For Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty a new patch 1.07 with a variety of changes and improvements

Koei Tecmo has released a new patch 1.07 for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He corrects various errors, makes adjustments to the balance and adds several new functions to the game. Patch is available for platforms Steam, PS4 and PS5. However, according to the official tweet of developers, the update will soon be available for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles.

Patch adds many new functions to increase the efficiency of the gameplay. Now players will be able to transfer their progress from the flags of battles and marks when they want to return to the previously completed battlefield. New opportunities have been added to multiplayer online solutions that will allow players to separate from their comrades.

Diagrams are added to training so that players can better understand the complex elements of gameplay. They were added to the screen of studying spells of sorcery, the screen of the spells of sorcery, as well as on the screen of the five phases. In addition, players will be able to view "Five virtues" In the menu of documents on the textbook screen.

To ensure a smooth and balanced gaming process, various changes have been made. Improved switching speed between attacks for several types of weapons. The order of the start of the attack, the procedure for restoration, combo and movement are optimized to improve the battle. Some changes have been made to the indicator of the spirit and the damage caused by the spirit.

The use of martial arts has become more effective due to the balancing of various statistics, including speed and range. Movements during these martial arts are improved for a less tiring battle. Improved repulsion mechanics and hitbox.

Wizard spells are adjusted to consume less spirit. Improved attack speed and accumulation of stones using Force Blow. In addition, some changes were made to the spell "Poisonous snares", increasing the speed of movement and the accumulation of toxin.

The battles with the bosses became more interesting thanks to the improvement of their artificial intelligence. For some bosses, additional combinations of attacks were added. Their defense, the spirit and power of the attack became more balanced. Movements have become more smooth.

Online game became more convenient, as it was difficult for players to find equal. Therefore, the conditions for the network game, which previously interfered with players, were revised and improved. In addition, synchronization of actions was improved, which made it possible to reduce delays in network mode.

A huge number of mistakes that often arose in the game are now eliminated. Various malfunctions were eliminated that interfered with the gaming process. Problems with walls and boundaries were fixed, due to which they did not function. Errors were eliminated during the use, obtaining and applying of the Spells of the Spirit. In addition to correcting several small errors, the patch also corrects several problems with the respuna of enemies, the amount of damage, the user interface and players’ attacks.

More information about patches can be shared on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the official game website.