Scam of the year? The media believe that Microsoft has been manipulated with grades and excitement around Starfield

Long before the official release of Starfield, the game received the highest praise from bloggers, game critics and professional journalists. In previews and reviews to the new game from Bethesda SoftWorks was noted "Excellent performance" together with "deep" And "worked out" mechanics that allow you to explore space. It turned out that Starfield has serious problems, especially in the field of technical condition, even on consoles. Apparently, high marks and excitement around the game are just a competent Microsoft manipulation.

The fact that something is wrong with Starfield’s estimates was addressed by the authoritative publication forbes. For some reason, the journalists of this portal, like many others, did not send the keys with early access to the game, and they had to start a large-scale role-playing game after the release.

The media believe that Microsoft and Bethesda carefully chose to whom to send copies of the game, and this, in turn, was reflected in "enthusiastic" Review reviews. As the gamers drew attention, most high Starfield assessments were given by publications that are directly controlled by Microsoft or work closely with them for a very long time. After almost a week, the number of low assessments from independent media is only growing.

Starfield is not a broken game, but just boring. The study of the unknown depths of space is one of the most exciting concepts of video games, but Starfield managed to do all this so uninteresting and monotonous. Instead of reaching for the stars, this misses a great opportunity to make a real cosmic adventure.

– writes Metro editor.

Journalists complain of problematic optimization, "surface" And even in places "empty" Open World. The percentage of negative reviews is also gradually growing among users. Steam game rating has already dropped to 73%.

No no no. There is everything in the game! You just need to update the PC and everything will appear.Open World and Real Technological Adventure. Everything rests on the old buckets of users.

I don’t protect this supervisor, but the PC really needs to be updated periodically, and not sit on the mammoth gaman and whine about optimization.

100% agree about the update of the PC. But even those who are updated to RTX 30 of the series have not a stable work of the game. 40th episode not many will pull.

How long have the cards of the 40th series have become a mammoth?

Yes, yes, for sure. And the game is revealed at 300 o’clock! 🤡

At 4080 in 4K with the generation of personnel for high plays without problems 100 frames, I ran for an hour the truth from the general wretchedness, the meaning of your claim?

Well, as a person who played 2500 hours in the elite, I can say that space. and should be empty by and large.

The impression of monotonous advanposts on the planets spoils the impression a bit, and the rest of the species from the planets is beautiful, which you can’t say about the elite, you rarely see something exciting, plus there are biomes, the opportunity to visit anywhere on the planet, while with the atmosphere and life.

If you look at this from the point of view of the game of the gazebo, then you can forgive everything except the price tag. The rest is a good game, albeit with 40 frames. I understand that people probably waited for a completely different one, and I understand them cordially, the freedom of flights is really cool, but this is clearly not a gazebo.

So we enjoy Torrent Edishn, like a free game very much)

Yeah, like realism "Well, in space is empty" – game and game that it is a virtual, cut, unlike the real world and should compensate for it with all sorts of interesting activities as entertainment, otherwise it is some kind of simulator, and excuses in the style of Toda Howard (about empty cosmos) will not help here

The original error was in choosing the type of space setting. They chose greater realism than some science fiction on the likeness of the same ME1-3

The hallmark of the gazebo, in my immodest opinion, was precisely an open quest grid. Somewhere something is happening, and then it’s somehow empty in this regard, and the prerequisites for some dialogs are so stretched that they cause Spanish shame

Yes, Lord, you don’t want thousands of planets to visit empty ones, (and in the elite it is completely nearby, and mostly empty stones) do not do this, just go according to the plot. And start that this is not a game about space, but a regular RPG. Cosmos research has always been not for everyone. Therefore, in the same elite and online not so huge. Well, this is how space works. Would be the fantasy of the universe, some kind of, then ok I would still understand. But there is land, solar systems of the Milky Way and an approximate year of events, which shows at what stage humanity is located.

What is the conclusion from this? that the hamsters are stupid and they can be done, the main thing is to make news about the ideal state of the game before the release, and that’s it) And now the hamsters who bought the game are crying on the forums, but protect this game because they bought this piece of code on the engine of the early 2000s)

Todd understood this even from the region, so he is the director of the director)

I am interested, and people who play for 100+ hours and they like the game, also hamsters? If anything, the forums are also full of people who play and get high from the game, share cosmole, screenshots, and discuss gameplay and their findings.

And you yourself? I am an old Citizen for the greatest and largest game in history

Fans of Toddik Dodik

And if a person does not even know who he is?

This game has 73% rating? 73? It is necessary to reduce to 37.

Take care of your leisure. Create a thousand accounts on a methacritic with zeros. The case is worthy. It is not a pity to put life on this and life.

Why, it is better to remove the thousand left -wing accs, which put the maximum. And there will be well -deserved 50% of the game

This project proves that Tes 6 is worried

And why worry is there? like in Tes was something like that.
The beginning of Skyrim, for example, at the time of the exit caused Spanish shame, wretched graphics, shameful setting, and even a bunch of bugs and this is only the moment of escape from the dragon.
I will do something like Skyrim 2 and that’s all, of course there is a chance that the only thing that was in this series is the ENT they will ruin, but it is unlikely.

Agree. How much can you force this old engine? This old man after Fallout 4 is no longer painted. And the facial animation on this engine has become a legendary meme.

Starfield is a tile with a bunch of excessive auto -generated content and without an interesting setting.
Therefore, if you just do what the gazebo always did to Folich 76, with all the crutches and conventions of the engine – people will only be happy!

Players game 2015:

Todd Howard game 2023:

It is not surprising that the players have an osyushenia that they were inflated somewhere.. per 100 bucks. XD))

In 2015, the boobs were prettier! Agree! :))))) +++++++ felt integrity! . These eyes have one desire – to go on a large! Moreover, very fast! And the boobs somehow do not count! Tsigel Tsigel Ay Liu Liu! :))))

Apparently in the bright future of Todd Howard Feminists with homosexuals, common sense won the same. XD)

The story with Watch Dogs reminded me of, there they still deceived everyone.

Deceived what, except for graphone?

well, what is wrong in this game, tell me, but I play and do not know

Never the case of.

Fecal game in all aspects. Howard and Phil crap on the liquid public. Who will believe them now?

Hamsters, which most will believe, if it is enough to invest in promotion, but they have no problems with this.

Fanatics of the gazebo, they will devour Tes 6, no matter how smelly he would not be.

As if for the first time) morons did not disappear anywhere (not to mention the plebs with the lack of even basic critical thinking) even though they consider themselves "Reasonable".

Capitalists Nayb.Lee? Can’t be.

"Competent manipulation"? Are you serious?

And in which place she was competent? Let’s figure it out.

1. There was nothing indeed at the presentation and immediately caused suspicion. Who thinks that this presentation is no worse than others – plunge into the distant past and look at the ovation from Skyrim in 2011. And in principle, how he was presented.

2. At the start of the game, they broke such a price tag that 90% of people passed the first level on YouTube just to understand why such a price. I’m sorry, MSFS 2020 costs so much with a full pack of detailed aircraft, which really sweat.

3. The concept of enthusiastic reviews was destroyed in less than a week, when people are attentive a little sulfate from the quantity and ultimativity of assessments on the posters in the same Steam and suddenly found out that the average assessment of the game is a maximum of seven.

4. Bethesda stories about the game "We must open up", What "It is necessary to update your computer" (And he handed the words to Todd to the friend from the i7-13700k + 4090, which has up to 45 FPS in 2K subsidence) "NASAPUNK" instantly encountered common sense and constructive criticism.

5. The same fate was waiting for devoted sects. Bethesda fans, who put the plays of tons of likes in the stuna, simply because they received another mod on Morovind, and they are cool in this comfort zone. As a result, everything returned to the assessment from p.3 – that is, positive reviews are currently in number 72-77%.

Total, summarizing – in what place was the manipulation and with what fright it was competent? Bethesda managed to commit one of the most failed production and marketing campaigns for the entire retrospective of their projects. Yes, of course, there is a credit of trust in them and will even remain after this failure.

Here on such a system of frizes and drawdown I have) what optimization can be discussed ? .. For example, the second screen is a chorizont on ultras (I have 164gerts, therefore, the FPS shows Monica.

So the gazebo must be moved from words to deeds, stop imposing illusions about bad players’ systems and release patches correcting problems with optimization in the game. This example is Cyberpank, in time the Poles for the mind now have taken no complaints about them.

And I have a slave, so generally a b-free irrelevant RTX 3080 and a flawed 11900K, imagine what I play on such an office gland!

You have a pican pc, Todd Howard told you to renew his PC ¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯

There was not enough money for 32 gigs? )))

No, brother. They did not take it. Just got out well from the situation. But Cyberbag as a wretched slag, so they will remain! 1 DLS will not change the whole game! And the game has enough problems! The brightest example – systems with the release of DLS will grow. Do you know why? Pens/claws could not be optimized to mind! I am surprised at such people who are perceived in a candy wrapper as a real candy! And unfortunately the gaming industry is drowning in such slopes!

Yeah! Life is not easy! One outlet was to escape from problems at least for a while, to hide in the virtual world! And then a bummer! How to hide if sorry with a shit stinks a mile away! It is very bad and sad that such players turn the industry into a cesspool! : (((

Yes. Also sad. I could not stand it for more than 15 hours . It doesn’t catch at all. Like the same Skyrim or Follych 4 at the time .
Thanks at least the Larias for making it possible to distract from everyday fuss with their heads.

And what to do if the game is boring in the game. Cosmic battles are full bottom, and I can shoot the blanks in the 4th fola. And with a bunch of beautiful mods.

I was really waiting, but I could not play. The game is wretched and outdated. He returned to Star Citizen a year later, once again making sure that there is no better game about space despite the mountain of jambs.

As for me the best game about space is digger. There is cooler than in the eternal alpha of Citizen Stoy. And in general, space is better in the games of Derek Smart..Imho. This is confirmed by all meta -making. They have seen enough of the series in all heavy ones and became the metics of the roof of the dedication. And old films alive, he lived and will live. As the great Todd Howard Lavkraft bequeathed.. On my stump and in 4 kep it flies !! Change the gncomps and then know Zen and hell. And the game is good and even for those for 60. So good to sit on a bench in Alpha Cetavra . You never understood anything for so many years. Did not know Zen and hell. And you learned meta -making . But they did not fly into the game and did not insert mods. Here is the hell to you and not the Starfield.

What to say if the ending of the game is an absolutely direct bridge to the new game+!Without jokes, GG meets himself, and he tells him that the place where they are, this is a portal in many of the same universes, stuck in the plot plan at the beginning of the game, so forward, go clean the next reality. A curtain.No explanations about the artifact and so.,in general, just shove into a new game+ and Grindi again.I even remember such impudence even in a little mmo, but here is the Singplayer game.

This is a favor, not a spoiler, I obviously save someone for tens of hours of life that he would spend on "plot" games.

Previously, the gazebo of the ball is my van lave developer, now no longer.

So a few years ago it was clear that nothing good would come out of this wretched craft. During this year, this game is one of the most gray, fresh and absolutely disgusting in all aspects.

You can throw kakhas, but the game is full. I have never met such longing yet. Dow its despondency. I honestly tried to play. I tried for 4 days. I flew 30 hours, but no. In general, it’s not even about optimization. I still tuned the game (thanks to the moderators). But she is empty and boring. Everything is monotonous there, and the same type of planets drive into melancholy. Spat and downloaded Skyrim with 140GB mods. It will definitely be more interesting there.

Something for TES 6 is scary

All people who assent these effective officials from the gazebo, take up the renewal of my PC, but just buy me what will give 60 FPS without subsidence in the Starfield on Max Supply. And if you can’t, then do not kukarek about the PC update, as if it were something easy.

I am amazed that there are those who protect these assholes who released the Starfield. And on serious droves they send people for new iron along with the gazebo. Who is this? Enemies? Low IQ people? Who is this?

There are people who like the world of space. The game is essentially not demanding. But boring of course. Better play the legendary Baldur 3. And graphony and optimization and gameplay and plot. All in one person.

Rather, it would have already been ghostly freedom that would interrupt the information water. Otherwise I have already tired of reading about this underfore. Delete like me and forget until the best times

It feels like an alpha version of us. There is nothing that would load the system in the game. Very damp, very chopped. The gazebo apparently really puts on the creators of the mods, thanks to which the game then spins. If there are already unofficial fixes from straight -up guys, then this says a lot.

Why work once again if fans actually finish free?)

I read all these negative comments and think about it, but I downloaded the Starfield on the torrent)) This is the game? Like so. Yes, these are not a top, there are disadvantages, like any Befesda game, but it is also an unpertensible gvny to call it the language does not turn.

I also play calmly. 🙂

Melkosoft swindlers and handles, I have everything .

The game is just slag

Everything was clear from the endless aggressive advertising, about what kind of masterpiece it was and how they masturbate on it

Oh Buzova, you forgot here? Go Buzkoins your vtyuyvyvy.

She is also shocked by the quality of the game

Everyone waited for 2 grandfathers to release the game on enthusiasm, and not on financial and marketing councils, it is like in any business – you need to know when to retire, otherwise one garbage will be sold

When The Outer Worlds, which seems to be the same Starfield of which he was waiting.

Now no one will believe Microsoft.

Everyone who was waiting for Starshit and wanted to play it – play, coated. Those who just wanted to run the main plot in the game and lick – they also did it. The rest are discussing the reasons because of which they could not play the game, and only it remains to admit this shit – shit, telling about it, forming the correct public opinion – simply calling a sponge of their names, and most importantly – not to sponsor such shit, In order to at least like the number of precedents of the future to suck, and thus make it clear to the developers that they are completely insolent.

Yes, they also sat down again, in the next game, this ridiculous Jewish "Holder" propaganda. In the screenshots on the load, in some references and TP points that are not appropriate in the game at all, and look stupid. But alas, this is Bepyo3da, they have it "chip" Such, cp@t Judo"propaganda, since the time of perverted and cherished Volfenstein, because at the top of the company the Zionists are sitting on their heads, the same Todd as the most striking example of a flawed scrap"Ndona, with a bunch of inferiority complexes, which is all and control, all this is the franchise stake that are not created by them (Wolfenstein, Fallout), and the use of games from the studio for Razadina.

Todd Howard, why was it to deceive people, with your vast experience you really could make an interesting game, oh these soulless corporate! = ((

Todd knew the whole essence of the phrase: when I move, they believe me more)

But no one doubts it)))

I bought GIF STAM.Played .Removed

Space Ranges HD: A War Apart

They have nothing to surpass for them .

If Mortal Kombat # 1 will be the same shnyaga. I lose believe in humanity! :))))))))

Will not👍 ☝️☝️☝️ MORTAL, this is the religion! Shkolotron will not understand this. But Old Fagi knows that it is Mortal, this is an eternity of gaming👍


January 14, 2016 at 18:26 #

Reigracy? Yes they "playfulness" Killed. And even how "Shooter" This is a squalor (sorry I can’t call the phallout). Enemies are stupid as traffic jams, the level of complexity is expressed only in the growth of CP. Construction is scruff. Dialogs are crooked. RPG – not from the sign "minus", it feels like RPG is made only in order to please perverted sexual minorities. How they did not write a dog and robots in sexual partners then? There is no conversation about the schedule and engine at all, since they are wretched. Skyrim with the last graphic mods looks twice better and pulls on ultra C from 50 fps. The game is boring, a bunch of various locations – with the same filling. I played a certain number of hours and quit, I don’t think that the DLC and Fashion will fix anything, here you need to give another company for at least a year and a half, so that everything was originally redid and that, I think it will not work, since the idea of ​​a foul 4 wretches. Why is the people still playing in a stalker? With a folus 4 this will not happen, nothing will cure it, except for radical remaking.

As a result – autumn 2023, spat at Starfield and went to play modified and doped based on mod "Horizon" Fallout 4. So they have been played for the past couple of years, only global assemblies of mods on Skyrim (Skyrim Last Dark) and Phallut 4 (assembly from Doty), have long been abandoned and "Witcher 3", And "Red Dead Redemshn", And "Cyberpuk", And assemblies based on scitting v and dildo 4 are played with pleasure, though there from "vanilla" It remains small, and the same fol4 on high, with graphic mods for 3070 frisit as not frisit now Starfield on ultra-high settings. So, time will tell, however, it is more to wait for at least 3 to 5 years while additions come out and models will finish the game. So -so prospect.

It seems to me that they prepared the game for VR, judging by the primitive graphics.

VR immediately cuts off a huge part of the players, who, for example, in the vision of the problem, but about the financial component, you can not mention. Something does not cheaper VR – Technology. No, the time has not yet come for VR technologies, that is when 1-2NM processors will go into mass production and become available to the wide masses. Given the pace of development, this is the 2030s, then perhaps the gazebo will purposefully begin to rivet games under this topic, while they only work out approaches.

Nothing new, it shows how these pigs relate to their consumers.The level of the bottom of the conversation and small salt.

Yes, all this is blah blah blah. Who likes Skyrim and Fola4 will like it and this. Everything is about the same, except setting.

That this year no one else did that?)))

Soniboi agents activated so that the farts did not burn))))))) and the game is better than any ex sanya, that’s the whole truth

no one is against this opinion, but at least tell me what is better?

Isn’t it obvious, ign japan 10/10 :))

It becomes scary for TES 6.

Nooo. These are holy people! How they could.

I’d better go to Skywicks Venderi.

Hussars, not a word about suitcases

The campaign should not buy a game yet. Someone made returns?

It looks like you have only been held light and water and the Internet at the same time. Made a return. Dogly, how many returns were only at the end "early access".

Lol, I even returned this shit to torrent after an hour of the game, which is about XD

No, I took it in a green store, I do not regret anything)

I make a return, giving it on a torrent under 150 GB, and the repack from the SE7EN rocked, with a convenient launch that automatically updates the text translation into English!

With KP 2077 the manipulations were giving up and there is the same song.

Todd Howard is Danny Ocean Game Industry

at least the killers loved, and this is unlikely, Skyrim will not be bought off from them

If they really deceived everyone with estimates, this is a shame.

She and broken too

To convince everyone to get stalfield is not a scam, this is a talent for beliefs.

I would love to play the same game with pleasure now, but I liked the infection)))

Similarly, addicts of course). But there are still problems. You can cheat reasonably.

Now, according to the quest about the delivery of 2000 nickel, as much as the production on the same planet deployed)

very interestingly tell us more =))) (no)

I am glad that these Russophobes are taken to clean water

Someday years will go through, and people will begin to understand that the developers of games have nothing to do with regional and political restrictions. The publisher is responsible for this. Bethesda Game Studios made English. Bethesda SoftWorks, a publisher purchased by Microsoft, decided not to violate Microsoft sanctions policy, so to speak.

Rather, he did not make a decision, he was told, he did.

No one benefits from sanctions, no one is glad to lose the loyalty of ~ 160 million English -speaking audience in the world (regardless of the country). In a huge feature – private business.

It is curious in which Package of sanctions is stipulated about localizations? I could throw a link, I want to read.

By the way, the packets of updates to Windows fly past sanctions, and here we are sanctioning how sorry for your Def Betzda looks. Defe is more serious.

What about the spin of games in the Epic Store both paid and gifts? Not all studios, but some, by the way, Befesda also appeared there. So who to blame? Epic or microsoft? For example, the game Kerbal Space Program seems to not connect or binds anything with microsoft?

You from a noun on the Internet want to get an answer to a question that everyone has been asking for almost 2 years? The official reason called Bethesda SoftWorks – "In view of political sanctions" Or something like that. The real reason, as well as the relationship between sanctions and cultural cancellation, is absent. As well as links to sanctions packages. Most of the current sanctions contain extremely abstract formulations, and those who, under the jurisdiction of the United States, sometimes have no idea how to match them. And reinsured.

It is especially funny that the Ukrainian gazebo did not plan to do. Therefore, I, as a noun, subjectively interpret this act as "Unilaterally and dryly earn political tugriks, putting a checkmark ‘We do not support the English Federation’". Because it’s easier to remove 1 language by a commune in a pack of game than to make an artistic translation of another new one from scratch.

I myself am in solidarity with the discontent of the postponed and will never support the idea to cancel English. He simply showed him that he was fighting in the wrong direction and not blame. Those who need to be blamed is very higher. Somewhere in the Congress.

But I do not need to indicate, I myself understand everything perfectly, we are not about politics here. I said specifically to the whole gazebo supporting this. They wanted to make the muck to the Englishs, and put down to all the English -speaking living around the world. Therefore, I am glad when their wound rating is promoted.

There are not involved but there are also which are ready "Fricise your ears" Recently in Korea, a annual check was made. Denmark manufacturer. Viking representative refused us, although the company in which I work foreign, but partially connected with UK. But the main thing in packages is nothing about our equipment. This is exactly the initiative of Viking. Punish Englishs. Sanctions work? Koreans immediately offered their equipment with guarantees. The company agreed. Who in this situation lost in the long run and competition in the market.

Also with games. Example is bright – caps. It seems that the sanctions adhere to, the game was localized for other Englishs, but in fact everyone perfectly understands the actions of Kapkom.

Except those who are ready "Fricise your ears"

or BG3 Rus Saba, like Ukr, they brought to the game. A striking example – games outside politics.

So everyone plays, but I just can’t collect (

If you can manipulate with all sorts of assessments, then not a fly, but a competitive advantage.

Starfield – A game about the plot in the setting of space. Todd simply did not play other Sims, so there is nothing to compare with.

To whom, for me personally, this is a minus. I am not a big lover of this genre, especially for this to update the computer. Although if the game has a little “space ‘and less high-tech, then this can diversify the game, like a space race in civilization, there is only a small rocket of the flight of the missile from space

I do not understand one thing, the fuck is to compare but Men Sky with the Starfield, if she is objective, but Men Sky Gamno without a plot and purpose?

Like space by itself.

Yes, subject to the extreme limitations of the created world and its concentration on these "depths". Any study of the likeness of the open world will be a boring occupation. And there is no fault of the Hizard as such. Space beckons still fantastic, not studied and far. In fact, in any case, it turns out that its filling by 99.99% is the void and the same type.

Apparently you have not read cosmic fiction, since you think that the cosmos is boring. This is the game to entertain, the shitofield is not cosmosy, you could do anything there, but the gazebo decided to do a little more than nothing. Hamsters are cheating and they will say that the game is not about this

No, apparently I not only read cosmic science fiction, but also studied English.

In space science fiction, we are not talking about an open world, which is why it is interesting to read, since there is an emphasis on the plot that occurs in strictly defined places. Cosmos is to fly from point A to point B for several days and not to meet anyone at all, space is a bunch of uninhabited planets of the same type where there are no secrets and there will be no settlements.

Shitofield is not cosmosim, you could do anything there, but the gazebo decided to do a little more than nothing.

No, they made a really good game, let it and not perfect, in which many things are made mediocre, but which people play and enjoy.

Well, some hamsters are cheating, but some kind of like you-not. The only difference in you is that the former enjoy it, and the second bomb. Worse from this only the second.

You apparently still have bad things not only with the English language, but also with logic or you are beaten by the fan of Howard. This is a game in the first place, you can do anything there, but of course it is easier to do nothing how you did it a gazebo and give the mantra to the hamsters that “space is boring and you can only fly from point A to point B”, so we will make you 20 loads in 5 minutes and “enjoy”. I repeat once again, this is not cosm. In this fake there are some kind of ridiculous animals on planets, respectively, you can get everything in any quantities, just spy a couple of books about science fiction. But you are purely as a person from the meme “It is a pity that not everyone will understand, in our time, rarely, anyone can really understand (evaluate the taste of shitofield)” ”

Cosmos is to fly from point A to point B for several days and not to meet anyone at all, space is a bunch of uninhabited planets of the same type where there are no secrets and there will be no settlements.

This is a game, not the embodiment of reality. The task of the game is to interest the player.

Going into a shooter about modern fighters, the player does not expect that he will write reports, undergo training, unload machines with supplies, put things in order in the barracks and score toilets, simultaneously look for a way to exchange a butt of a butt in return for his own machine in the extreme departure, while while The commander did not see and did not prescribe Lule for damage to property. But the soldiers from the most part of the service, and not these of yours "bang Bang".

If the player wanted a real cosmos, he would have watched constantly broadcasts from the peremrel, where the same brown desert. Or broadcasts from the ISS, where the astronauts do not have fun, but are engaged in work, often tedious and monotonous – but useful. The game is the embodiment of the best that players want to see from the subject, not a routine of reality.

No, they made a really good game, let it and not perfect, in which many things are made mediocre, but which people play and enjoy.

What good is, do not tell me? Specifics? The realism of empty planets? And who needs him? In reality, the cosmoshter should not find the mysterious artifacts, but to get resources monotonously and tedious, to get tired like a dog, and then eat with a tight capture with comrades, have a little primitively to have fun so that the roof does not go and go to sleep. And then there will be many more exactly the same days. Players do not need it. And if the game was "Good", such disputes would not have arisen.

And this "which people play and enjoy" Sounds funny, this "argument" More than once it was given the justification of Starfield – as usual, when it is difficult to list specific advantages, the departure to the emotional begins, that not to measure and not give an accurate fact. People reported you, you interviewed all the players personally? You do not know whether your own girl is imitating an orgasm or gets it in reality, how do you know if some people get pleasure from the game "Players"?

Zapyamov in the ground.Taking off my hat.

I played it for about 8-10 hours. I will not even stutter for optimization. The game is incredibly boring! If I left the game, then I forced myself to launch it on a new one in the hope that an interesting quest will appear or what a new gameplayed chip that will turn everything over. Supporting NPCs generally look terrible (these are on the locations for extras). Everything is felt empty. A whole bunch of downloads when performing ordinary quests. He flew to the planet, talked with the bartender, got out of the location flew to another planet. This intermediate one should fly to the next. All this is accompanied by a huge amount of downloads and running along half -empty locations. In terms of a jester like norms, the weapon is felt good. But for playing this scale of weapons there is very little! Cosmic costumes are very similar to each other. There is little variety. They did everything from one sketch in places changing the color and small details. Cosmos is as boring as everything else. Although space should be empty, but this is a game. Sometimes flights are diluted with cosmic gopniks, but it also gets tired of it very quickly. But personally, 2 things upset me the most. The slurred start of the miner, which in 3 minutes becomes a cosmic Dovakin. And just a huge number of dialogs about nothing! In short, I will not give an assessment from myself, but I demolished the game and is unlikely when I return to it.

Yes there are interesting quests in the same main plot. They are just so deeply hidden. In general, yes, there is time to get bored. I am generally silent about optimization

Many Full Price paid for mod on Folych! The game does not look at all like a new project! She looks like a large -scale mod, no more!

one of the most overansched games of the year and did not justify themselves. Maybe in five to ten modern modern.

they removed bad grades? and they themselves bought this game 100 times, something is not clear.

that feature must be castrated

Proud of your bucket, miracle.

Well, the Starfield assessment is varied somewhere from 7.5 d 8 balls, and I will be very amused by people all beckoning an assessment of this game, as if it would be realistic about something in this case.

Bl. so buy or not to buy, not even so, download or not download

Download don’t listen to anyone if you remove anything)

This is a regular game from the gazebo, only if the world is interesting and made in scrolls and fallout manually, then a gray, procedurally generated, not interesting world. This is not a breakthrough or the destruction of the play -resistant as stated, it is simply not interesting to play. And the mechanics are all the same. I do not advise playing even if a fan of games from the gazebo.

Yes, there are no doubts about this, for Mikes this is too important a release worth 7 billion, especially after shame with Redfail, but still, according to the results of the scamfield, the same bunch in the puddle as their last flagship – Kalo Infinite. The gazebo will not pull out Xbox, this is already clear to everyone, except for the rabid fans who believe in any noodles from Spencer. Activizh is not from a good life to buy.

The game is very demanding on the iron, but uses it to the full. Assembly checks on a regular railway. PC with average indicators. In 5 hours the game hung twice. Once in the city with fast running, at the time of suppressing the boundary of the location of the location. The second, with intense heat with a sharp turn. The reasons for the staging of the NPS in furniture were revealed. It turns out that the NPS is loaded before locations, go around an empty place, and when objects appear, they get stuck in them. Since all this happens behind the boot screen, it was difficult to understand the cause of the bug. Nevertheless, the game was not recognized as hopeless, and now the matter is only for the promised tools, for a possible modification.

So it is clear with the trolls, but normal players do not need anything at all. So nothing will happen.

Oh, what are the bastards what the game is the game, they clung straight . Hah))

I hope everything will be fine with Tes 6.

It turns out interesting, you give T.n. “Appeal” Forbes (not giving a link to it) although their assessment of the game is more than high

If the news appeared on PG with a high rating of the game, then it would be immediately shut

Local patients will not perceive objective reality)

Sho? Again, morons were deceived?

I was subjected to Hayit’s wave. Also began to heat the game without playing it. Now I am playing 2 weeks. I can say that the game is optimized before the ideal. The ultra settings even on a weak gland work without frizes.

The players themselves came up with a masterpiece for themselves, and then they themselves were upset. And who is to blame ?

Advertisers who carefully drove this thought into their heads with manipulative methods. But not players in any way.

"Advertisers, which this thought is carefully They drove manipulative methods. A Not players in any way."

And your head why?

Watching how on this, and not only, resources before leaving the next aaaaaaaaa of the product, Starfield, as before the release of any other aaaaaaaaaaa of the product, rose Another howl and moaning About genius, incredity, impossible coolness, about the best game of the year, but what is there, the game of decades, if not a century, thought, was there really a primate life does not teach anything, They are ready to give their money by issuing pre -orders and offending the product that has not yet been released to heaven, plumping themselves and others. Pipets, the population of the Earth is very quickly, by historical standards, degraded to the state of perfect consumers turning into a herd, the only meaning of life of which is consumption and everything that is connected with it. Sadly, But such, IMHO, reality.

P.S. In the way we live, everyone is not to blame marketers, not corporations, not those who have a lot of money and there is no conscience, not the leaders and the rulers and the rulers, And we ourselves, those decisions that Everyone accepts daily And there is a life of everyone, to blame others in their shortcomings – the simplest is A sign of weakness, stupidity, infantilism And desires Not doing anything have everything, realizing this simple, but extremely heavy To perceive the truth, you stop blaming someone, and in the context of the news you stop buying products before their release, you watch What happened as a result And only then after some time do you make a decision for yourself whether to support His ruble and Do you need him at all, Thus, influencing, to some extent, what games and in what capacity will be produced and whether will be produced.