“I do not want to do it again and again” – the players turn their nose from the upcoming Diablo 4 seasons and insist on changes

More than a week has passed since the release of Diablo IV. During this time, some players completed the last Blizzard game – some even reached the maximum level of the character level – although it is so huge that many are probably still broken peaks, the first location.

In turn, everyone is interested in how the seasonal gameplay will look like. Some are already complaining that they will have to start all over again. Given the size of the game and the need to do many – often rather boring – things for the second time, some of them declare that they will refuse this regime of the game.

The first season will begin in mid -July – the exact date is still unknown – and, like the next seasons, three months will last. During the season, players will be able to create a new character, who can then be played in adventure mode at the end of the season. In other words, for the second season, it will be necessary to create another hero, for the third – one more, etc.D.

Why don’t players like it? This is a system with which Diablo 3 fans are well known. However, this was a much less large -scale game than the four – here progress is achieved more slowly and, accordingly, the discharge causes more pain.

  • First of all, players are unhappy that they will have to acquire aspects in the Code of Forces from scratch – these are special abilities that open after the first passage of the dungeon and can be applied to objects.
  • There are a lot of them, plus each class of characters has its own aspects.
  • Theoretically, they are associated with your Battle account.Net, but in practice they are transmitted only to other characters created in the same game mode – normal or hardcore.
  • In a seasonal game you will have to unlock them from scratch, which can be a little disappointing.
  • . Moreover, the same applies to the reputation – you will start every season with a zero reputation (or at least all the signs indicate this – it is expected that Blizzard will announce the details on Stream at the end of this week).
  • What will remain? Almost certainly we no longer have to look for Lilith statues that give the characters constant bonuses (their repeated opening guarantees only additional experience points).
  • In addition, players will do without re -passing the campaign and unlocking Mount – the first can be skipped to immediately proceed with Endheim, and the second will be available from the very beginning of the adventure.

The negative attitude of players to seasonal gameplay in Diablo 4 seems clear. In fact, there is an opinion that although this mode worked well in Diablo 3, in Diablo 4 it should be redone. The community even sounds statements that Blizzard can completely go in the direction of Mmorpg, abandoning this form. However, the majority will be satisfied that you will not have to start from scratch every time.

It remains only to hope that we still do not know everything, and that Blizzard thought out all the aspects well so that the seasonal game Diablo 4 would give pleasure, not disappointment.