“Open areas” will appear in Alan Wake 2, which players can “freely explore”

Remedy Entertainment for a long time was one of the best developers of games with a linear plot in the industry, but in recent years the studio began to offer experience, which is less linear than its previous projects. In particular, Control 2019 is a much less linear game, which, thanks to its structure Metroidvania, pays much more attention to the study, and the future Alan Wake 2 will offer players a lot of space for research, although a little differently.

Remedy recently released the first of the new series of backstage videos, in which some aspects of Alan Wake 2 will be considered, and although the main part of the video is dedicated to the second hero Saga Anderson, the developer also offers a brief idea of ​​how the game itself works.

According to the game director Kyle Rowley, in Alan Wake 2 will be represented “A little more open»Areas that players will be able to” withIt is viable to investigate“, And the game will also allow you to return to previous locations.

“The player will return to Lake Koldron,” he said, “which is obviously a key part of the story, will explore all the forests that are there, and since the game is founded in open areas, the player can freely explore, and may seem to be returned and as if returning and can return and can return re -visit locations as part of your passage “.

Meanwhile, the senior artist Ann-Lynn Sottas says that several locations from the original game-for example, a snack-will also return, although in their recreated form they will allow the players to explore more.

“In the first game, you did not have the opportunity to explore the environment, but now you can walk the streets, open the city for yourself a little more and re -visit existing places, such as a snack, for example”.

The Remedy Entertainment team also had to holdQuite a lot of research“To make sure that it creates its fictional city in the north-west of the Pacific with maximum reliability and attention to the details.

“I have done several weeks, reading research work, collecting data on forest research, learning about the main types of this area in order to properly pay tribute to the Pacific North-West,” said the artist in foliage and photogrammetry of Siara Krig-Peshau. “Photogrammetry means that we can scan the trees on the spot ourselves. The trees that we see in the game literally grow in this area in the north-west of the Pacific Ocean. “.

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 17 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be released only in digital format. Remedy will present unprocessed personnel of the gameplay on Summer Game Fest June 8.