Larian explained what “secret” content Baldur’s Gate 3 mentioned the performer of the role of Astarion

To prevent what may well become "Hunting for ghosts", Baldur’s Gate 3 – Larian -Larian -developing company decided to clarify what Actor Neil Newbon implied, who played the role of Astarion in the Twitch video about hidden content in a role -playing game.

Attention: The text presents spoilers to the 2nd act of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In an electronic letter sent to the editorial office of GameSradar+, representatives of Larian explain:

Nile’s comments were made by him at an autograph session, which he spent closer to the beginning of the release of the game, and indeed he was hidden to avoid spoilers. Subsequently, the players found a quest and lines of dialogue, which he talked about. So, ahead of the spoilers!

There is a quest in the Rosimorne monastery, for which you can get an excellent mace called Blood of Lathander. If you are not careful or try to steal a mace, you can activate terrifying solar weapons.

If you (deliberately or inaccurately) kill Astarion with this solar weapon, and then revive it when you return to the camp, he. tell you a few words", – concludes the developer and gives a fragment of the video with the reaction of Astarion.

That’s all. As it turned out, the secret of this mysterious content was really disclosed, although a small percentage of players, judging by the statistics of achievements in Steam. But even by accidenting it, it was still impossible to understand what Newbon was driving at, especially when a dialogue with astarion brings another layer of easily missed details, so it is very cool that this mystery was disclosed.

In a role-playing game with such a dense structure of interaction and a large number of potential events in the development of events, there are every chance of opening some of the options that no one has yet guessed, and somewhere really hidden content must be hidden somewhere.