The horror of Layers of Fear is not particularly successful in Steam, but the developers were ready for this

Several days have passed since the release of the game Layers of Fear, and we can see how popular among the players the last part of the horror series from the Bloober Team Studio is. Unfortunately, analyzing the information available on the Steam platform, we can conclude that the game released by the domestic team did not earn the favor of the community.

At the time of writing this post, Layers of Fear has only 310 reviews, 74% (262) of which positive. The game is criticized for numerous errors and visual shortcomings. According to the players, the original game of 2016 is much better.

You can read examples of comments under the spoiler:

This game should be a remake, but for about 3 hours of the game, I ran into numerous visual glitches, pop -up windows and moments that did not work as it was planned. [. ] I understand the use of more accurate and "realistic" lighting, but it spoils the contrast and level of darkness in many rooms, weakening the atmosphere. The scenes that were previously dark with limited visibility now seem gray and bright due to the lighting used.

The original game was amazing. The story was fascinating and really well written. The game was so disturbing that you never knew what to expect. This remake is just terrible. Sorry. The voice acting is worthy of censure. New dialogs are banal. I know what I say sharply, and I apologize. However, I feel that the original was completely spoiled. I can’t recommend this game high enough. You just better play in the original 2016.

At the moment, 1.5 hours have passed, and I am impossible to make it impossible. This game is not a horror movie, but a walking simulator, or maybe this is a horror movie if you are scared by steps in the background or a crying girl. Everything that should scare you is so striking that you can see for a mile. Most of the gameplay includes the selection of objects or notes and expectations while the narrator finishes them to read – because if you click on the button, you will not be able to listen to the dialogue – an incredible choice. There is also no atmosphere in the game. But how could there be an atmosphere, you can not even feel the game, because everything is so boring and predictable. If you go forward at a snail pace – your favorite pastime in life, then this game is for you.

The popularity of horror game is perfectly reflected in the number of active players. From the moment Lof was released, only 707 people played at the peak of popularity. Thus, this is an unenviable result.

Interestingly, the above -mentioned results seem to have not undermined the fighting spirit of Bloober Team. The Polish studio was clearly ready for this reception of the game.

Reception Layers of Fear corresponds to our expectations. As I said, for us this game is the climax and the end of the era, in which we focused on the psychological horror and the narrative through the environment. The first Layers of Fear shared the opinions of critics – some considered her one of the best games in the horror genre, others could not come to terms with the lack of expansive gameplay. Now this picture is repeated. Polarization indicates that this is one of the varieties of games like "Love or leave". Thus, the last Layers of Fear completes stage 2.0 and at the same time begins the new history of our company", – said the general director of the company Petr Babino.

Finally, we recall that Layers of Fear debuted June 15. The game was released on PC and consoles PS5 and XSX/S.