The Last of US Factions has been in development since 2020, but the Naughty Dog still has no comments about the game

The Last of US Factions continues to be one of the strangest Sony projects in development. Unless, of course, he is in development.

Now Neil Druckmann has a new commentary on the question of the game, and this. lack of any comments. In an interview with EW, they asked about Factions and the potential Last of US Part III.

Dracman said he had "There is no news" About FACTIONS, and generally no comments about the future TLOU, including this game:

Obviously, The Last of US is a world that I love very much and I know that our studio and fans also love it, but at the moment I have no comments about the future series, besides the fact that we focused on The Last of US Part II Remastered", And "We have other projects in the work in the Naughty Dog".

It is easy to understand that there is nothing to say about The Last of US Part III, which was not represented or announced and may not even take place, but the refusal of comments on the Factions after all reports about its problems seems strange.

The development of The Last of US Factions was reported in 2020 after the launch of TLOU PART II. A huge part of the team worked on how to make a separate multiplayer game for Sony, not limited to past multiplayer modes.

Then, by 2022, Drakmann still said that it was "The largest work Naughty Dog", and shared the only concept art that is in the upper part of this post and remains the only preview of the game after all these years.

Messages began to appear from the company that things are going. At first, Bungie consultants acquired by Sony analyzed the game and said that it was not fascinating enough. Then we heard that the game was "Frozen". More recently, Jason Schreyer said that at least several developers are working on the game, but it is unclear how many of them and in what condition it is located. The more time it passes, the more it seems that the game may turn out to be a money pit that will not see the light, and the Naughty Dog will go to other projects.

This is consistent with the recent refusal of Sony of her ambitions regarding living services: earlier it announced twelve games in this genre for the next few years, then reduced their number twice to six, and the remaining six will be released at some uncertain moment in the future, but, but, but, but, but, It seems that they all are unlikely to survive. It is unclear which group should the Factions relate.