the start.

The new game will implement a user selection system of players that will support a cross-country between a PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X. Fans can also be expected by an improved user interface (UI), including a modified item store, and updated sound accompaniment.

Rock and stone! Sales of the cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic exceeded 8 million copies

The developers from Ghost Ship Games summed up the annual Deep Rock Galactic results and announced that since the release of the release in February 2018, the game has spread more than 8 million copies on all platforms (PC, PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X | S). Only in 2023 2.56 million copies were sold.

Here is a brief description of the Deep Rock Galactic path to an 8 millionth mark:

  • September 2018 – the game overcame the mark of 300,000 copies sold in Steam seven months after launch in early access;
  • January 2021 – Deep Rock Galactic reached 2 million copies sold;
  • The end of 2022 – more than 5.5 million copies were sold;
  • September 2023 – the game diverged with a circulation of 7 million copies.

In 2023, the number of daily active users Deep Rock Galactic only reached 150,300 people in Steam, which is 32 % more than in the previous year. The number of monthly active users in Steam exceeded 1 million, increasing by 23 % compared to the previous year.

Deep Rock Galactic reached 2.4 million Steam subscribers, becoming the fifth of the most viewed game of all time on this platform. In 2023, she also reached 597,600 participants in Discord, 339,000 subscribers on Reddit and 106,000 subscribers on YouTube. On average, Steam players spend more than 46 hours in Deep Rock Galactic, and more than 800,000 users – more than 100 hours.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently at a rating "Extremely positive" in Steam: 97 % of more than 215,000 positive user reviews. This makes it not only the best game in the catalog of the Coffee Stain publishing house, but also one of the most rating games of all time on the platform (#43 according to Steamdb).

In the catalog of the publisher, Deep Rock Galactic ranks second in terms of the number of sales and copies sold, directly between Valheim (more than 12 million copies, 152.6 million dollars) and Satispactory (more than 5 million copies, 63 million dollars).