Diablo 4 players are already dissatisfied with the prices for microtransactions

When Diablo Immortal was released in June 2022, she was sadly known to aggressive microtransactions, and people were afraid that Blizzard Entertainment would make a similar choice with Diablo 4, which was supposed to be released a year later. Having paid $ 70 for the basic publication of the game in combination with the Battle Pass system worth $ 10 (or $ 25 for an accelerated version with emotions), the players hoped that the actual cosmetics would have affordable prices.

In reality, the situation looks different: premium cosmetics in Diablo 4 costs $ 28 per set, which makes it even more expensive than in Overwatch 2. Unlike Path of Exile, a free competitor Diablo, armor sets in Diablo 4 are suitable for only one class, which makes them equally high price much more unfair. Uberkull shared the images from the store on the official Sabredite Diablo, which prompted many players to express their complaints about the monetization of the game.

It is important to remember that these items in the Diablo 4 premium store are only cosmetics. Having spent 2800 platinum on a bright set of necromancer, you will not get any advantage. Considering that Blizzard officially stated that players will be able to earn premium valu using the Battle Pass paid system, but not so much as to purchase the next Battle Pass, fans should reduce their expectations regarding the potential accumulation of platinum for buying cosmetics.

Ultimately, the general opinion comes down to the fact that Blizzard has developed a worthy successor to the legendary Diablo 2. From gameplay and the development of characters to the plot and atmosphere, Diablo 4 seems to fully comply with the basic principles of the Diablo sequel and will probably have commercial success when the gates of hell will open on June 6. However, Diablo 4 is also an expensive game, with the prices of microtransactions that seem justified in the parole, but they feel inappropriate in premium releases. It is still unclear whether Diablo 4 will be an exception or the beginning of a new trend.