The Moscow team won the largest number of medals at the Russian Eyings Championship

The final stage of the English computer sports championship ended in Ufa. The teams of the regions competed in six types of the program: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, Tekken 7, Clash Royale and DLC-The Game.

The most medals were won by representatives of Moscow.

Champion of UK 2022 on Starcraft II Ilya Milkicow Potapov I won a silver medal. Its final confrontation with Jacob Youngyakov Moses From the Krasnodar Territory it reached an account of 2: 2, but Ilya lost the decisive card.

Silver also received Kirill Nifkaa Fedukovich In the DLC sports simulator – The Game. In the final, he lost to Alexander XBR Salie1 Kholkin from the Sverdlovsk region. In this type of program, the Moscow athlete took second place for the second year in a row.

Another silver was received by the DOTA 2 MCAST team, which is trained on the basis of the capital’s sports training center. In the final, she played against Gigateam 2.0 from the Tomsk region and lost 1: 2.

Moscow champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premdesant in the debut for himself the English championship took third place. In the semifinals, this team lost 1: 2 SPBPU (St. Petersburg), but in the match for third place, the Yakutsk Hotu confidently won.

The Moscow team in 2023 gained 4 medals – more than in 2022 – then there was one “gold”, one “silver” and one “bronze”.

“Congratulations to the winners of the English Championship. It was a well -organized event that gave us a lot of bright moments and emotions. This year, the Moscow team won more medals than in the past, I hope that in the future our athletes will only improve the results and save the high bar. Thanks to all the organizers and participants of the English Championship!” – commented by the President of the Federation of Computer Sports of the city of Moscow Maxim Fleur.

The capital’s national team to participate in the English Championship was formed following the results of the Moscow Sports Championship, which was held by the Moscow FCS with the support of the Department of Sports of the city of Moscow. According to the results of this championship for the second year in a row, the metropolitan athletes receive official sports categories.

The results of the English Computer Sports Championship 2023:

Dota 2

1st place – Gigateam 2.0 (Tomsk region)
2nd place – MCAST (Moscow)
3rd place – Derzhawin (Altai Republic)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1st place – Cosmo (Tomsk region)
2nd place-SPBPU (St. Petersburg)
3rd place – Premdesant (Moscow)

Starcraft 2

1st place – Yakov Youngyakov Moiseenko (Krasnodar Territory)
2nd place – Ilya Milkicow Potapov (Moscow)
3rd place – Vitaly Couguar Roshchin (Tomsk region)

DCL – The Game

1st place – Alexander XBR Salie1 Kholkin (Sverdlovsk region)
2nd place – Kirill Nifkaa Fedukovich (Moscow)
3rd place – Alexander The23 cold (Leningrad region)

Tekken 7

1st place – Alexey 2D_girl Baranov (Sverdlovsk Region)
2nd place – Sergey Strog Platov (Leningrad Region)
3rd place – Pavel Th3_infection228 Kalashnikov (Belgorod region)

Clash Royale

1st place-Danil Danilka Oreshkin (St. Petersburg)
2nd place – Hizir Paradox Ersimikov (Chechen Republic)
3rd place – Yusup F0rtunaaa Egiev (Republic of Ingushetia)