The user voiced the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer: Phantom Liberty using a neural network with the voices of official dubbing

User Staiker, using neural networks, voiced the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty trailer for English. It is unlikely that the addition will receive a full -fledged localization, at least on the release, but thanks to this video we can fantasize what it would be.

The neural network fully copied the English voices of Vi, Johnny Silly Sylved and other characters from the original game. At the end of the video you can even hear Vsevolod Kuznetsov.

The author added that no full translation should expect from him.

Like the last time, I will disappoint the suffering: this is just a joke, an experiment, a look in a parallel universe in the end. Only the record and processing of voice sources for this trailer took a total of five hours, and the training of models – about two weeks. The future has not yet come, alas. When it comes, let’s talk about the voice acting of full -fledged games, but for now. Until new meetings.

The author has not so many works, but you can see them, and thank for creativity, in his Telegram channel.

P.S. Made of the apparently blind, as this is a quote from the author from this blog 😄

I want Vladimir Vysotsky on Silpuke)

Well, your muzzle is sharaps)

BL, why does it seem to me that this is a good idea?

But you can for all the games that came out without voice acting, starting with GTA and

GTA would be high, and in theory you can with original voices but in English

If this is seriously engaged in a gamed or any other studio, then I am ready to pay, just not to read these subtitles! Za-dol-ba-looo!

There are a bunch of dialogs. The year will go to the voice acting, taking into account that they still picked up a bunch of projects.

The ass when you drive by car and should read the translation of the dialogue🤦

Their site has infa about the required amount in the section "Sponsors", But I’m afraid the amount can shock you.

Wow, it turned out quite good. It is a pity that the DLC itself cannot be re -calling. Too much work.

For Gamesvoice there is too much work – money, perhaps the collection of donat will begin, time will tell. I hope)

I hasten to upset you:

But they took up a bunch of unnecessary slag. but fortunately, they are not the only ones who do this.

In addition to them, there are also Mechanics Voice Over

Slag/do not slag – they decide for themselves, and make voice acting only for those projects in which they themselves are interested, or for those whose voicing they can afford.

Phantom Liberty in volume more than adding "Blood and wine" (from the words CDPR), and blood and wine are almost the same volume as Hogwarts.

Accordingly, the dough will need much more for them for fees, whose amount, of course, they will not be able to snatch even in a year, not to mention the fact that the voice of such a giant project will take a huge number of time, which of course, they do not have.

Well, yes, if this is one person for free, then of course we won’t see, but if which office took up for it .. For her, it would be much easier for her to teach these models a couple of weeks and then at the expense of them to voice everything.. But there would be such people who wish.

But it seems there are guys who are now, for example, Hogwarts Legasi, they would voiced them to take this methodology..

It is clear that this is still difficult and only the first steps of the baby. But I think the future of the voice acting of games, films and other things, namely for the neural network. Of course, dubbing actors will always have a demand, but the future is for AI.

Well, of course, when you are replaced, do not forget to continue, think so The future is for AI.

Yes exactly. The future is for AI, and if you can replace you AI, it means that you are and a valuable employee.

Well, they will replace you, then remember your words, future, for AI, because they do not have to pay and do not need to feed, which means such as you are superfluous in the transaction

I will be glad if II improved to such an extent that they can replace any person regardless of the type of activity.

The fact that you described right now is called deconstruction. It is cool of course to subject the issue of its existence of ways of implementing AI, but this can be done without AI.

If this seriously Take care Gamvois or any other studio, then I Ready and pay , if only do not read these subtitles! Za-dol-ba-looo!

somehow very suspiciously the neuron sounds

Either I did not notice, do not drop in the voice and all such nonsense

But it sounds as if it was in the studio by the actors recorded

There were small differences

The uprising of cars is just around the corner. Very impressive.

Given that the neural network is still in its infancy. Worthy. Very.

Heh, progress does not stand still. This voice acting is better than the voice acting of a witcher 3, before the fix. Yes, I still have a passage from the first passage 😆.

Noises are present, but almost imperceptibly, and this was not done by a professional. A fun future awaits us when all this goes to the masses.

What a twist!

Honestly I’m in shock.

May they drive the campaign about some neural networks. The actors themselves were voiced. Recently, they completely lit up here, they drove there in the studio together. Like for the sake of saying that voice acting will never be.

Great. Well, it means that the actors of the voice actors just voice one and they are no longer needed 🙂

It’s not so simple there. So far, this is another actor who voices with a changed voice. There is more troubles than in the usual voice acting

If this business is developing and will be built into the games, or a separate software picking up the game will be created, then the players themselves will be able to choose voice actors for each individual character.

YouTube is translated by neural network

Eh, I already dreamed in fantasies, alas.
But still it is worth noting that the trailer is felt very cool, this is not a machine translation for you where they have never heard of intonation;)

I would like to find out the reaction of dubbing actors to similar use of their votes 🙂

But the work was carried out of course large and healthy!

Thanks at least for the trailer. Perhaps after the release of voice acting will be.

This is good news in itself

Wait, this is real.

Yes, Yt is already full of different causes of songs by the voices of Seiyu Anime-Stocks, for example, here: https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = wdszu_e1xmg

I saw a similar, but excellent order in the form of Dictor Dialog according to RDR2, it also sounded like that in general, soon the actors of dubbing will not be needed at all, they will teach you how to teach us later, although it is already partially)

Made gorgeous to the author respect for work. Now where to buy DLC for Epic Games

Samples of the vote of Vselod Kuznetsov for the model were not taken from a witch?)

Yes, the technology has stepped far. But you can’t rejoice at this. The actors of the voice acting and get so little money, and here they still use their voice through AI. If it reaches a boycott, then we will only receive such voice acting and receive, through AI. Almost without a soul.

What’s happened "Copyright" You know? No voice acting actor will like the theft of his voice, and even more so the work that could be. And if you abuse the AI, it will reach the point that I have already written.

The voice has no author, for all the will of God

What are you carrying, and God is here ? By your logic, you can be all that is suitable and you will not mind

It would be cooler if it were possible to make original voices in English

Maybe it really was the dubbing actors voiced.

Skjekta Procedes, because the games do not need to be admitted with politics

What did the technique reach.Already computer networks are voiced by games and videos.

Actually, an interesting example. Once one managed to voice a trailer with a neural network, the other can teach her to overtake tons of text into a voice .

At the end of the trailer, it was necessary to add – on all computers of the country

Cool voice acting, why did everyone get different? They resemble the whiners of the commentators when the news comes out about some PS4 emulator, where they launched a pixel game. Commentary Alya, Acho NOT LAST OF AZ 2. Why is he needed at all then>??

The future really has come, soon the voice acting studios will not be needed, II will perform all the work for free.

You are badly familiar with all this, otherwise you would not have said this. It’s the same as GPT and SD chat. You can and should be more or less to work with this, but very far from professional work. another simplification, the more there are, the better.