Embracer CEO confirmed that Free Radical Design will be closed before the end of this year

TimesPlitters studio called Free Radical Design will be closed before the end of this year. This was privately announced by Embracer CEO LARS WINGEFORS.

At the beginning of this month, news appeared that Free Radical was at risk of closing only two years after the founding, which became part of large -scale abbreviations in Embracer and her publishing houses.

Although Embracer has not yet been publicly confirmed by Free Radical’s position, reliable sources of VGC publication that Wingefors recognized the company in an electronic letter that the company, located in Nottingham, will be closed on December 11, after the completion of the consultation process is completed.

"Now that we are going through the consultation process and are faced with the closure of the Free Radical Design December 11, 2023, I want to express my gratitude for your devotion and wonderful work that you have done and continue to do", – He wrote.

This is a difficult time for all of us, but especially for you, and we strive to provide you with maximum support in this transitional period.

Over the past six months, Embracer has been conducting "Restructuring program", as a result of which some game studios were closed, and some projects were canceled.

This month, the company confirmed that in the second quarter, which ended in September, more than 900 employees were dismissed.

It is still unclear how the closing of the studio for the future of TimesPlitters, the classic series of jokes in the first person, for the revival of which the new Free Radical was created, will affect the future.

The first iteration of Free Radical Design was formed in 1999 and was engaged in the development of the TimesPlitters and Second Sight series. After the disappointment of HAZE and the canceled project Star Wars: Battlefront, the studio went bankrupt in 2008.

In May 2021, Plaion and its maternal company Embracer announced the creation of the new Free Radical Design, which included the founders of Steve Ellis and David DOC to "Return to life" IP TimesPlitters.