Many users are unhappy that Remaster The Last of US Part 2 looks almost the same as on PS4

After various rumors and reports, Naughty Dog officially confirmed the release of The Last of US Part 2 Remastered. This version of the game is intended for PS5, it added unique bonuses such as Roguelike and Guitar Free Play.

However, from a visual point of view, Remaster does not have great improvements. As can be seen from the comparison, The Last of US Part 2 Remastered looks almost identical to its analogue for PS4.

Twitter fans are already comparing the recently presented remaster from Naughty Dog, claiming that it should not be called so. Judging by two images, it is difficult to say which one is made on PS5.

If you are confused, then the lower image belongs to the PS5 version. Fans also cannot distinguish two versions, claiming that Naughty Dog added a simple color filter to the game.

Others resort to sarcasm, stating that The Last of US Part 2 Remastered is a huge step forward compared to the original game.

The game screenshot emphasizes the difference between The Last of US Part 2 from the Naughty Dog and remaster. Truly a masterpiece, this game really deserves a remaster. I will gladly pay $ 70 from my labor earned by labor, because Sony deserved everything to the last penny.

Disappointment is aggravated by the fact that the game already looked good on the PS4. In addition, on the PS5 console, she already worked with a frequency of 60 frames per second in reverse compatibility, which makes Remaster meaningless for many. The announcing trailer has collected a lot of diesella, for example, on the IGN channel at the video 4.5 thousand likes and 15 thousand dizlaiks.

Given the fact that the Naughty Dog spent at least a year on the creation of this remister, the results look extremely disappointing. Fortunately, the owners of the version for PS4 can be updated to the remaster for only $ 10.

The Last of US Part 1 caused a similar reaction when the studio announced that the first game remake would be released in 2022. However, the first part was a complete remake compared to this remaster.

Nevertheless, sooner differences between remaster and the original version will soon become obvious. The Last of US Part 2 Remastered is on January 19.