Developers of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight announced the update of “Renaissance Seeds”

The developers of the World of Warcraft announced the start of work on the next major renewal update for Dragonflight Semen, which will take place in the first quarter 2024.

In developing: "Renaissance seeds"

The next update, Dragonflight: Renaissance seeds, which is already in development, will allow defenders of dragon islands to discover the hidden story of Azerot and Dragon Islands in the framework of the new public event "Azeroth archives", soak on the driving dragons into the sky of old continents, storm to take Dragonflight dungeons with AI-Companions, complete the new chapters of the campaign in the continuation of the Dragon Islands and much more!

Opening flights on dragons around the world

Conquer heaven Azerot and other lands in the saddle of your dragon. In the update "Renaissance seeds" Flights on dragons will be open in all continents of the old world, where there is an opportunity to fly.

Azeroth archives

Discover the history of the dragon islands, get acquainted with the unique list of characters, hear ancient stories and become a witness to the iconic moments of the past times. Alone or in a group, participate in a weekly public event alone, where you will find many opportunities for researching and obtaining such awards as military pets, vehicles and sets for transmigrification.

The return of Gilneas

King Sedogriv is ready to return his kingdom, but Gilneas is far from as empty as expected. Help to win the lost and return the kingdom to the hands of the Gilneasans.

Dungeons with associates

Tank, treat and inflict damage with nipples-companions that will join you in your adventures in the dungeons. They will be available in all eight Dragonflight dungeons at the usual level of complexity and will help you replace you from 1 to 4 players. These companions will allow players to study the Dragonflight dungeons at their own pace, opening the possibility of experimenting and setting up their groups.

New options for the appearance of the characters

Approach the creation of your characters creatively! Trolls, it’s time to go to the salon and change the hairstyle to choose from five new hair colors. Unique appearance options for the Drandei, tyrant and contemplator of the darkness of the warlocks are already on the way. And for lovers of collecting, there will be achievements for the collection of appearance options.