The original Red Dead Redemption was compared with a reprint, and the players drowned the announcing trailer in diesel

Rockstar presented an unpleasant surprise by presenting a re -release of Red Dead RedMption and instead of a full -fledged remaster/remake, developers chose a simple port that will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

For several weeks, unconfirmed reports appeared that the game debuted in 2010 should return. Recently, the Rockstar website has reported that the game could reach Nintendo Switch, but some viewers believed that the release would take place on all platforms, including PCs.

The developers went along the simple path by releasing the Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 – thanks to reverse compatibility, the game will work on the PlayStation 5. However, nothing is said about updates – recall that the original game is available in a similar way to Xbox Series X | S.

Rockstar showed how the Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 looks, but we also got a small version of the version for Nintendo Switch. As a result, comparisons appeared that demonstrate differences in releases.

In the first video, the game was compared to Xbox One (works in reverse compatibility) and PS4.

In the second video, the game was compared to Nintnedo Switch and Xbox Series X (works in reverse compatibility).

In this video, the original was compared to the Xbox 360 and the version for Nintendo Switch.

The game will go on digital sale on August 17, and the physical edition will debut on October 13.

Speaking about the announcement, you cannot ignore the question of the negative acceptance of the game by players. Some fans of an experienced studio awaited a complete update. Official personnel have already gathered more than 77,000 diesels

In addition to the lack of significant updates, fans are upset about $ 50. Despite the excellent gameplay and the plot, Red Dead Redemption was released more than 13 years ago.

Thus, Rockstar Games requires an almost full price for a game of ten years ago. On the other hand, the Red Dead Redemption is already available to Xbox users through reverse compatibility.

During sales on Xbox, the game can be purchased for less than $ 10, and this version includes higher resolution. Will there be such functions in a new port is still unknown, but the announcement does not inspire much trust.

PC Gamers are also upset. Red Dead Redemption requires emulation to play on this platform, and many hoped that the studio would release a native version for a numerous audience of this platform.

Or Rockstar are so busy developing GTA VI that they just do not care about their old games or should you start fear for quality "Great Autonomous Office"

The second is more objective for many reasons.

They threw RDR2 and online part in the full ass. It is worth fear. They have creative impotence, judging by the RDO and the new content that came out + some too stupid solutions to exclusively chop the loot.

That even to chop the dough of solutions in the RDO extremely stupid. According to RDR2 (single) they are not at all. I can’t judge by GTA5, I abandoned it 8 years ago.

I’m afraid it will be a donation online garbage dump.It is easier to say the game will be cut into pieces and will be sold by full prime. There is such an opinion in the community.

I am in burning for the second option and that’s why:
1) Key employees that worked on the old GTA parts left there, even those who developed GTA Online, and the new ones cannot come up with something interesting for a campaign, and even after each GTA Online uprising, there are now a rather bad bars, the most memorable for me This is a loss of performance after the release of one of the renewal and later the loss of the vehicle after the release of another update.
2) Rockstar instead of trying to pull RDO to a normal level. I just covered the development, and before that I made a red -up training ground from RDO, I introduced all sorts of different small changes and watched how the players react, the example of this is a single mission that later migrated to GTA online and a change in the monetization system.
3) then do not forget the defective reprint of the trilogy (yes, the left studio did it, but such an edition throws a shadow to the franchise itself and gives the right to think how the Rockstar, in principle, relates to the brand and what it wants from it)
4) there, it seems, rumors went that Rockstar is already bespecting to make such indentation games as it did before and the new part would be more "calm" In terms of the atmosphere, which is already bouncing, it is possible to partially subject this if you look at which updates for GTA Online have come out recently, these updates have really become less pro -clusal, although partially the charm have retained their charm.
5) taking into account those mechanicals that tested in RDO there is a great Veronya that the new part of the GTA is done more to restart the GTA online so that even more string loot and I will not be surprised if in the online part 6 we will see the soldered monetization system from RDOO. That is, 2 currencies where the first is simply there, and the second donate will be needed for the most delicious content, but which will be quite difficult to earn, and of course, the thematic seasonal passes that were in RDO.

just people themselves invented that there would be a remake like a remake and now and now they are unhappy

I agree – people were thrusted with misinformation, and they were happy to believe in it.

As Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote – "Ah, it’s not difficult to deceive me – I myself am glad".