Rock and stone! Sales of the cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic exceeded 8 million copies

The developers from Ghost Ship Games summed up the annual Deep Rock Galactic results and announced that since the release of the release in February 2018, the game has spread more than 8 million copies on all platforms (PC, PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X | S). Only in 2023 2.56 million copies were sold.

Here is a brief description of the Deep Rock Galactic path to an 8 millionth mark:

  • September 2018 – the game overcame the mark of 300,000 copies sold in Steam seven months after launch in early access;
  • January 2021 – Deep Rock Galactic reached 2 million copies sold;
  • The end of 2022 – more than 5.5 million copies were sold;
  • September 2023 – the game diverged with a circulation of 7 million copies.

In 2023, the number of daily active users Deep Rock Galactic only reached 150,300 people in Steam, which is 32 % more than in the previous year. The number of monthly active users in Steam exceeded 1 million, increasing by 23 % compared to the previous year.

Deep Rock Galactic reached 2.4 million Steam subscribers, becoming the fifth of the most viewed game of all time on this platform. In 2023, she also reached 597,600 participants in Discord, 339,000 subscribers on Reddit and 106,000 subscribers on YouTube. On average, Steam players spend more than 46 hours in Deep Rock Galactic, and more than 800,000 users – more than 100 hours.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently at a rating "Extremely positive" in Steam: 97 % of more than 215,000 positive user reviews. This makes it not only the best game in the catalog of the Coffee Stain publishing house, but also one of the most rating games of all time on the platform (#43 according to Steamdb).

In the catalog of the publisher, Deep Rock Galactic ranks second in terms of the number of sales and copies sold, directly between Valheim (more than 12 million copies, 152.6 million dollars) and Satispactory (more than 5 million copies, 63 million dollars).