Vertigo Games has published new Arizona Sunshine 2 VR gameplayers

Vertigo Games has published new personnel and information about the first -person Arizona Sunshine II adventure in virtual reality as part of the event "Gameplay Showcase", Including a review of the new game campaign, details about cross -plate cooperative game modes, plans for shooting plans, etc.D.

Cooperative game

Arizona Sunshine II will include a full -fledged cross -platform multiplayer mode, cooperative campaign for two players, endless mode "Horde" for four players and much more. Cooperative game in Arizona Sunshine II is built on the foundation laid down in the original game, but at the same time a lot of VR settings and the mechanic were added to it, thanks to which Arizona Sunshine II more previously covers the free cooperative game.

Plans for the period after launch

Also today, plans to support the game after launch, including three additional cards for the Horde mode, which will be released during the first year, were announced. More information will be disclosed later.

Demonstration of a single -user campaign

During the presentation, the director of the game Arizona Sunshine II, Peter Durloo, presented a completely new option for a single campaign, which showed previously not encountered, and also demonstrated new details of the gaming process. In particular, some hints were made to a new independent story written by Rob Jeskomb, at Buddy, your new dog friend, and on new generation combat mechanics, such as manual reloading, close battle and crafts.

Cooperative adventures from the first person

Further, as part of the Gameplay Showcase, a group of creators of virtual reality, uniting duets, introduced the cooperative regime of the Arizona Sunshine II campaign. Learn about their experience of passing the cooperative regime of the campaign along with their new friend – Buddy. Various authors shared their last impressions of the cooperative regime of the campaign for two players in long videos on their channels.

Special interview with the leading actor of the voicing of Sky Sole

A special guest took part in the demonstration of the gameplay: the leading actor in Arizona Sunshine II SKAY SOLELL. In an interview with the developer team, Sky spoke about how he managed to again become the witty main character Arizona Sunshine II. Add to this free voice acting, taken on camera, and it will become clear why the incredible game Sky is the most important component of the plot of Arizona Sunshine II.

Special actions

And finally, throughout the weekend, Steam has the deepest discounts on the Arizona Sunshine franchise today: from an 80 percent discount on the original Arizona Sunshine and uploaded content to the discount of the preliminary order on Arizona Sunshine II Deluxe Edition.

Arizona Sunshine II will be released for PlayStation VR 2, Steamvr and Quest December 7.