The Resident Evil 4 will be hacked soon, work on Kryak is moving successfully

The most famous hacker under the nickname Empress from UK again showed incredible skill in the struggle against Denuvo anti -pirate protection. The new part of the famous series of horror can be on torrents a little more than a month after the official release. The girl has already managed to advance well in working on Kryak.

The girl wrote about her progress in removing the built-in defense of Denuvo from Resident Evil 4 in her telegram channel. At the moment, the work on the crack is still ongoing, but Empress managed to extract all the necessary games of the game, make ready -made assembly for download and now the matter is left behind the small. It is expected that the horror will be hacked in the coming weeks, and in a few days a crack of a crack may begin. The hacker has already overwhelmed the hacking method on the recent Hogwarts Legacy, so the test version of the Resident Evil 4 can pass quite quickly.

Prior to hacking the Resident Evil 4 is available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Denuvo, to the bottom, feed fish!

I managed to extract all the necessary game files, make a finished download assembly and now the matter is left behind

The most important thing is to break. I won’t even have time to go through all the DLC Valgalla probably

And in parallel with hacking carries complete nonsense, the screen of her message below.

Transfer to everyone!

Empress: You will be surprised, but it was actually the “initial” plan of God. because initially God created only “us”, women.

But then God realized that there should be “dual” everything, so that there would be a “difference” that would make the test on Earth work.

Therefore, as a “belated thought”, God decided to create “men” in order to properly maintain the dual nature of life and maintain a sense of balance, which would better serve in the process of testing of mankind.

Typical empress that brings game and again tries to prove that he is a woman

Do not care what she carries. The main thing is to break the games.

Finally. How long I have been waiting for this

Not one, friend =)

After all, spending 100r on activation of the game through Steam is so expensive) Poor homeless people with computers under 100k

Waiting for a month and a half. DOOO, this is a long time.

This is too muddy and dangerous scheme. It is necessary to turn off the antivirus and download the set of some data, inside which it is not known what is packed. And then your bank card will go to the auditorium. Okay, the game would have become yours forever, but no.

Ha, I would buy it in the same Steam, but it is impossible. Now let them suffer from pirates, as before :))

I am not worried alone that Empress is a transgender feminist with Shiza?
It is enough for me that she breaks the games. And all sorts of subtexts ala empress. ~ So there is only one thing, there is really nobody except her, who actively breaks Denuva.

I am not going to a flattery under her skirt or arrange orgies with her with her subscribers and sympers.

In general, such strange types are sitting here and throwing her schizo texts. Why do you even pay attention to this? She breaks the Denuvo games and everything is on that.

I am also not worried at all who does it and what does it, so not one)))

Which "She" Wake up there obviously a group, that’s enough to believe in fairy tales all this for PR and that girl and that Fem and TD

And you prove the opposite that the group is sitting there until there is evidence, these are all empty words

I don’t have an open AAA Code, but I can say this way every studios have several testers for catching bugs and here 1 person breaks the entire code + tests bugs and so on ..Well, that would take at least a year.And there is no IQ there, like in the news, they say she has a dofig IQ and that your smart one will not convince me that the empress is only a label.

But of course everyone believes in his version.

Even if we take into account that this is a group and not her alone, it seems to me that they may well be female femaenist women, judging by their (her) statements. Women hackers exist, this is not a myth if that.

Yes, let it break at least for money, it doesn’t matter at all, the main thing is that the games remain untied from all garbage

well, we don’t pay, there is really no difference

After reading what they write, there was an impression that all the dissatisfied would buy RE4 if the game had not been withdrawn from sales, we will not be honest to be honest.

Yes, judging by the comments here, some lovers of licenses are sitting)))

You read badly and follow the situation ! .There are three groups here , !) Letsunshchikov sect, 2) ordinary buyers of licenses, and one more, the third will never buy !There are always graters between three groups !) .For some reason, sectarians shout more -lmol you are all fruit!Pirates are sitting on a PC alone !They shout more, and such a feeling arises, in fact, some pirates are sitting on a PC !I attribute myself to ordinary lacens *, I can buy it, I can spire .If you like the game, then I will buy it !But as always, I probably get it in response, but I don’t believe it, this is not possible, why should I buy games ..I write correctly ? )Probably yes ..There are some old stereotypes, since the time of 2000 ..And so there is no opportunity to buy, I will wait for a pirate .And do not write and explain to me, buy through derby and intermediaries. When everything is tired, I will think still after whether to buy licenses or not . In fact, these digital versions of the games are not yours, and so ugh!The most banal dump of the Internet, and you are sitting without games . Like such a proud bought, but they don’t start .I do not deny eat an offline mode, but this .Yesterday I fell off my launches of games . and generally could not launch .

The larger the mass, the dumber, uniqueness and thinking solve everything. I am about the same before thinking whether to buy a game or not, I look at and against whether to take the key or not. I exclude the fact that the game will be taken away at any moment, it is unpleasant, but okay, while I can play. However, if the disadvantages are outweighed, for example, the game is designed for a cooperative and alone on a pirate like this, I am looking for a pirate repack with fixes on online, if not, then I will buy it anyway. I also buy a game if licensed access to it gives a lot of chips, or if when I played on it on a pirate and purely for the sake of the collection I wanted to buy it. For example, I have three parts of Saints moat, my most beloved and adequate in my opinion IMHO, from 2 to 4, it would be possible to take the first itself, but alas, it is exclusive. I fell in love with a series of these games, and I am so pleased that I have them.

Yes, I’m the same in essence !For a long time spiral Batman on an example, then I bought all the parts for the collection.

That’s excellent! So let’s play!

Denuvo in the abyss it’s time to throw it already)

I would even have a little for her work. I hope she is enough.

Denuvo, steam, origine, etc.P.-Evil that must be overthrown to x. dog. The game is already trite on the disk. At first they said, but it’s more convenient. And then they began to introduce regional restrictions and censorship.

Because you are English we will not sell anything to you, but not, you are not English, you are Belarus? Especially!

They still say about the harm of Nazism in their gayrop?

So the Japanese hate Englishs stronger and want to regain their islands, which annexed advice. If you respect your country, then how can you play the games of open enemies?

I remember how the original on the keyboard was taking place, pain and suffering, but I was able to 2 times.

Is it pain and suffering? Try to pass JAK and DEXTER on the keyboard))

well, who is to blame for you that you cannot buy a gamepad?How many times have I played once any problems.Although FIFA at least MK at least a rubber of 4 at least 5 on the Xbox 360 PC controller has been completed.Even when all my head was rackled on a junkie, which button was clicked, I clicked on x for a blue button and always not like Sadomaso to do good luck

Now on the detting is just a kindergarten, for HD version with Re4 Tweaks is ideal for clavy

I don’t know the original finally on Izi.Well, I tried a remake.but the Japs, as luck would have it, fell into fierce insanity not allowed to configure as in the original.Hurry packed the sight with a knife and a shot did not make in any layout in human.everything is through them through the POU, as always

The original can be configured where? I did not even find this with Re4 Tweaks for Klava

her next hacking does not please 70% hacking will be Forspoken games

She was flooded with requests to hack Dead Island 2, as well as the donates decide, so it is unlikely that the Forpouken