The authors of Marauders told the details about the next major update with the new raid and weapons

Small Impact Games, a team of developers of the game Marauders, recently shed light on the upcoming changes that should appear in the game next month. Updates described in detail in the fourth Steam Dev Blog blog include the introduction of a new raid, the beginning of tournaments and the addition of new weapons.

Scheduled for June, the upcoming content pack promises to bring a number of interesting updates. The developers intend to maintain a quick rate of development, trying to strengthen the confidence of the game community due to significant progress.

One of the key features of the June update will be a mining frigate, also known as a mini-shacht. This point of interest, located next to the raid of the cruiser-colony, is expected as a significant addition. The update also marks the debut of the functions of a single line intended exclusively for single players – another element that the players asked very much about.

New types of weapons will also be introduced, including MAS-44, a semi-automatic rifle 5.56 with 10 cartridges, and SPP-1, 4-chamber dart pistol. MAS-44 will replace the M16 as a weapon with high damage, while SPP-1 will be rare in all raids. The addition of dart cartridges will open the way to the emergence of new types of weapons in this category, such as the APS underwater gun and not yet announced version of SMG.

After the June update, the developers switch their attention to the development of a new docking raid under the code name "The base of the killers of the planets". This will be a launching installation for nuclear missiles of united allies, usually placed in the immediate vicinity of the enemy purpose and capable of launching several warheads.

In addition, new tournaments began, including "The fallen empire" And "Bloody nomad". IN "The fallen empire" Players have to destroy the commandos in short intervals in order to earn cartridges and medicines, and in "Bloody nomad", weekly tournament, players are given a chance to get new cosmetics for the head and a large supply of supplies, destroying raiders.