The Red Dead Redemption reissue was launched on PC in 60 FPS and 4K with the Nintendo Switch emulator

A few days ago, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, once again forgetting about the version for PC.

But PC-Gamers can still play it using Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators to launch. For example, Yuzu users managed to remove the frame rate restriction and run the game in 60 FPS and 4K resolution on the GEFORCE RTX 3080 video card. However, in saturated scenes, the number of FPS can decrease markedly, especially when working with OpenGL – the game works more stable on Vulkan, but has graphic artifacts and errors.

I must say that the emulation of Nintendo Switch is now very developed, given how this platform is easily hacked. Red Dead Redemption is not the first game for the Nintendo hybrid console, which can be launched on PC almost from the day of launch. For example, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Bayonetta 3, Monster Hunter Rise, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4 could be played directly from the boxes.

The most pleasant thing is that with the help of emulators you can unlock the frame rate, which is fixed on consoles at a level of 30 frames per second, and also improve graphic characteristics. It is only a pity that so far the performance is not very high and often falls below 60 frames per second.

Nevertheless, Red Dead Redemption could be played for a PC using the Xbox 360 Xenia emulator, which allows you to run the game in a 4K resolution with a frequency of 60 frames per second, while maintaining a stable frame rate. But the official translation appeared only in the last reprint.

How to launch Red Dead Redemption on a PC We wrote in a separate guide.

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I certainly do not condemn your tastes, but I do not welcome.

Launch games at maximum settings in 4K on a normal display. And then the Apskaylers will not make you rinse your eyes.

If it is specifically about this soapy port. Then the emulator will solve this problem. Wait, caring people will pass the textures, drive them through the neural network. And they will drink 4K textures for us. Then screw RT sheder that is a buustle of lighting. And all this is free and contrary to the presumptuous indie company Kokstar.

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So there is already Apskail in the SIS requirements for Igor

Of course, in recent years, inconsistently began to hurt the anal deployment of the shoulder joints. And this manifests itself on any platforms, even on consoles with their same configuration. But in general, the requirements grew all the way, like the graphone.

This is the next victory of the gaming!

Yes! For this is gaming! For this is a tribute to Don Grafonia on ultras with a honeycomb! That’s right👍

when the port comes, not emuls for major computers

By the way, what is there with the English language? In the reprint he was brought?

Subtitles are official. There was a fan translation in the pirate, exactly the same

There is no need, in the pirate the translation is not exactly the same. It has a full of grammatical errors in it, they translated it by Prom. Some phrases generally lost meaning, even in the context of what was happening that it was impossible to understand such phrases.

This is because you played with a translation from some Platov and Pipindor666. Yes, it was a direct disgusting Promt. And PS3 received a translation from an alliance, in which almost everything was gorgeous, except that small errors like "-it is", Well, yes, the vast majority of people are so illiterate that they do not see the difference, the earth is feces to them.

Then the translation was transferred to the version from Xbox360, and this is exactly what I played. And this is what this version looks like:

Accepted, thanks. I went to the tracker.

"Ps3 received a translation from the alliance" – in the PS3 versions, by the way they are not only a translation there, but still and shopping signs in English were introduced. The truth is a very controversial solution – someone likes it, someone does not – like an entourage breaks.

Faster on PC have already ported her to play on ultras with a comfortable fps.

And the mouse and overall management work better if you use the switch emulator?

Soon the texture will correct the texture, and in general beauty will be. But with Xenia, not everything is so smooth. Although she worked faster than RPCS3, she had broken game scripts.

On the latest version, Ryu goes extremely well on the volcano.

"It is only a pity that so far the performance is not very high and often falls below 60 frames per second." Not a piz. Already the half of the game has passed on the old RTX2060 percent 12400. In 4K 60FPS Emule Ryujinx. Also, Redesheid screwed up, generally beauty.

and the board has a clamp ?

and there is a finished assembly to feel?

There are a turnip from Fitgers on slippers.

surprisingly, the picture of 4K is very much and there is almost no graphic bugs, you can safely pass

Today the original on RPCS3 is completely the plot, half the game thought that for Tyamogotin*, while the first time I played, in general played 50 hours ..I ran studied the area, and so on and so on and the like ..At the end of the game, I only hooked me, but the finale simply dumbfounded me, I sat very surprised ..And after the finale, how I took revenge already the mood rose !) And before that, RDR2 began to play on a PC, knowing not knowing what kind of game, so after several missions I scored on the game ..And in another topic I already wrote the reason ..After passing this part, RDR 2 caught fire !All the same, the full asshole of the breasts and publishers, well, do not need to be released on PC *** Understand from which part, the pancake of creative is the pancake !Well, at the expense of how they released the port, it is again a spit towards the players, but apparently flowing all over, for some reason I was not surprised !PS.I saw about Ksenia . For some reason, everyone is silent about underwater stones about such an emulator .I tried at the beginning Ksyukha and Canary, there were always problems in games, although everything that can be updated. For example, Forz goes perfectly, since the error has been connected by a system and drivers, I also tried Fable 2, and I tried the RDR, it seems to have gone, but not far passed far . I wanted to play forzu and Fable 2 more. In the end, two weeks later spat, and removed this emul .Then I downloaded RPCS3, I set everything up as it should, I also set up the games as it should .The first Ancharted was the first . RDR also passed . Without sorties and errors ! Although these two games are very demanding..And I have such a feeling, Ksyukha is imprisoned under Intel and Invid .And there are warnings on the Ksyukhi website, they say there may be problems for not griping instructions .But my characteristics are essentially completely suitable, and for some reason bloggers are silent about underwater stones . PSS and yes, on Ksyukha, for everyone was perverted on True and False, who knows that he will understand)

I only have one question downloading all these emulator with nintedo there is a sewn miner or virus?

But how? Of course there is, as in all games downloaded from torrents

I recently checked Yuza at the virus, issued the entire nomenclature of the viruses that is in the database on the site.

For the 3rd day, not everyone understood that it was sarcasm)

Wait for an exit to PC!!Soon..very soon. faster than you think..You can make screenshots of this community. Information is accurate (received from Rockstar directly from the employee)

Why is this junk on PC?

What to wait there? The original on the PC after 10 years without changes and for 49.99 bucks? This should not even wait. Rockstar and Take-Two, as always, they made a spit in the face of the players, and many are also happy.

And what will be there: just a port, remake or remaster (on the engine of the 2nd part)?And the announcement will be on Gamescom?

Immediately after Bladborn, Synidze.

This could be shouted 10 years ago, now the game is not interested in the original, everyone who wanted to have passed

Now play it only if they do a remake.

How are you on Steam Deck?

How good it is that I have boxing 360 on which there is RDR1 with all the DLS (and I do not need to buy the same or play an emul

I passed it on boxing, now I refer to Ksenia – the sky and earth just. 720p vs 2k + fsr.)

You also do not need to buy, I play on the sword stolen at 60

I do not think that the RDR deserves such dances with tambourines, a fresh plot and an unrealistic narrative.

What are tambourines? emuls and game download and play it is not tambourine. If you need to help write https: // vk.COM/IDBAYKALOV

I agree by the way. At one time I went to the 360th box, I did not understand the joke of the game. The second part is noticeably better and passed in one gulp.

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