Release trailer for the horror shutter Quantum Error

Teamkill Media has released a re relevant trailer for the horror-player Quantum Error.

Here’s how Teamkill Media describes the attachment of the game:

The organization of the United Nations America integrated AI into everyday life. Monad, the most powerful technological company in the world, has created the Advanced Retinal Global Unity System, Argus system to activate and manage this AI, mandatory for all people on Earth. People are divided into necessary and unnecessary and will be activated or not activated in accordance with the professions in which they work, which will lead to counteracting and forming militant groups.

When in 2109 the unknown essence attacks the Monad Quantum Research Facility Research Complex 30 miles from the coast of California, covering it with a flame and transferring it to a complete isolation mode, a disaster signal (California) is sent to mutual assistance with a request for mutual assistance.

The Head of the Fire Service of the Rodzhis responds to the call and sends you – Captain Jacob Thomas, your partner Shane Costa and a helicopter team for an object "Monad".

What begins as a simple mission to save people from a burning complex, soon turns into a nightmare space trip, which will transfer you from reality to other worlds, where you will have to fight not only for your life, but also for the life of other people.

Plunge into the mysticism of the kinematographic plot of the shooter from the first and third person, the action of which takes place in the era of the onset of the quantum era. Explore and go deep into the high -tech but esoteric complex Monad and further, to interstellar travels, meeting with enemies and bosses from the usual to inexplicable. An American slides of cosmic horror awaits you when you plunge deeper and deeper into the unknown.

Quantum Error will be released on November 3 on PlayStation 5, and on Xbox Series and PC – later. Digital pre -orders include three -day early access to the game, starting on October 31.