Insider: The GTA 6 map will go far beyond the borders

The last leaks from rather reliable insiders say that Weiss City can only be a small part of a huge card in the upcoming game GTA 6. What places can still expect fans?

Some time ago we learned that the card in GTA 6 will be just colossal. As for the target locations in Weiss City, we will find, among other things: Rockridge, Airport Central, Keys House and Little Haiti. Zones will be divided into more or less urbanized. At that time, insiders reported that two playable characters, Lucia and Jason, a duet, inspired by a well-known pair Bonnie and Clyde, appear in the new part of the GTA series.

Now, according to further leaks, the game will also transfer us to Mexico, where most of the events will take place. But that is not all. Sources also report that the action of the game’s prologue can take place in Brazil in 2003. Parents of the main characters GTA 6 were supposed to be killed during the captures of cartels precisely during this period. Among the frequent rumors was also. Cuba, from the point of view of a country where several threads of the common storyline can be rooted. The insider recently said that he "80% is confident in the existence of the punishment cell (the most dangerous city in Liberty), Wais City, Cuba, and others".

In practice, this means that GTA 6 will offer Weis City not only as a allusion for real Miami, Florida. Players will also be given the opportunity to explore: Mexico, Brazil or Cuba – according to at least part of these countries from Central and South America.

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Rockstar and not that can .

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That’s why there is no announcement for so long)

I would like the City’s punishment cell to be added from the Manhunt game he is the most dangerous city)

And who said that in the additional regions there will be an open world? Most likely they will do it in 5 parts. There will be small plot locations.

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Actually this is what you can say perfectly.

Rockstar proved that they can do an excellent, open living world and a simple example of this – RDR2. Therefore, for the dimensions and emptiness of the world – you should not worry. In addition, we do not forget about online, but they will need to gradually add some activity and the size of the card will be able to provide this opportunity.
And speaking in general terms – secondary games Rockstar are a kind of indicator of how their main game will be felt. Simply put, remember Max Payne 3 – in fact it is GTA 5, it will be similarly with GTA 6 after RDR2.

Yes . And I thought naive people were not left and yes the game Rockstar in a half -open world, because, the plot is corridor

And what else can it be? Not a corridor plot – this is something from the category "7 straight lines, two of which are perpendicular". These are, in principle, contradicting formats.

The hero of the plot is a character, not a player. Accordingly, so that the player does not shit his pants with his views and opinions – he needs to show events as the hero of the plot experienced them. Otherwise, the plot will simply not work. The hero of the horror will not go to the dark basement, the hero of the comedy will not drop the cake. Smoking?

What you call "Not a corridor plot" – called "adventure". But it has no plot. They just give you any goal. At best, it will dilute with some kind of heap of intermediate, not related stories.

But the problem of adventure is that they can bother, since there is only some common goal in them and in the process, as a rule, nothing particularly interesting happens except gameplay. The process is not cut in any way. The developer cannot control the player’s attention and the pace of passage, there are no key characters around which the plot would be built.
You can go into a deep ass or a dead end and abandon the passage or get distracted to collection of garbage, burn out from gathering and abandon the passage. Such games work only if the player is initially interested in the final goal of the game.

Let’s fix it:
1. Plot Games: Half-Life, Dead Space, Bioshock, Tlou.
2. Adventures: Subnaautica, Minecraft, Fallout, Loz: Botw.

Of course, these two formats can be combined. You will have the main plot and a lot of sides-quarters. But the plot does not cease to be linear, and the sides -quests are in no way connected with the general story and remain very boring and monotonous.

How could you notice – all the plot games – corridor. There are no without corridors.
The reason for the success of GTA is in the plot. These are very good comedies with a fighter elements. If you focus on the passage of the plot – these games are the most corridor. They give you goals and you fulfill them without knowing what the next goal will be. According to the plot – there are no moments when the protagonist would have the time of the ball **** in the city and press the whores. You may notice that the player is often adjusted. Not by force, but rather just slip phrases in the spirit "You need to hurry" or "Let me know when. ", What psychologically makes the player focus on the plot and not be distracted from him to any extra x *** y.
Open World in GTA is not created for adventure, and to do it frankly N ***, except to perform plot tasks in it.

Simply put – GTA in the adventure format a la Subnautica or loz: Botw is the same chisai rampant, as if NFS Mostwanded was a visual novel. The game will simply lose its essence.