Deus Ex: Revision received the updated modless mod 2 mod.0 with a huge list of changes and improvements

The Modder team The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex: Revision has released its completely new version. Version 2.0 is an updated version of the original fashion of The Nameless Mod 2009 on the same engine in order to update visual modes.

For those who do not know, Deus Ex: Revision is the 2000 classic game created by the community. It presents a new environment, music, details of building peace and some of the best modifications created by fans. These include Direct3D 9 rendering, high -resolution textures, high detail models and alternative modes of gameplay.

On the other hand, The Nameless Mod is a historical fragment of a world similar to a matrix. Each TNM aspect is based on something from Deus Ex: from the conspiracy theological side of things and strategies that you use in Deus Ex, to the technical aspects of the game presented in the world.

Speaking in more detail, then in version 2.0 All 58 levels are redesigned in accordance with higher standards. Moreover, the team developed all levels taking into account secrecy and battle. Also added several routes and solutions for each obstacle.

Nameless Mod 2.0 has many levels. Some of them are more compact, but contain more material for interaction, while others have been expanded and now have more memorable sections and game mechanics.

It is also worth noting that in version 2.0 presents two completely new secret levels and one "not so secret" new level. At some levels, players can also find new side missions. Moreover, the team brought some functions of the quality of life from Deus Ex: Revision and Deus Ex: Transcended.

You can download The Nameless Mod 2.0 in Steam. As already mentioned, you will need Deus Ex: Revision to play it. In addition, the Deus Ex: Revision game requires a copy of Deus Ex Goty, installed in the same library/disk as Revision.