The new Hideo Hideo Hidezima horror became the most played in the press with the TGA 2023 ceremony

Hideo Kojima, having completed the Metal Gear series, moved to the IP Death Stranding. After a successful launch four years ago, the developer is working on Death Stranding 2 and OD, and the latter was announced at the last Xbox showcase exhibition.

Death Stranding 2 was represented in 2022 with a trailer demonstrating Norman Ridus’s return in the role of Sam. Although many expected the return of this game at The Game Awards this year, Hideo Kojima shocked everyone.

Kojima presented a first glance at OD (Overdose) at the Tha Game Awards ceremony, which, according to analysts, was leading in the number of mentioning in the press among all games.

Fancensus analyzed all the games presented at The Game Awards. OD took first place, and God of War Ragnarok DLC and Blade – the second and third, respectively.

In this analysis, the game was evaluated on the basis of lighting in the press. The results are a little amazing, since the trailer OD Hideo Kojima was difficult to understand, although this could encourage the press to publish speculations about what he saw, which led to greater illumination. It is likely that participation in the project of director Jordan saw also allowed to attract a larger number of audience.

Since IP such as Blade and God of War have already become famous and recognizable, this result proves that the Hideo Kojima strategy, which consists in confusing announcements, worked and attracted the audience.

If you are among millions of spectators that the trailer confused, do not worry. This is a classic announcement of Hideo Kojima, which leaves the audience in a state "I did not understand anything, but very interesting". Perhaps there are several hints in the trailer, but deciphering them is a completely different story. Be that as it may, OD or Overdose is a completely different project than the past works of Hideo Kojima.

It uses cloud technologies from Microsoft to achieve the goal – creating a new entertainment tool. The developer previously stated that this project has been preparing for a long time, and Microsoft technologies will finally allow it to implement it.

Earlier, a video for the game also leaked to the network, in which, apparently, early staff were shown. Nevertheless, Death Stranding 2 is likely to be the main object of attention of Kojima Productions at the moment, and Overdose is expected by the end of this generation.