A gamepad in the style of Chun Yuna from Genshin Impact appeared on the Russian market

Innovation is a technological company 8Bitdo released a gamepad in style Chun Yunya from Genshin Impact entitled Ultimate 2.4G. The controller appeared on the market back in November, but only now it can be purchased in UK.

The gadget has a special Ultimate Software, which allows you to configure the control buttons at its discretion. XINPUT option simplifies the PC connection to Windows and has compatibility with almost any games released after 2006. The set of the gamepad also includes a stylized case, additional buttons, layouts for sticks, key keychain and branded magnet.

You can purchase a gamepad for the amount of 5999 rubles.

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There are other gamepads from 8Bitdo-wired-wires, and their price is 2-3 thousand rubles. The filling of the gamepad from the Xbox One gamepad is all the same, nothing emulates anything. Also, the gamepad from the company has passed certification, all functions work, as in the original gamepad for hboks. even vibration in triggers is. The gamepad has additional. The buttons of the rear panel. There are also applications where you can configure anything in the gamepad: vibration, dead zones, and so on. In general, it is not necessary to judge that for that kind of money you can take the original. I don’t like the wireless – take it wired for 3K, or take the wireless, only for 4K, without the styles of the gaining. I use the wired gamepad myself. And he pleases me.

If it were wireless for 2k, okay, and so, Huanovsky can be found in 3.5k.

Wireless from Xbox, black in the dark does not glow not attention, not distracting, but more from the controller and does not need.

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