New characters, locations and tasks – renewal has been released 1.5 for Honkai: Star Rail

Free step -by -step game Honkai: Star Rail from Mihoyo was updated to version 1.5. Together with the expected corrections and improvements, a fresh patch also brings new content. Now players will be able to explore the garden of serenity, add three new characters to their detachment, as well as begin to pass additional tasks.

Reportedly in Patch 1.5 for Honkai: Star Rails continued chain of tasks "Mastering Lof Sianzhou: Fox History of Ghosts". Players have to face otherworldly forces and defeat demons. In this adventure, the opportunity will be able to get acquainted with the laugh, which became a playable heroine with other characters. In Honkai: Star Rail appeared Argenta and Hanya.

The content of the update 1.5:

  • New Location – Sad of Serence.
  • New characters – Khokh, Argenta and Hanya.
  • New light cones – "Night of fear", "Stop, a moment" And "Hey, I’m here".
  • Mission of the Companion “Night of Cosmic Hallucinations”
  • Events – "Fox History of Ghosts", "Tournament of outstanding talents of Kamlegrad" And "A gift of comet".
  • In the tests of peace 8 of the virtual universe, pioneers will be able to exchange the energy of development or diving keys to the planar jewelry “Earth of Grands of Penaconia” and “Heavenly Front Glutramer” in the awards of immersion.
  • Added new characters’ messages.
  • Added mission from pom.
  • Added new voice replicas for some characters. New voice replicas can sound when joining the detachment, with a rise, when reaching the maximum level, when activating traces, when activating eidolons and opening chests.
  • Added the possibility of sorting by name when viewing light cones in the inventory.
  • Added new achievements, reading items, consumables and entries for the phonograph.
  • Updated goods in some NPC stores on Xianzhou.
  • Added new stickers for conversations.
  • Added new photos to the photo station in the room March 7. Pioneers can see them after the completion of the continuation of development.
  • And other improvements.

Due to the maintenance of the game servers during the update to all players who have reached the level of development 4, compensation will be issued in the amount of x600 star jade.