The eighth large update for Sons of the Forest adds electric fences, trap and much more

The last patches of Sons of the Forest presented a number of new opportunities and improvements, including electric fences, a new trap called "Hokey Pokey" and much more.

Patch 08 contains a number of changes, such as adding a new video with found frames, electric fences and the possibility of free placement of electric wires. In addition, the patch includes a new function that allows players to carry a walkie -talkie with them and use them.

Golf-kara, already existing in the game, were improved: the headlights and the possibility of simultaneous placement of up to four players were added. Also added GPS losers, which can now be printed and created in the inventory, and a reduced level of complexity of shooting.

The developers added a new large trap to the game, "a returning terrible enemy", which will appear in Endheim, as well as new voice ads in some bunkers. In addition, the characters of Virginia and Kelvin got the opportunity to swim if they find themselves at a fairly large depth.

As for balancing, now enemy raids will occur less often depending on the number of ordinary or "creepy" enemies defeated by the player. Over time, this indicator will increase if more enemies are not destroyed. The protective walls are now able to withstand four times more damage, and the health of special luminous puffs has been reduced.

A number of improvements to the gameplay were also made in Patch 08. Among them are the optimized animation of the entrance and exit from the golf kars, changes in animal behavior, such as elk and a turtle, as well as various errors that could affect the work of enemy search engines and bosses at the end of the game.

Aesthetic improvements are also noticeable: the berries on the bushes of blueberries are now deformed with the bush, and the moss and basalt rocks in the caves are optimized for a better view.

The game servers were also seriously processed: the filtering of the server browser has been improved, support for the search for IP addresses was implemented, as well as the ability to update the recently played selected servers to the first to improve the response time.

The patch also corrects various problems of the gameplay, such as the ability to add objects to the boiler, while pure water boils in it, a mistake with the animation of reloading and downtime of the crossbow, as well as problems with the Lods of storages that were not activated until the player was next to them.

Sound improvements were also made, such as the addition of SFX when placing electric wires and solar batteries, setting up the distance between rifles and signal missiles, improving sound at the entrance to the cave.