New plot scenes and combat mechanics will appear in Persona 3 Reload

ATLUS confirmed that new plot scenes and characters will appear in Persona 3 Reload compared to the original in 2006, as well as some changes in the combat system, which will include elements that many players in Persona 5.

These details, which could already be guessed by the latest trailer with the participation of the Strega group and the previous one, were confirmed in a press release from the studio accompanying the last official video.

To be precise, it says that "Persona 3 Reload will appear completely new scenes dedicated to Stregov members", So what "completely new related episodes have been added. In these completely new scenes, those aspects of some characters that have never been considered in detail will be disclosed".

This is certainly good news for long -standing fans who were previously unhappy with the lack of a female heroine and some additions that appeared in Persona 3 Fes and Persona 3 Portable reprints.

The ALTUS press release also confirms what many have already guessed from the short gameplay episodes of Persona 3 RELOAD, previously shown, namely, that some dynamics shown in Persona 5 will be present in the remake.

In particular, the availability of "direct teams", T.e. the ability to manage each member of the party separately. Perhaps for new players this will not seem new, but it should be noted that in the original Persona 3, only the main character could be commanded in battle, and artificial intelligence was responsible for the companions. As an alternative, you can use the option "Support", "automatically aiming at enemy weaknesses".

Another mechanics inherited from Persona 5 is a strategic mechanics that allows you to transmit the course of one character to another.

This did not end there: a new type of special techniques called the game is added to the game "Theurgy". Atlus describes them as "Very powerful abilities that can only be used when the character is filled with a scale of theurgy". The teurgy scale is replenished in battle when the character attacks, uses skills or performs other actions. The personality of the character affects which actions are most effective for filling out the scale".

Recall that Persona 3 Reload will be available from February 2, 2024 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and will enter the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalog from the start of the launch.