In the new EA Sports UFC 5 trailer, they talked about various modes

Today, EA Sports has revealed information about the game modes of the upcoming game UFC 5, including new and existing.

We learned about the updated UFC Fight Week mode, which now is a living service function, focused on events and includes several different areas of gameplay.

Fight Week Challenges offers players to solve problems related to PPV, for the implementation of which you can get awards, including various objects for the created fighter, means of configuring the player’s profile, emoji and even alter ego, inspired by the existing athletes of the UFC.

Fight picks function allows players to predict the outcome of PPV matches. If you find yourself accurately in your forecasts, you can earn UFC coins that can be used to purchase additional configuration opportunities.

Fight Week contracts will offer daily battles of increased complexity within a week. These battles are carried out against rivals with artificial intelligence created based on the current UFC calendar.

The career mode online includes matchmaking, based on skills, promotion by divisions, as well as the ability to compete for titles in four different divisions. You fight with your fighter and can open new skills by earning experience in battles with other players.

When reaching the maximum level, you can even get Prestige status, which resumes progression, but increases the player’s level and opens access to special techniques.

Of course, the game also contains the usual career mode, as well as the Davis coach, new cinema effects, new locations, more fighters that can interact with, an improved adaptation system for new players, as well as improved training camps and sparring.

For those who want to just fight, the Fight Now game mode, including various types of fighting, such as Main Card, Main Event, Championship, Backyard and Kumite.