The developer of the original System Shock shared his impressions of remake

Although Leblan now works as an engineer in Riot Games, he was a programmer in the original versions of System Shock and Thief, and his memories of Loking Glass Technologies (ultimately Loking Glass Studios) – this is a certain highlight when viewing a new version of the game, which he helped to create.

"If you told me that in 30 years I will play the remake of this game and broadcast it on the Internet, ”said Leblan before the start of the game,“ I would say that you are crazy. But here we are".

In his first stream of the game, Leblan was impressed by the visual update of Nightdive and tactile details, admiring 3D modeling and animation, which at one time were not available for Looking Glass. "We see our legs, in 1994 this was not the case", – Leblan joked, seeing how the hacker immerses his spatially modeled body in the therapeutic capsule at the medical level.

The developer, however, was bored with the voice acting of the original game, which often included non -professionals from Looking Glass offices and environs. Leblan immediately shouted that the character control of the mission Rebecca Lances was voiced by Helen Dansmuar: "She lived in a neighboring corridor from us at the Massachusetts Technological Institute", – Leblan recalls. "She was a member of the original game D&D, from which Looking Glass was born". However, Leblan was glad to find out that the musician and beloved by fans actress of the voicing of Terry Brozius was invited to rewrite her replicas in the role of Shodan.

Leblan also shared his memories of the occurrence of the classic code 0451 – the number originally appeared in the System Shock game and became the hallmark of Loking Glass, and then the genre of immersive simulators in general. System Shock producer Warren Spector claims that the code was not an intentional reference to Roman Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451", And that it arose as a real door code used in Looking Glass offices.

"For the protocol, this is a reference to Ray Bradbury", – Leblan insisted when he first met the canonical code in the System Shock game. I know that Warren said that this is not so, but it is so".

"The chronology is as follows: we did this [installed 451 as the intra -game door code], when the office was in Lexington, we did it as a code. He was in the game for a long, long time". Further, Leblan claimed that the use of 451 as a door code in the second office of Loking Glass in real life in itself is a reference to the game, and, perhaps, some threat of security.

Patty, the office manager, it seems, asked me what code was in System Shock, ”Leblan explained,“ and she made it the door of the door of their real office, which was insanely naive. This would be a violation of first -order safety – to publish the door code in the video game

Whatever the secret nature of 451 or more popular 0451, Leblan still continues to play System Shock. In his last broadcast, he investigated the executive level of the citadel, so he still has a lot of System Shock ahead. You can also follow the developer’s Vodes on YouTube or Twitch.