A new trailer for the embroidered Scarlet Deer Inn plot platform for Steam, Switch and Xbox is presented

At the ID@Xbox showcase event, an exciting line of future indie games was presented, which will be released on the consoles of the PC and Xbox. Among the famous titles are Scarlet Deer Inn, an intricate adventure game. During the Attu Games, the talented team of her husband and wife from the Czech Republic, introduced an exclusive trailer, which allows you to look into the world of Scarlet Deer Inn.

Scarlet Deer Inn – a narrative platformer with interesting characters, a dark dungeon full of monsters, and the world inspired by Slavic folklore. The game introduces players with Eliza, an ordinary but persistent mother of two children. Despite her modest character, Eliza goes on an amazing journey, exploring places full of dark and terrifying situations.

Throughout the adventure of Elisa, players will meet many bright characters, each of which will tell their emotional story, filled with unforgettable moments. As players travel along the dark and dangerous paths of the Scarlet deer Tavern, they will also find hidden short ways, which will facilitate their next passage.

What really distinguishes Scarlet Deer Inn is an innovative approach to character design. Each of the characters of the game is thoroughly embroidered, which gives them a unique and visually bright view. Back in April, Yeveva Navvatilova, half of Attu Games, suggested looking at the painstaking process of embroidery, inciting the curiosity of the game enthusiasts and causing them to know more about this one of a kind of work.

According to Attu Games, Scarlet Deer Inn draws inspiration from the legendary works of Studio Ghibli, medieval Europe and Slavic folklore. With some similarity to Pentiment from Obsidian Entertainment, this game promises an exciting medieval experience, complemented by folk music, reminiscent of the Middle Ages, performed on traditional instruments.