According to the producer Skull and Bones, the final version is a balance between the wishes of the community and the basics of the game

Skull and Bones, a new pirate game with the open world from Ubisoft, more closely close to raise sails and finally go on a trip around the world. It is unlikely that for someone the fact that the development of Skull and Bones took place with great difficulties, since from the very start of production in 2013 its release was postponed as many as six times.

According to producer Nevenen Dravinsky, these transfers were the result " changes in the direction for many years", But in the end, the studio was able "drop anchor" and organize the process, starting to listen to the reviews of the community.

Most of these reviews came from six Ubisoft internal programs, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of players – depending on the size "Bilda" (that is, parts of the game) that the developers wanted to test at that moment. Another important help was a series of closed beta versions for a wider audience. All this allowed the team to get valuable information in the form of useful data.

"We always try to understand what the players want. But we still carry out brainstorms with a team to streamline and rationalize ideas. We look at whether what players want is consistent with what we already have at the heart of the game, for example, with sea battles and the open world. After which we are trying to understand what the community wants. Understanding why players want or do not want this or that mechanics or system helped us to advance in development faster", – Dravinski explained.

In addition, the producer said that over six years of development, Skull and Bones went through the hands of several subsidiaries Ubisoft – but he guarantees that there is something positive in this, which added the qualities of the final version of the game. "Ubisoft joint development model helped us a lot. [. ] Because of this, we really managed to make the product better", – He concluded.

The release of Skull and Bones is scheduled for February 16, 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.