Hell Let Loose developers shared plans for 2024

The developers of the Hell Let Loose tactical shooter have published the last developer diary this year. From it we learned what changes the game will receive in 2024.

At the moment, only a few details are known about the future of the game. We will learn more details at the beginning of next year, when the roadmap will be released.

Hell Let Loose will receive a new card called Mortain. This is a French city, destroyed after surgery "Luttih", with destroyed buildings, including the De La Poste Hotel. There are mountain slopes and forests that can be used during battles due to the possibility of masking. The card will be available in Offensive and Warfare.

With regard to this card, it was said that the new forests will be more detailed, but this will not lead to a decrease in performance. In addition, historical locations on the muzzle will be reproduced as accurately as possible.

The developers will introduce an additional uniform, the Crusader Mark III tank and a grenade no.82 (Gammon Bomb).

Elements of the user interface will be significantly changed so that it is easier for beginners to navigate at the beginning of the game. The tactical card will become more understandable, the developers are also working on improving the field leadership.

Some graphic elements will be processed. For example, the appearance of wet roads and fire will be improved.

Thus, Hell Let Loose will receive many significant changes. Most likely, this is a reaction of developers to the recent worst period of the game. The tendency to reduce the number of active players has been observed for a long time. Now the game simultaneously play an average of 4 to 10 thousand people (according to Steamdb), while only a few months ago we observed 10-17 thousand players at the same time.

Developers mainly strive to attract a new audience, as evidenced by the announced changes in the interface. They also want to return the trust of old fans, which were possibly disappointed with recent updates filled with errors (and catastrophic trailer).

It is worth noting that the original developer Hell Let Loose – Black Matter – has not been developing for some time. Team17 appointed a completely new team for this purpose, and the city of Mortein will be the first card in the game, which the last team completely processed from scratch.