Half-Life fans plan to hold a promotion to attract Valve’s attention

Although almost 20 years have passed since the release of Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 3 has turned into a myth, Valve FPS-game still remains one of the pcs in the history of the PC, and the fashion and fan projects retain the legacy Gordon Freeman.

Right now, devoted Half-Life fans want to support, popularize and honor a cult shooter, setting on Steam the next world record for the number of simultaneous players in Half-Life: Opposing Force-and everyone can join this process.

In Half-Life: Opposing Force, released in 1999, you have to play the role of Adrian Shepard, one of the fighters of the HeCu unit (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) sent to the Black Core for the Government Mess to Make Information. The Half-Life community has already been organized in the beaten of world records of Half-Life and HL2. Now players want to start with the 1999 game.

The purpose of the Opposing The Bar action, which is prepared by the creators of the Radiation Hazard and NoClick content, is to rally the Half -Life community and pay tribute to the historical shooter. Currently, a record for the number of simultaneous players in the Opposing Force on Steam is only 620 people, which was installed four years ago. The purpose of the Opposing The Bar, like previous events, such as Half -Life 2 Raising The Bar in 2021, is to break this record, since as a result of previous events the number of players in HL2 exceeded 10,000. And although 620 is a completely achievable goal, Radiation Hazard sets himself a secondary task – 5,000 players playing the Opposing Force at the same time. If you want to join, then this is very simple.

On Sunday, August 13, it is enough to enter Steam at 16:00 in Central European Turges and launch Half-Life: Opposing Force. After that, you don’t even have to play it – just leave it open in Steam for more than an hour to register as a player.