The authors of “Troubles” showed a new screenshot from the game

Cyberia Studio showed a new screenshot from the upcoming roaming action "Troubles". The image was published in the official community of developers.

Summer gradually comes to an end, and we hope that you spend the remaining summer days well. And we have a new screenshot for you, reminiscent of the approach of autumn. By the way, what do you think there is on the edge? Sagittarius, Poles or Cossacks?

"Troubles" – The upcoming role action in historical setting based on the novel "Yuri Miloslavsky, or Englishs in 1612". There is no exact release date yet.

Our Kindome Come Delivireinaenaeaeaswe, as a pancake, this word is finally written.

Write: "May the kingdom be: deliverance"

Not to just try and do something of your own. No, this is forever "Our answer", but who constantly asks you then? Some kind of schiz.

To Kindome Come. Like the moon to the moon-25, so as not to crash!

And where was the statement that the Troubles is an answer to something?

I wrote this in general, very often in films, etc. you can hear such nonsense projects. I never understood this. Just do well and people will pull up, that’s all.

So far, everything is very beautiful. I am waiting.

Troubles are very beautiful game. And what prevented before making such games in UK? I really look forward to the trouble. I feel, there will be a good.

I also feel some kind of, but certainly not "suitable".

The screening with a finger is sitting. And then to wash my mother later

Uti Bose, wrote an obvious thing that the game would be an ordinary shnyaga and immediately. Yes, eat how much you want this "Troubles", it is better to get it. I better play normal games, and you coat how much it will fit.

Who generally thought of chromatic aberration to shove the games? You can’t turn it off in some games, only through config. I hate this hat.

Yes, a chic feature. And what do you like, I don’t understand.

Well, chromatic aberration fits into the atmosphere like.

Well, what is it gorgeous? Only the picture shallows. As I understand it in real life, some people with bad eyesight see something similar in glasses, but this is if glasses with a defect. The best option to make this effect is optional, not everyone likes.

Worse only blur in motion

I support, Motion Blur is generally evil, especially in the first person. Previously, there was just a Blur, turning the picture into a blurry, bright mess, it’s good that it is not used now in the PS3 and X360 era.

More like art

A fact, I thought about the same.

The fence on the right is too all upstart for art.

Yes, good, look at the textures, near the Vedmakov graphics

Poles are most likely. Sagittarius had caps, and everyone was not supposed to be a saber. Although, blue caftans were in some regiments.

Yes, you are a straight historian. On the art, by the way, in the caps.

Poles are most likely.

Then they were "Litvin" That is, Belarusians))) The tale of Susanin forgot it was caught precisely the Belarusian ! The Poles did not wear Zhupanov and TD.

MDE Historians are still those !

Yeah … Litvin is Belarusians. Another dermaties.

Why then the title of the tsar after the Russo-Polish war was “all the great and small and white Rossia”, where “white” was meant white Englishs, that is, Belarusians. Then “all great and small and Litvinskaya”.

Litvin is the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Belarusians lived in this territory but were not Litvin. In the annals (for example, the first Novgorod annals), Litvin means a purely litho. It’s like saying: all residents of UK are called Englishs. Tatars, Armenians and others will not agree.

where do you owls only generate?

about Susanin in general Pzdz … go to the pills. Maybe Lithuanians did not exist at all according to your logic? Then the Gedeminovichi should be very upset.

"all great and small and white Rossia"

Here is the motet Peter I where did you see all this there . seriously . Until 1720 were not "VSISI ROSSIA".

This is generally a shameful story there Sagaidachny took Moscow in 1615 and the people were killed by a lot, that is, in fact, it was destroyed by stately in Muscovy.

English is not nationality but belonging to the Orthodox faith ! MDE Historians are really still those.

Not to know what Belarusians were called Litvin, well, it’s funny already.

it is necessary that someone already told them finally that everywhere to shove chromatic aberration is just blood from the eyes ..

I don’t know what is wrong, maybe they can’t fully configure the Render in the engine, but seriously, chromatic aberration with the feeling that on top of blur? How best could they look

Chromatic aberration, the glare of the lens is completely inappropriate in games about the times when such devices did not exist. let’s then make the game in the Sepia mode, and Cho? Retro)

Another pleasure, get the info about the game on the screenshots)) well, it looks beautiful of course and atmospheric. But the world is not enough just to draw beautifully, it needs to be revived and filled with an interesting Laura, gameplay, history. So far, you can evaluate the efforts of artists, no more. We can draw definitely))

nifiga herself a whole screenshot. super! I’ll go jerk off

showed a screenshot? seriously?? Ugh

Game by 98% consisting of caftans and vegetation.

the count is maximum soap and inexpressive, there is nothing to catch on the eye.

Ko-ko, here we have someone kakarchika for graphics

You only do you, a lover of free asses from the engine.

Renders again like in Stalker? Who needs them?

Nature and the environment are beautiful, but the coloring of units is too bright some kind. And it feels like the game was made from some ready-made set of ascets

They say that if in the comments it is objectively to say that the screenshots from the Time of Troubles are so -so, you will be thrown by Duzlaiki

You can already look at the result))

With an objective critic of cyberpunk, this also works

Oooh cyberbag 69 with rays. Top Shutanchik about t of the first person.

I don’t know what it means, but just in case I jerked

Most likely it will be places of norms, and in some places fierce garbage as Kingdom Come.

there are purchased assets from a shop of Henryl?

To whom she is interesting, someone awaits her exit?

I also don’t understand, it can already be seen from her what she is like.

Yes, all the fuck who stands there.

A person who has been responsible for Neiming and the idea, you need to tear out with whips. The very time of the game is stupidly not interesting.

So, before their death, screenshots will feed the phonels of phonels. TFU Nah.

Well, yes, it’s better to go to s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 play that cannot go out for 13 years.

By the way, what do you think there is on the edge? Sagittarius, Poles or Cossacks?

I think that the game is fecal and anyway who is there, a week after the release about it everything will forget.

wow wow, amazing feces

Four guardsmen burned the hut of foreigner, goid.

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