Xbox really wants you to know that Clockwork Revolution is created by the developers of one of the best CRPG in the world

Inxile Clockwork Revolution made a great impression on the Xbox Games Showcase, and not only because of its similarity with Bioshock Infinite. Microsoft really, really wants you to know that developers who created Arcanum: of Steamworks work on this game & Magick Obscura.

Hear the name Arcanum in 2023 will be extremely interesting to the extremely small percentage of people reading this article, but, frankly, this is precisely the whole of the charm of how the Xbox ties the game with Clockwork Revolution. "The creators of Wasteland and Arcanum bring an incredible steampunk role -playing game changing time to Xbox Series X | S and PC", – This was said on the Xbox blog after a recent demonstration.

Another blog dedicated to Clockwork Revolution says that "The project is headed by the Game Director of Chad Moore and chief designer Jason Anderson, who, as it turned out, created one of the greatest steampunk role -playing games of all time – Arcanum". Aaron Greenberg, vice-president of marketing Xbox, repeated this phrase in his tweet.

Originally released in 2001, Arcanum was an isometric role -playing game in the style of classic games such as Baldur’s Gate and Fallout, but with a unique steampunk setting. The game received positive reviews and numerous awards, and to this day remains a loved one among devoted fans of computer role-playing games, but for some reason it did not win the reverence that was inherent in its equally famous contemporaries.

Clockwork Revolution, of course, is based on the steampunk aesthetics of Arcanum, although its first-person gameplay is more like Bioshock or Dishonored, as you use a combination of weapons and supernatural abilities to combat many enemies, including giant automatons. However, officially the game is declared as "roe", So, perhaps, for the sake of the trailer, they went too far with action.