Cat Quest: Pirates of Purribean will be released on several platforms in 2024

The upcoming part of the Cat Quest series awards under the well -aimed name Cat Quest: Pirates of the Puribean will be released in 2024 on various platforms, including PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC via stam.

In this latest 2.5d role-playing game with the open world, players will take on the role of a brave pirate traveling through a fantastic pirate purrian, an archipelago teeming with pi-rats, in search of a northern star, a legendary long-lost treasure. With a reliable breath-breath, players will travel around the seas of Purriban on their ship. However, these waters are insidious and full of dangers, including hordes of the pirate pirate pirates, which are already close to their tail.

Favorite role -playing game, known for its vivid visual effects and exciting gameplay, returns with an invigorating escapad filled with furious fun. Players will be able to explore an extensive new world with a variety of dungeons and biomes, as well as take part in tense battles thanks to an updated combat system with more accurate combinations of attacks and a change of weapon. The game also supports local cooperative game.

In this part, for the first time in the series, sea gameplay appeared. Players will control their own ship, exploring the water of Purian, unhindered at the shores and crossing the lands on the paws in search of prey. Purriban is replete with hidden treasures – from a unique weapon, such as musketon, to powerful spells, stylish costumes and much more.

In the game Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purriban, players go in search of treasures at their own discretion. They have the freedom of choice of the path, whether it is the immersion in the farthest corners of Purriban at their own pace or a meeting with many bizarre characters and help them in their search. The mysterious nature of the Northern Star extends far, and the player has to collect tips, investigate secrets and reveal the numerous secrets of Purriban. Having such freedom in the formation of the history of their cat, players can sail and go to their personal pirate adventure.