The creators of Lords of the Fallen explained how their game differs from other Souls-like games

SUS-like games are becoming more and more popular. Only in 2023, two major games in this genre are expected: Lies of P and Lords of the Fallen. The developers of the latter emphasize that the retelling of the original game of 2014 has its own characteristics, but at the same time, like everything else, it draws inspiration in the works of Fromsoftware.

In an interview with PCGAMESN, creative director Cesar Virtuzo and art director Alexander Schodret talk about the differences between Lords of the Fallen from other games of this type, focusing on the fact that in this game the developers go beyond the traditional confrontation of the knight with dragons in medieval fantasy.

[. ] No matter how we call the game-Souls-Like, or Animation-Driven Fighting, or RPG in style "Dark fantasy", We know that we have a common approach. However, I think that our world is what distinguishes us. It is much more allegorical. You move from Gothic fantasy to something more cosmic, almost in the style of Giger, with bones, giant statues, skeletons, blinded together, says the art director.

Screenshots and trailers to Lords of the Fallen really show us a visual aspect that is different from the rest " Souls-Like", And for the show, this is a very important aspect. "It is necessary to touch human souls and penetrate deep into the essence, and not just show something like fantasy with brilliant armor and dragons", – He adds.

All armor is rusty, ”he continues. "This suggests that I did not have time to clean them, I had to fight again and again". Why is this guy crying? And why is this guy, symbolizing all the hope for the best that I had in childhood in fantasy stories, is sad and hopeless? This is rather because of a sense of storm of those who were here.

Like the director of Lies of P, the long -awaited game in the Souls genre, releasing on the 19th of this month, which called the Fromsoftware game "works of art", The creative director of Lords of the Fallen did the same. "Games

Fromsoftware games are excellent. You may not like this genre because you like football or something like that, but these games are perfectly created. They introduced so many new ideas that we, the rest of the industry, can draw inspiration into them.

In addition, Virtuzo noted that they already thought that they knew how to create a sous-like game, but " Souls style development is an incredibly difficult task". According to him, they have collected many reviews and are already working on improvements. He also mentioned the importance of level design in such games, saying that in Souls-Like the world should be such that it seems to the player that he lives in it, "It should be real, and you must notice important landmarks in order not to get lost. You need to walk, find, return".